Guess ya didn’t just give up Fang Jingshuo and quietly waited for the opportunity.

Anyway, when the time comes, he will rush ahead and solve everything, so that he can have a relaxed and relaxed life, and nothing needs to be done to see the result!
Er Qian will soon be fat, and his friends will be in a hurry ~
The nest is still cute, and it automatically publishes Jun ~ L.
☆, Chapter 36 Mixed play
Two people are sitting at the wonton stall, waiting for wonton and watching the situation over there.
Almost five minutes later, Song Junliang got up first and looked at the rickety appearance. I wanted to drink a lot.
It is understandable for everyone to go out and drain water after drinking. Chi Feiyu and the boys around him just smiled and waved to show them that there was no other move.
While Song Junliang got up and Ya got up at the same time, Fang Jingshuo remembered it but was directly stopped by Ya.
"It’s very noticeable to leave the meeting together. Wait for me for a while and keep an eye on the two over there." Ya’s novel made a sentence. When she didn’t give Fang Jingxing a response, she turned around and took short legs and ran to the toilet.
Fang Jingshuo got up and planned to act together. After that, Naide sat there and continued to eat wonton and stared at the situation there by the way.
And elegant speed quickly rushed to the toilet when Song Junliang has walked in with long legs.
Ya saw a stall and built a simple toilet. She measured its bearing capacity in her mind and gave up. She wanted to jump directly from the surface and planned to wait for Song Junliang to appear at the door of the toilet.
Song Junliang, that is, coming to put a water, never imagined that someone would make a special trip to block himself at the door and that Tuoma was a girl?
Of course, when Song Junliang walked out of the door, when there was someone at the door, he was already thrown back into the toilet by Ya directly …
Song Junliang "…! ! !”
Hold the grass!
Not good in ghosts!
Song Junliang wanted to shout, but as soon as his mouth opened, he felt a rag stuck in his mouth, and then Song Junliang felt the deep malice from the big world!
Simple toilet baffle I don’t know who set up a rag. Jaggen couldn’t pull it over so much, so he directly blocked Song Junliang’s mouth. Before he could react, he directly pressed him to the ground and then punched and kicked!
Elegant preparation is still relatively late. I came out with a pair of thin gloves in my bag and successfully put them on before attacking Song Junliang.
At this time, even if you hit your hand with your bare hands, you won’t feel much pain!
It’s pity that Song Junliang was beaten completely without even seeing people clearly.
However, even when hitting people, Ya is always vigilant. When he feels footsteps outside, he is busy pushing Song Junliang. Together, two people directly walk out and Ya Xiaoxiao is directly blocked by Song Junliang.
This directly led to the fact that Song Junliang didn’t go back for a long time and found Chi Feiyu. Song Junliang was drunk and floated out!
Come and drink for yourself, and some are gone with the wind. At this time, I saw that Song Junliang ChiFeiyu still had the idea to joke and clap his thigh. "Ha ha ha Odbo, didn’t you say that you have a good capacity for liquor? Now ha … er … "
Chi Feiyu had another hiccup before he finished speaking!
And Yalai is still thinking about beating Song Junliang in Chi Feiyu first, but he didn’t expect Chi Feiyu to come directly to the door like this?
Although pushing Song Junliang behind him is still a little strong, it’s still easier to take advantage of the force to pile ChiFeiyu down!
But before Ya began, she heard "bang" Ya in front and saw Chi Feiyu through Song Junliang’s arm gap, and it was still that kind of hand that knocked out the pile …
I feel that the newcomer is also a violent commodity, but I haven’t seen it clearly yet when I look at it carefully, I hear Fang Jingshuo gasping slightly and "Xiaoya" ringing in my ear.
Knowing that one of our own is coming, Ya Busy quickly said, "It’s only comfortable to throw them into the toilet and beat them for a while."
Fang Jingyue wanted to say something, but since Ya wanted to vent his anger, he also let Ya Lai throw Chi Feiyu, who had fainted, and Song Junliang, who was just killed, into the toilet.
Because Fang Jing-shuo made a sound just now, I’m afraid Song Junliang didn’t faint. I remember this incident again, and I saw him frowning in pain. I really fainted!
When she got here, Riya didn’t do it again, but Fang Jingshuo left and right bows and beat two men lying on the ground thoroughly.
But in the end, I still feel that it’s not bad to shoot directly at two people’s faces and bow around to see if the injury can be cured in ten days and a half months!
In five minutes, the two men took turns beating the rear scene. This just protects Ya Qiaoxi from the open-air toilet.
Wonton stall is definitely not coming back. At that time, Fang Jingshuo settled the account and quietly came over.
The two of them simply packed up and walked away again and again, and then they walked back to the entrance of the snack street after the heavy smell. It is estimated that other friends should almost return there.
When they went back, it was as if nothing had happened. Marshal Zhao Tiantian had solved the problem of one person and one pot of mala Tang, but Moni and them had not come back yet.
It was already more than 2 hours late when I looked at it.
After a group of friends tossed for almost an hour, they waited for the others to prepare to go to school together.
There was a tournament in the afternoon game on Wednesday and Friday, but we didn’t go there again because everyone was busy.
There is no big activity in the game on Wednesday night, and the friends are not too anxious.
By the time Monica and the others had had enough fun and walked back, it was almost 9 o’clock late.
Although there are two pairs of friends in the group, considering the mood of other friends, Marshal Fang Jingshuo didn’t go to show love again. Everyone sent four girls to the girls’ dormitory building and went back to their dormitory.
Go back and simply tidy up, then turn off the lights and go to bed.
Of course, they have Zhao Tiantian in their dormitory. I’m not afraid of it. I will pull the curtains until I light them. Actually, I can’t see that they still have it in their dormitory.
After all, it is more troublesome for Zhang Li-nu to take over a few jobs and then want to take over the school partner’s training after handing in the work from time to time.
Anyway, I have to rush out some achievements tonight.
Thank you all for supporting Erqian’s little friend, MengMeng Mengqian. Soon, Fei Laiwo is still Meng Mengda’s automatic release jun ~
Ask for encouragement and support ~ l
☆ Chapter 37 Polar Bear
Four numbers to be upgraded: Zhang Liru hangs two Moni’s own numbers, then helps Zhang Liru hang one Zhao Tiantian and then helps to hang one.
In this case, Ya takes the Zhao Tiantian tuba and this team of trumpet …
It’s not quite right to say that Ya was a little more than that when I got here. One person showed up thinking about himself, and this heavenly heart also had no fighting capacity. In the end, Ya asked Zhao Tiantian to take them to train, while he went on to catch polar bears and practice a Lu Wu by the way.