"Friends don’t see each other for a day like Sanqiu! What good things have you brought to the firm this time? " Qin Tian eagerly said ◎ two ◎d is quite ◎ di m ◎ n is small ◎ said ◎ o material & ls = "arn: 2p2p"&GS _; Eyes glowing ~

Well, this is another typical dead technical house appraisal madman who has a great obsession with all kinds of natural materials and treasures ~
"Purple Luo Shen Qin Daoyou to identify it!" When Luo Shuang came, he hastily pulled a piece of red cloth from Qiongtai and wrapped it casually.
Because god knows how to pull the purple ginseng out of the soil, the purple ginseng is very complete, and its roots and whiskers look like a wrinkled little old man ~
Since Luo Shuang took out the rag wrapped in purple ginseng, Qin Tian and Li Xiaoyao smelled a refreshing fragrance. Qin Tian immediately judged that this was the fragrance of at least six elixirs, and he was more cautious.
Six elixirs are generally collected in the whole Kyushu mainland, but it is rare to receive such elixirs in this wild land.
When Qin Tian hit the rag carefully, the first thought in his heart was to waste the day! This is a full hundred years, no more than a hundred years! Qin Tian carefully pinched half the size of the fingernail and chewed the sweet and rich aura in his mouth, and immediately closed his eyes and savored it as if he were intoxicated with his mouth ~
"This is the lowest lingshi of purple ginseng in nearly 900 years!" Qin Tian muttered.
"That’s LingShi!" Luo Shuang doesn’t care, saying that in fact, he has been happy in his heart, and the Bailing Stone is also a million Lingshi ~
"But let’s wild states gather source firm flow LingShi not enough ~" Li Xiaoyao beside stamp in a hurry said heart blame Qin Tian so sincere how to say everything? Won’t you bet on the price? However, Li Xiaoyao dared to silently recite his face at the bottom of my heart but did not dare to reveal the slightest complaint. Where did Qin Tian’s identity lie?
"Juyuan firm’s price is very reasonable. If Lingshi is not enough, it can be exchanged for other low-level elixirs!" Luo Shuang said lightly.
"Well, Juyuan’s firm can also make up 500 Lingshi and 10,000 Zhonglingshi, and can you convert the rest into an equivalent elixir?" Li Xiaoyao asked
"But this is the list of elixirs I need. Just give it to me according to this kind!" Luo Shuang is obviously ready. The price of this purple ginseng is beyond his expectation. It seems that there are not many high-order monks’ elixirs to fix the true world. Luo Shuang is very much looking forward to refining seven Dan medicines to Yuanying monks after himself.
However, Luo Shuang knows that low-key hard money is king, and he dare not talk more. He took Lingshi and went directly out of Juyuan’s firm.
When it was determined that the person behind him was following, Luo Shuang walked into Fangshi Lane, quickly disguised himself, turned around and returned to Qifangge.
Luo Shuang didn’t know it was when she left that Li Xiaoyao really moved some greed and hesitated to send someone to rob Luo Shuang.
So many lingshi and elixirs can directly make Li Xiaoyao retire and unload Li Xiaoyao. Looking at Luo Shuang’s disappearing back, he hesitated, but he didn’t make up his mind what to do after all ~
"Juyuan firm rules, you know how to punish you, and you know how to avoid detours!" When Qin Tian came, he saw the trance Li Xiaoyao woke up in her ear and went straight back to the training room.
"It’s the big boss ~" Li Xiaoyao replied respectfully ~
With the ravines and ambitions in Lingshi’s chest, I can put the elixir and 500,000 Lingshi into account one by one, and Luo Shuang has been refining Dan medicine without stopping ~
Tianyuanmen’s order should be completed as soon as possible, otherwise how can we get out?
At the moment, Zhongzhou Junjia Junxi returned to his room after reporting the results of this trip to the bodhi old zu. All the people in the Junjia family avoided looking at Junxi’s eyes.
Because in most people’s eyes, Jun Xi is an alien, a genius that has never existed in your family for thousands of years, and at the same time, with the power of conan the destroyer, everyone looks at himself in awe more than affection ~
Jun-hee saw those people fleeing from their eyes and mocking them, which reminded her of her mouth.
As expected, the right hand stroked the abdomen, where there was a touch of green in the lonely world, fluttering in the wind, taking root, sprouting and thriving …
☆ Chapter 39 Aromatherapy SPA
At the entrance of Qifang Pavilion, red flags are flying, flowers are blooming, red firecrackers are crackling, and a new day is opened. Today is the new day of Qifang Pavilion. The monks who received the invitation came to the front of Qifang Pavilion early in the morning to wait.
It is said that all the top ten buyers can enjoy a 60% discount and a limited amount of Dan medicine will be given to each other.
The term "limited quantity" flowed out of Qifang Pavilion quickly and responded to the limited quantity in Fangshi. Generally speaking, it is impossible to meet the demand, but the Dan medicine should not demand the valuable market.
It is said that this limited amount of Dan medicine is mainly aimed at the majority of female monks
"Zixian, please go inside!" Su Qing recognized GongSunZi at a glance. The owner said that a strict self-disciplined salesperson never forgets anything. Remember that every guest is a necessary skill for life. Su Qing smiled sweetly and bowed down to welcome GongSunZi first.
Gong Sunzi, the first gold P member of Qifang Pavilion, enjoys great honor here. Gong Sunzi is not short of money, but confident.
Yes, in the eyes of outsiders, Gong Sunzi has a luxurious background, a handsome and handsome baby daddy! An old woman and an only child, GongSunZi has enjoyed the favor since she was born, but God is fair to everyone.
In childhood, a red di m ?? n appeared on the right cheek of Gong Sunzi, and it became more and more obvious with age. At last, it occupied a small part of his face. Although the monk could remold his image in Yuan infant, was Yuan infant too far away? I hit the elixir period when I was counting elixirs and piling them up at the age of 50. It is one of the best repairs in the wild state.
However, in the whole Kyushu mainland, I still have to stand on one side of my face with erythema. If it weren’t for a martial uncle who is proficient in putting a thin mask on his face, I wouldn’t dare to come out to see people. So Gong Sunzi lived in the shadow of a human skin mask and felt inferior.
Since I occasionally got a bottle of Yan Dan here, one month later, Gong Sunzi was surprised to find that the erythema on her face was gradually getting lighter. It is not a dream to disappear if she follows this trend.
It’s a pity that the rules of Qifangge are so rigid that we have to say something about the limited amount ∟□d ∟□ Di ∟ M ∟ N ∟□ Small ∟□ Say ↖?? O&L’s = "ARN: 2P2P"&GS _; I can’t even buy more!
Last month, I received a courier gift box, and the exquisite elixir and aromatherapy soap were so popular that Gongsun Zi decided to come and have a look when she came to the new city.