"I’ll wait for you at the gate after the transaction!"

Soul-eating finished and left Ye Zhang. Looking at him from the back, he finally set his sights on this sword to forgive. Now he has four kinds of Excalibur, and he can play a unique set of complete effects.
However, the sword disaster effect obtained from the white-clothed Hou is transformed into an effect attack, which greatly reduces the opponent’s control skills and skill effect damage success rate. The attack restores the strength value by 15 points, attacks the opponent and destroys the enemy by 15 points, and the opponent has a 5% chance to copy its effect, giving the opponent two damage but being able to copy it once.
Sword forgiveness transforms sword crime into sword prison, causing all damage. Give yourself a shield with a duration of two seconds. The release of nine sword skills during the shield maintenance period will definitely trigger full strength. The effect will definitely hit, and it will crit for 6 seconds.
Seeing this, Ye Zhang’s heart suddenly turned to sin, prison and forgiveness for nothing. These three magical powers should belong to one of the nine swords. The cooperation of the three can not only have both offensive and defensive skills, but also double his own damage after the sword forgiveness effect is launched, and the so-called cooling time is 6 seconds in the hands of Ye Zhang. Isn’t that the same as the second shield effect?
Ye Zhang didn’t exchange magical powers to make up the jade in the hands of the blood wolf, but today Zhang Ye can be said to be the biggest beneficiary. When Ye Zhang closed up and left all the players, he enjoyed himself and left.
"You wait for me near the gate. I’ll come as soon as I go."
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Who is it?
Doubt all the way. At the moment when Ye Zhang saw the soul-eating, it calmed down. In the meeting before coming, Ye Zhang told the soul-eating completely about the three rules. Presumably, this time, the soul-eating already had a lot of his own experience.
See Ye Zhang eats the soul to reveal a smile and then immediately mouth.
"Ye Zhang, can you tell me who you really are?"
Hearing this question, Ye Zhang suddenly realized that this is not a simple problem, and there are many elements in the soul-eating discourse.
Who the hell is Ye Zhang?
At this time, even Ye Zhang himself asked himself in his mind that he was a big whirlwind and a small whirlwind. He was Lin Youxuan’s valued brother and the owner of the glitz management limit. He had many names, some of which were glorious, but he also bore a lot of blame.
And this moment Ye Zhang frowned instead of stretching to some Gherardini looked at eats soul mouth way
Who do you think I am?
Soul-eating micro a pause and then mouth.
"You don’t feel like a player to me. You have far more power than I know about online games, but I can find this sense of disobedience in you. Maybe you have a lot of secrets, and I also want to dig into your privacy, but I want to hear a positive word from myself."
The soul-devouring supplement made Ye Zhang gradually understand what the soul-devouring heart was thinking at this time. Maybe he is the epitome of the whole glitz and every player has a whirlwind in his mind. Whether it is good or bad is just like the soul-devouring now. Whenever Ye Zhang does something amazing, they always hold such ideas.
Ye Zhang’s contradiction also exists for other players, and this contradiction has been accompanied by his endless cycle since Ye Zhang first entered the glitz, as if it were an ancient strange circle deeply rooted in people’s hearts, but it is difficult to interpret him from one angle.
Players will be angry when they see that the whirlwind against the sky deprives them of the fun of the game, and they will cheer when the whirlwind against the sky creates life.
Contradictions are not caused by circumstances and positions, but by personal feelings that are changing at any time.
At this time, Ye Zhang looked up and looked at the soul-eating smile and said,
"I am a player!"
Soul-eating revealed a little surprise, but immediately fell into silence. Maybe this is not his favorite answer, but doubt is a satisfactory answer.
Or this answer can calm the doubts in several people’s hearts and find a vent for their conflicting emotions.
The human heart is always the most subtle, and people who have been trying to master it since ancient times have fallen into a miserable situation.
Ye Zhang once wanted to be a hero, a spiritual leader who could lead all the flashy players to make a difference, but he failed before he tasted a little sweetness.
The reason for his failure is not that he is incompetent, but that he chose a wrong path, and even husband and wife and father can hardly get along thoroughly, let alone be independent personalities.
The soul-eater asked who Ye Zhang really was, in fact, to ask what kind of person Ye Zhang thought he was, and it was the most pertinent and wise answer for Ye Zhang to give him an answer.
The player is not only a game enthusiast, but also an attitude towards life in Ye Zhang’s view. He has gradually become a decision-maker and creator from his initial flashiness, which is not a virtual perspective experience that can bring him.
Soul-eating came to his senses from meditation, and he gradually understood what Ye Zhang wanted to express, what he had done and what had happened, but he was always a player, and this will never change.
After parting from soul-eating, Ye Zhang found Xu Yin and others, and gradually returned to the world of dragons and finches. Now they can temporarily run aground, and what they need to do is to tap their greatest potential in crying.
And Ye Zhang quietly took a look at Xu Yin. He still has a lot to do when he returns from this road of becoming a god.
"We have now reached the attribute of 5. In the recent period, there are three other people who need to pay attention to avoid conflicts with players and kill NPC owners."
Ye Zhang then spoke three names, which made the famous war and Ghost Yin look cautious after glances.
Thun III Sea Jiang Chen
Thun III is still buried in a huge instrument. It seems that the plot development has not reached the moment when he wakes up. The latter two NPCs are still unattainable for Ye Zhang and others, especially the sea body is the ultimate master at the top of the pyramid.
However, in Ye Zhang’s heart, he is more wary of the mysterious white Hou Jiangchen. He still remembers saying the words "old friend" from Jiang Chen’s mouth, and this unsolved mystery will also be a main line of weeping all day.
Ye Zhang accompanied Xu Yin to fight side by side with her. Every time he killed the NPC in tears, Xu Yinying was always indispensable. He did not seek strong basic strength because of convulsions, but enjoyed the fun of this game and gradually found the feeling of a team of ten people.
Ye Zhang ice toad purple jade level has reached level 4, and the power plant H has reached level 4, and it will be extremely difficult to obtain the Xuanshi. At this time, Ye Zhang pays more attention to not the attribute upgrade, but the arrival of Dilong Huanyu.
At present, there is still a player in Leng Zui who has reached the world of Emperor Dragon. At the beginning, Hai said that you can reach this realm at any time if you want, but Zhang Yeru’s thinking can’t touch this hurdle.
It seems that Emperor Dragon’s whole world is not based on thinking out, but there should be other hurdles to set up.
Xu Yin’s realm has risen very rapidly. With such a flashy team as the first team, Xuanshi has gained very fast. Now Xu Yin has entered the Canghuang Road and there are several good magic skills.
But in the end, no one can learn.
On this day, Ye Zhang’s six-member team, led by Pingyang real people, was ready to leave for a place where they could brush Xuanshi, but they had just arrived at the fork in the road in Qingtian City and were blocked by a man. When Ye Zhang saw this man, he suddenly felt shocked and then his face showed that he had never been so nervous.
Because of this man, he and Ghost Yin are familiar with it, but it is the mysterious man who destroyed the sea, night and sky city.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Calculation
I forgot about him!
Ye Zhang suddenly remembered at this time. If you really want to say that there is a person who can erase his memory, then the mysterious man in front of him can definitely rank first.
But it is precisely because of this that Ye Zhang will inadvertently ignore him when thinking about future enemies, because in Ye Zhang’s view, he is not worthy to be his opponent
The appearance of the mysterious man made Ye Zhang ready to work hard. At this time, he mastered the three rules and was able to play the skills in the three rules, but the other party was also the owner of the three rules, and he was stronger than Ye Zhang in magic and skills.
In the tight atmosphere, who didn’t speak? As time passed, Ye Zhang made a very strange move. He raised his steps and walked forward, and the distance between the two people became closer and closer, and the atmosphere became more and more depressed.
Ghost Yin felt that the palms of his hands were sweaty, and so was the famous battle. They witnessed this mysterious male enemy gesture with their own eyes and recalled the attack of the other side. Maybe he was not the first to kill NPC with Ye Zhang and his shield, but he was the closest and most memorable one.
Ye Zhang has almost stood side by side with the mysterious man, and Ye Zhang’s pace still hasn’t stopped, and he fell into the mysterious man’s mouth at the wrong moment.
"Courage is not bad, but your strength is too bad!"
Mysterious male words as if the root was stretched by a tight rope, and the atmosphere changed a little, but still could not calm everyone present. At this time, Ye Zhang turned his back on the mysterious man in front of him, but it seemed very easy to say
"Are you stronger than who is from the sea?"
Ye Zhang’s question made the mysterious man "yi" gently, as if he had a little interest in what Zhang Ye was thinking at this time, and then he didn’t hesitate for too long and replied in a very confident tone.
"Can I beat him in ten attacks?"
Ye Zhang smiled and shook his head at this time. It seems that there is a sense of disdain, and the mysterious man can’t see Ye Zhang’s expression with his back to Ye Zhang, but in the eyes of the famous war, Ye Zhang’s move may offend the mysterious man.
But I don’t want the mysterious male voice to drag on. I’m curious. "Oh," he turned his body and turned his back to Ye Zhang. There seems to be a surprise.
"So how many tricks can you resist him?"
Ye Zhang naturally recognized the disdain of the mysterious man for his smallness, which was a kind of transcendental self-confidence, not only for his own strength, but also for the absolute prestige he enjoyed in this land.
Ye Zhang turned my head but smiled and replied.
"Although I can’t beat the sea with ten moves, I need two moves to make him hurt me … can you?"