After saying this, Chu Yun did not hesitate to make the strange scales of Qinglong very reluctant, but the old man went too far.

"It’s better for you to be an adventurer from another world who kills you and will be resurrected …" The old man stopped laughing and was very obscene.
"What are you doing?" Chu Yun feel bad heart couldn’t help shouting tsing lung you are quick to appear!
"Ha ha, have you ever heard of the skill of silence?" The old man smiled darkly.
"What is the silence?" Although Chu Yun doesn’t know what it is, he can be sure that it is definitely not a good skill.
"Then let me, the master, teach you well …" The old man laughed. "This skill can tamper with the memory of the other person when his consciousness is weak. Do you think it’s awesome?"
"Tampering with memory?" Chu Yun’s eyes got wide open. If he really has such a fate skill, wouldn’t it be over? Not only in the game, but also in reality.
Chapter 66 Qinglong is now!
"Don’t scare me …" Chu Yun didn’t believe me. "If it’s so powerful, why not make it after I pass your test?"
"There is no absolute failure in the world. I’m afraid you will be wary of me …" The old man smiled. "But now it’s different. If you fail, it’s like a big deal to imprison you. You will succeed one day."
Chu Yun cursed the bastard in his heart. This old man is so insidious.
"Do you know how to make a person weak?" The old man smoothed his Hu light say with smile
"such as?" Chu Yun now thinking about tsing lung hurry up.
"It is to restrict a person’s actions first and then insult and beat him. It is easy for those who are not determined to succeed."
"…" Chu Yun wondered if the old man really had such great skills, would the heir himself have it in the future?
After the old man put the eggs away, he hooked the piano and flew to the old man’s hand.
"What are you going to do?" See the old man move Chu Yun startled heart complain about tsing lung should not be scales expired?
"What did I say before? Restrict a person’s actions first, and then …" The old man said that when he played a light on the guqin, the speed of shooting from the piano was so fast that Chu Yun was tied up.
Chu Yun twisted his roots to earn …
"This is a dragon bound, even the dragon is sleepy, let alone you …" The old man laughed.
"Asshole!" Chu Yun scold a way
"It’s definitely not enough for this dragon-tied sound to last for 20 seconds to kill your will …" The old man took out a purple rope from his bosom. "This is a fairy rope that can be tied if the other side is in a state of resistance. If the strength is not more than 3,000, don’t try to break it."
Listening to his introduction, Chu Yun wanted to cry. He didn’t even have 3 thousand intelligence, let alone strength
Just as the old man tied the fairy rope, the ground trembled as if an earthquake had happened.
"What’s the matter?" The old man is wary of the earthquake around him. It’s so inexplicable.
"Is it Qinglong?" Chu Yun was so excited that if he was really caught by this bad old man, everything would be over!
A green shadow goes straight up like a thunder from the sky, shocking and powerful!
"This is ….." The old man’s expression became horrified. After putting away the fairy rope, he put his hands on the piano and faced it with vigilance.
At this time, this day seems to be covered with cyan. Pang Dalong waved his sharp claws as if he could tear them apart.
Its body is circling in pieces, just like the dragon in Dragon Ball if it has to be shaped.
"The egg was taken away by the old man. You must get it back …" Chu Yun shouted at Qinglong. Thank God if Qinglong could kill the old man.
"Give you a chance to hand over the eggs …" Tsing lung growled at the old man, shaking like thunder.
"What if I say no?" The old man’s expression is a ling.
When I was a child, the old man saw this egg in an ancient time and said that if you eat it or let the animals in it recognize their masters, you will have poor luck.
It was nonsense, but I didn’t expect to meet it in a secret place. At that time, I could get it when I was dealing with the exquisite golden monkey. But I didn’t expect to be stopped by the horrible creatures after the waterfall, saying that I couldn’t defeat the exquisite golden monkey, so I got the mysterious egg by the law, and finally I defeated the exquisite golden monkey by the law. Things were very different.
Because my own method re-entered, I looked for the absolute hit range skills and gave them to others to get the mystery egg for myself. After three years of searching, I gained something except my own strength.
Later, Nai came up with a solution, that is, to set up a secret realm to test and spread the news. Whoever passes the test will be accepted.
This method is unexpectedly good, and every tianjiao keeps coming, but no one can succeed.
Year after year, I have been fighting for decades because I am not willing to fight for it.
It’s hard to get it now, but who expected such a change
"This is the four great beasts of Qinglong. Can you handle it?" Chu Yun is very proud now, because there is a dragon to protect him. He doesn’t believe that the old man can fight against the dragon?