Luo Shuang doesn’t recognize that he has such high prestige in the blood rose gang.

Zichen Moonlight glanced back at her sisters. "They are all my partners. They have a tacit understanding for a long time." Zichen Moonlight evaded and said that it doesn’t look like much talk.
Simply nodded his head, but he was followed by faint satisfaction, and his mouth cracked to one side. "Satisfaction! Apocynum venetum, you are loyal enough. This is the most prosperous business district in Blood City. You are willing to divide one-third of it for us to defend the city of spirit of war, spirit of war. You must come! "
"I will definitely go to the spirit of war Middle Shop!" Luo Shuang said jokingly.
After the division, Luo Shuang has built many houses in residential areas. After the city prospers, refugees will naturally come to settle down. They are all future talents of their own city.
After the setting, Luo Shuang washed out of the room, but today he made an appointment with Dong Jun of the news media bureau to endorse the game Genesis!
Luo Shuang doesn’t mind being famous. On the contrary, the more famous he is, the more Roche Pharmaceuticals can follow his fame. This is the so-called "taking advantage of the situation to die once". People look at everything very much, and it is so-called to be able to help their parents. Besides, Luo Shuangshen also likes Genesis. It takes little effort to make an endorsement, but it is a huge gain.
First of all, the blood rose is well-known in Genesis. Although the blood rose was the first to build a city, with the influx of a large number of players, the competition in Genesis will certainly become more and more fierce. I am just lucky and strong, and a group of high-ranking people will brush some wisdom with previous life experience, but if I don’t play well, the blood rose will soon disappear from everyone.
Because Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Huaxia District really can’t guarantee that it will always emerge.
All publicity is supported by their own strong strength. Although they can’t guarantee that their power has always been ahead, they endorse the game. At least they can eat by their faces. But Luo Shuang never rejects eating by their faces. This society is an era of looking at faces. Are there advantages or disadvantages?
Face is your own capital, but not all of this. Luo Shuang sees it quite thoroughly
"Hello, you are apocynum venetum in the game! People are more beautiful and energetic than games! " Dong Jun kindly said that there is no big-name host frame at all
"Hello, Teacher Dong! I am apocynum venetum in Luo Shuang’s game! " Luo Shuang said politely.
The news media bureau is very big, and the Dong Jun office is simple, generous and clean. But Luo Shuang doesn’t know whether it is the endorsement of the game or whether the game owners have come forward to find their own country. You know, the news media bureau is actually in charge of the business establishment, but when Luo Shuang raised this question, Dong Jun smiled and said, "Because China is the largest shareholder of Genesis!"
"What?" Luo Shuang somehow surprised …
So it’s the country that’s ignoring it. Oh, no! It’s a declaration of the benefits of Genesis, and the country’s greed is not a monetary benefit, so there must be a deeper reason for Genesis to have the country behind it.
The treatment given by the news media bureau is still very attractive. In addition to taking some photos and videos with the help of the plane itself, it is mainly to inform its own reporters to follow the snapshot or broadcast live to improve its popularity in reality and attract more players to join Genesis. This is the ultimate goal!
It was already noon when Luo Shuang came out of the news media bureau and slowly looked at his little broken car and wandered to his residence. Suddenly, a rampaging car came to meet him … to be continued.
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☆, Chapter 79 Car accident
Car accident! And on purpose! Luo Shuang reacted in an instant and looked at the tall van ahead. His little broken car was like paper in front of this giant car.
Luo Shuang’s only response was to kick the door next to the driver’s seat, and he did his best. With the violent sound, he fell off the car with the broken door, and just as he was rolling on the side of the road, half of his car was cut off and the whole car got into the bottom of the big truck.
The big truck jumped quickly. A driver looked at the figure and was very familiar with it. He panicked and turned to flee without checking his own situation.
Where has that man been seen! Luo Shuang vaguely emerge in the heart of this idea.
Luo Shuang’s arms and legs have been injured to varying degrees. Fortunately, it is dirty. This is due to his constant exercise in reality. His physical strength, flexibility and explosiveness are three times that of ordinary people. But Luo Shuang really didn’t expect that he could really jump off the car. Just now, kicking the car was a conscious reaction, not thinking about whether he could kick the door!
This is a habit formed by myself in the game.
Compared with the reality, the physical quality of Apocynum venetum is tough in the weak physical game, and it often fights with monsters, and the sense of vigilance saved its life by walking on the edge of life and death.
Is the enemy eager to get rid of himself?
Luo Shuang took out his mobile phone and dialed the alarm …
Huaxia’s reaction force is still very fast. Later, he broadcast a message with Dong Jun, beginning with the sixth sense. Luo Shuang felt that Dong Jun would not harm himself because when he looked at himself, fans were crazy about popular movie stars, and Dong Jun himself made no secret that he was a loyal fan of Apocynum venetum.
After doing everything, Luo Shuang tried to get up and stay away from the collision. Two cars sat on the ground panting ~
Since the enemy gave birth to a mind to kill him, then if he knew that he was not dead, he would not be willing to give up. At present, there are not many enemies. Isn’t it the Nangong family and Nangong pity? Luo Shuang corners of the mouth evoked a sarcastic smile. He didn’t have a hand to fight back against the enemy. He couldn’t wait. It seems that he is now a serious threat to someone.
I was Xie Jiaqi’s girlfriend in my previous life, and of course I have to get rid of myself when I became a lover in Nangong. Didn’t I just develop the "Yi Mu Tong Mai Medicine" in this life?
Twenty minutes later, Luo Shuang was surprised that it was Gong Feng who arrived first!
Jumping from the ambulance is not a doctor, not a nurse, but Gong Feng!
"You?" Luo Shuang looked at the well-dressed Gongfeng where there was any small fresh meat from a peasant family. At the moment, he looked very expensive, especially with a big black man behind him and a face of tension and seriousness.
"Don’t say anything and explain it to you!" Gong Feng strode forward and picked up Luo Shuang and ran towards the ambulance.
The police always appear in the end. Those accident surveyors want to ask the record. Uncle Mo, the housekeeper behind Gong Feng, turned back and didn’t give a damn about those little policemen. Although Luo Shuang was lying in the ambulance, she knew everything about what was happening around her. In fact, her injury was not as scary as it looked.
Brushing the broken skin wounds has slowly scabbed around the wounds. I am practicing Aoki Kung in the game. Although the effect is slow, Luo Shuang can feel that his injuries are getting better.
Gong Feng looked at his blood-stained clothes, and many places were scratched, especially his forehead. Pi Gongfeng lovingly stroked Luo Shuang’s forehead and hit the ambulance with one hand. Suddenly, the ambulance was almost worn out and scared. Doctors and nurses were afraid to speak one by one.
"Let me know that the perpetrators have skinned him!" Gong Feng has always been young and handsome, and his face is ferocious, which makes Luo Shuang uncomfortable for a while
See Luo Shuang exquisite eyes GongFeng realized his gaffe "don’t be afraid! I won’t hurt you! Whenever you want to talk to me first! "
"How did you know that I had an accident?" Luo Shuang asked doubtfully.
"I was next to Dong Jun when you were talking. You don’t want him to sign a spokesperson to find you!" Gong Feng said unnaturally and hurriedly explained, "Dong Jun also asked me to sign an endorsement today and didn’t tell you that you won’t be angry, right?"