There is no wheat in the brain at home, and I don’t bother my family. I just wear headphones.

It was Ya Gang who had just entered the Shanhaijing yy and didn’t respond yet, so he was directly dragged into the noodle room.
Don’t say that Ya didn’t react. Even the sharp-eyed receptionist saw a shadow and then she left the reception room.
Fortunately, when there are many such things, the small reception will not. This is paranormal’s last shrug and he has returned to his channel to talk with his friends
And when Ya reacted, she was already in Fang Jingshuo’s channel.
The yy names of the friends are all corresponding to the game names, and they are not afraid of making mistakes again.
You can type on the team channel without Maia.
After all, in Ya’s opinion, other friends may be busy, and now it’s two people’s business to have her and Fang Jingshuo together to brush friendly exchanges.
It is Ya Wan who underestimated the moral integrity of his friends. It can also be said that Ya never expected all the follow-up reactions that happened before she came!
"Mrs. Cao, you’re finally here. Hurry up and get married in a friendly way and join the guild, or we’ll have to let Laos … oh, no, let the boss bully you to death!" In yy, there are four characters of "A Marshal", and the rough man shouted at his voice.
Marshal’s voice is loud, and they are not at school, so they don’t need to worry about other places. The voice is particularly loud at this time.
Thanks for cherry’s straight and fake monthly ticket over 9 plus one more!
Thank you, Lu Wu, the God beast, for spending a lot of time in half the city!
Love mud and cute little friends!
By the way, ask for a subscription and a monthly ticket ~ l
☆, Chapter 139 Stop that now
Yalai wore two earphones, and finally Nai conveniently pulled it in. I thought this product was just as good as Zhao Tiantian’s. Only after smoking the lip angle did I type on yy screen.
What’s the matter with Fu Su?
What happened before Ya finished building himself? At this time, it’s a little stupid!
But I’m sure a marshal said things must be 100% with Taichangqin!
However, Ya has always focused on a different point. After typing this line, he typed another line on the public screen.
[Mountain has Fu Su] Who else is Laos?
Marshal is talking with a small partner in the forum. Of course, the main thing is to brag [beep-] to make his workshop look taller.
Because of this, the marshal didn’t see Ya typing those two lines on yy screen.
Maybe the quality marshal also forgot whether Ya doesn’t speak, even though they are finally familiar with it now, but Ya hasn’t spoken in yy.
Not right either!
Ya made a sound in yy last night, and the sound is still familiar.
May be due to things last night marshal also didn’t think much more didn’t notice the public screen.
While Jiang Bin is paying attention to the movement in yy while communicating with the guests. When he sees the mountain with Fu Su, this id has always been silent in yy, and there has always been a small green dot flashing in front of yyid because of the opposite music place like last night.
At this time, Jiang Mio can generally tell that there is Fu Su in the mountains this evening, which should be a wheat drop.
Of course, at the same time, it is also certain that there is Fu Su in the mountains, but there is no wheat, just because I don’t want to speak.
If you haven’t paid much attention to these people’s voices before, you will have a strange feeling after listening to Marshal’s voice tonight.
This sound seems to be a bit confusing. Is it familiar?
But where have you heard of it?
The former didn’t take these sounds to heart, because Inya didn’t believe that the world would be so small, and playing games would be friends around him.
But when Jiang Binxiao explained in yy, "Ah, Laos is a friend of ours, Marshal, who is used to it. This is a slip of the tongue."
Marshal has the word "marshal" in both the reality and the name of the game. Jiang Mio can’t find anything wrong with this and it won’t have any bad influence on Marshal.
There was a strange silence in yy after Jiang Mio said it.
If you listen to the marshal before speaking, Ya also feels that this sound is familiar.
Then after listening to Jiang Binyin, Ya can almost confirm that these two voices have been heard by herself and have been heard recently!
Who could it be?
I’ve been in contact with people recently. It’s true that the adoptive parents’ family stopped talking about Hao. This bear child often fights and often nets.
However, he can still tell the difference between the weight and the weight. Plus, he will be a senior in high school when he is three years old, and his heart is in vain. At this time, Hao can’t play games.
The only one in the family who can play games has been ruled out, so now the other six friends in yy will not be their adoptive parents.
Zhao Tiantian is a girl, and several gender differences across the street can be ruled out!
What about after that?
It’s not too little to see people a week by yourself.
It’s not so good to think of Ya as a whole.
However, after meditation, Jiang Mio explained that marshal was loud and elegant in yy. After nearly a minute of reflection, he remembered who the two familiar sounds were in yy.
Finance lives in the same dormitory, and four people of the hour have seen and spoken to each other this week.
Although it is said that Zhiya still can’t say that their sounds are face-to-face with their names, it is enough to know that they are these four.
But I ruled out two, and two didn’t speak …
Ya is thinking about whether she should think of a way to make other people talk and then distinguish their real identities.
Even now, you can’t tell them apart, but you can label them in your mind and paste them with exclusive sounds, so that even if you don’t remember your face, you can tell people apart and fall!
But I haven’t figured out an elegant way yet, when I heard a very beautiful and very low-alcohol sound in yy, "Don’t scare girls."
As soon as Fang Jing came out, the other four friends in the same office were silent.
Zheng Xian may feel a little worse, but in the eyes of the other three friends, they know very well what kind of urine Fang Jingyue is after four years.
In the eyes of the other three friends, Fang Jingshuo is a very heartless man, even a little indifferent.
Especially when it comes to women or feelings, Fang Jingshuo has paranoia and indifference in ordinary people’s understanding.
My classmates have never seen him care about any girl in school for four years.
Although I know that Fang Jingshuo has a good family and wants to come home, I am also very picky about this aspect, but most of the relationships in the school can’t survive graduation
In fact, many of them can’t be taken seriously. It’s just that everyone looks at each other and then becomes a companion together. Should we be so picky?
The other three friends are not too concerned about Fang Jingxi.
How many junior girls have rushed to send this and that in the past four years? It’s ok to stay with Fang Jingshuo even for a day.
However, Fang Jing-shuo refused without leaving a trace of thoughts. When she wanted to refuse, she was indifferent enough to make a passionate girl give up instantly.
Some senior sisters bluntly said that they would go their separate ways after graduation one year, but they were also coldly rejected by Fang Jingxing.
In the eyes of the other three friends, Fang Jingshuo is definitely the love killer of campus girls.
He can satisfy all your fantasies at first sight, and at the same time, when you are full of confidence, a pot of cold water will make you feel cool instantly.