"The enemy’s defensive position on the mountain has become, what to do!"

More than 20 leaders of the five realms suddenly found that if they were not prepared for this attack on the blue sky, the five realms allied forces might die in the enemy’s defensive mountain array, and they might not be able to rush into the blue sky.

Chapter six hundred and sixteen The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea (below)
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It is said that Tianxin received the news from nine women in the blue sky space magic array, and his heart relaxed slightly. For a well-off door, the key is not to fight, but to prevent and prepare for war. As long as the well-off door is prepared, it is not easy for the fangs army to turn the waves.
A heart pulled back to the battlefield in the blue sky, and Tianxin began to concentrate on planning the war situation in front of him. After thinking about it, he also sacrificed the last instrument that was suitable for the war situation in front of him. This creative instrument is a spiritual combat instrument, so its power source will not be mentioned. When heavenly heart moves, it uses heavenly heart’s clear and empty Taoist power. When Tianxin is allowed to move freely, its power source is a sky blue world. In addition, he is a combat expert with magical instruments, totem of beasts, fierce body and rich combat experience.
As a result, Tianxin is not worried about the danger of thousands of magical beasts. This guy is an elf. He has participated in tens of thousands of battles since Dun Wei Tiancheng, and he knew how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. In the absence of hard killing indicators, that clever …
Thousands of magical beasts obviously like the battle situation in front of them. When they come out, they will be happy in the space magic array and fight with the Daoyuan gods of the five-world Coalition forces.
If you don’t die in battle, you evolve in battle.
Of course, the practice of uniting the five realms and uniting the Taoist gods is not so easy to deal with. Apart from the super horizontal body of the magical beasts, the strength of the magical beasts is also an intermediate Taoist, or it can be cultivated in three ways. The Yuan God of this level of the Five Boundaries Allied Forces went to repair the sea, and fought one-on-one. With the help of the earth of the body, there is no problem in winning, but if one-on-many, thousands of magical beasts want to win. Then you have to rely on the earth of the body, and hope that you can improve your strength and skills in the battle.
Don’t mention the fighting pressure of thousands of magical beasts. In the case of sharing the data of spatial magic array, the fighting of thousands of magical beasts is experimental, but the process is undoubtedly pleasant.
The five bosses at the core of the Five Boundaries Allied Forces have obviously noticed this new member in the fierce battle, who is like a beast flying a beast, like a beast, and the whole body gives a little breath of Yin and Yang, and can always kill the Yuan God of the Five Boundaries Allied Forces in advance and retreat, or kill the deity.
"After the magic array is broken. I have to take this small family alive. "
The five bosses at the core of the Five Boundaries Coalition Forces thought viciously.
It’s not hard to get a sky-mixing device, and it’s not so easy to get a growing, spiritual and self-repairing sky-mixing device. Seeing that thousands of magical beasts are full of yin and yang, the five core bosses all believe that thousands of magical beasts are born with yin and yang, but they just don’t know how to get it for Qian Yan. The eyes of the five core bosses radiate strange light.
Greed together, the war heart is slightly flawed.
The core five bosses unconsciously got caught up in the way of heavenly heart, and some of their minds were led by magical beasts, which made the battlefields around the country more disorderly, and also made heavenly heart more able to display the great illusion environment, and they could assemble the purple iron heavenly sword and the red and white cathode Yang Erjian’s 500 billion-yuan Taijijian group to cooperate with the magical beasts. Kill as many Yuan Shen members as possible who jumped out of the core five bosses and laid hands on thousands of magical beasts.
Between the dragon and the tiger, the brilliance is thousands of miles.
The five big bosses at the core of the Coalition are helpless. When they see delicious food, they can’t eat it. They know that they can’t run with thousands of magical beasts. As a result, they will be led out of the magical array, or they will bounce around in the magical array, and they will never break into the blue sky. However, it’s too tempting to give up all kinds of animals and feel reluctant to give up. It’s full of yin and yang.
Supposedly, this breath of yin and yang is also looming in the purple iron kaitian sword and the red and white cathode yangling sword, but why do the five core leaders of the Coalition forces play the idea of magical beasts instead of the purple iron kaitian sword and the red and white cathode yanger sword?
It’s simple. Both the purple iron sword and the red and white cathode Yang two swords are controlled by the gods of heaven and mind, and the refining traces are obvious. Even if such instruments can be taken away, no one may dare to use them. Who knows what kind of secret door is set in the multiplier of the big boss level? Creature’s magical beasts are different. For example, magical beasts are similar to spirit beasts. The core five bosses think so, the spirit beast, its form no one can cheat, and look at the lively appearance of the magical beasts, it doesn’t look like a ban. The core five bosses believe that as long as they can capture thousands of magical beasts, they can definitely make thousands of magical beasts change their owners in a short time. Think of an instrument that doesn’t need to be nurtured, can grow by itself, can change its shape, can enter all planes, and is only ordered by its master to mix heaven and earth. Who doesn’t like it?
Like to like, however, like in the current situation, this is undoubtedly fatal.
Tianxin didn’t think that the mind of the five core bosses would attract a part of thousands of magical beasts. However, taking advantage of your illness and killing you is the essence of any battle. Tianxin took the opportunity to repair a corner of the space magic array destroyed by the core five bosses with spiritual boundary force, and strengthened the whole large array.
The consolidation of the large array did not harm the core five bosses, but it harmed the allied forces Yuan Shenxiu below them, which further lost the quantitative advantage of the allied forces Yuan Shenxiu and strengthened the determination to fight against the five-bound allied forces.
In short, this battle has really entered a white-hot stage.
One thousand endless years passed quickly, and every endless year in the past was accompanied by a huge number of casualties. The two sides spent 4.5 trillion yuan on spiritual cultivation. After 1,000 years, there were only 7 or 8 trillion exhausted soldiers fighting, which was worse than Yuan Shenxiu’s return to emptiness.
It should be over.
No, more than 20 bosses in the five realms are excited. Of course, this excitement is mad. The 7,000,000,000,000-8,000,000-trillion exhausted soldiers in the space magic array really belong to the coalition forces of the five realms, but in these two trillion-dollar coalition forces, the lineal protege and blood children of the bosses are all gone. In a cruel battle, in other words, when the two armies meet, the brave win and the brave live. Without the maintenance of the bosses, the lineal darling can’t live.

What really makes more than 20 bosses in the five realms angry is that it is the murderous nature of Tianxin that has created this situation. "Kill, don’t take prisoners! Gave them a chance. "
Therefore, more than 20 bosses of the five realms had to watch the five realms allied forces Yuan Shenxiu die one by one. They wanted to save them, but 16 bosses in the sky of one trillion light years were trapped by the large array of spheres of the three armies of Qian Yan, and there was no way to get away, even if they could get away. The distance of one trillion light years also makes it impossible for them to rescue the dying guy in time.
There is an opportunity for the five core bosses, but they are also entangled in heavenly heart’s purple iron sword, five hundred billion red and white cathode’s yang-divided spirit sword group and thousands of magical beasts. Besides, to save people, it is not possible to achieve it with a little busy. There are many busy places, which affects the deity. There are fewer busy places, and it is definitely to send food to Qian Yan’s demon king. Try the sword for Qian Yan’s Tai Chi Yin Yang Stegosaurus.
In one thousand endless years, the core five bosses grasped the skill of "unity of knowledge and power" of Tianxin. This skill made Tianxin send the purple iron heavenly sword and the red and white cathode Yang two swords wherever he wanted in the area of hundreds of millions of light years. Plus the multi-eye handprints of Tianxin, which moved the star domain, the members of the five bosses were moved far or short time without paying attention, and were finally killed.
This is not that the five bosses can’t beat Tianxin, but that the five bosses are trapped in the space magic array set by Tianxin. It’s like a few special forces being pegged by a special sniper, before the sniper’s position is found. Under the sniper rifle, they just did everything they could. At most, it is to seek self-protection, but there is no way for snipers.
This is basically the case with the five core bosses. Their gods can scan the whole battlefield, but they just can’t find the hiding place of Tianxin. In fact, it’s useless to find it. Tianxin didn’t expect to hide it, so the position teleported with the help of the nine-day lotus transmission, sometimes on the ground and sometimes in the valley. Sometimes at the top of the mountain, sometimes at high altitude, and sometimes hidden in the melee group of Yuan Shenxiu … What really faces the core five bosses is the purple iron sword that attacks from time to time, the 500 billion-pole cathode-anode separator sword group and the magical beasts that move freely.
A thousand endless years passed like this.
The battle between Yuan Shenxiu and Yuan Shenxiu, who dared to die, drew a conclusion. However, the battle between Qian Yan’s three armies and Tianxin and more than 20 bosses is still that sentence. It’s a long way to go to see the outcome.
Another hundred endless years. Yuan Shenxiu, the allied forces of the five realms, was completely annihilated. Yuan Shenxiu, who dared to die, died another trillion yuan, but less than five trillion yuan could stand. A wave of divine knowledge from Tianxin sent them into the blue sky to take a breath break. When their energy recovered, they went to Lingshi City.
At this time, as no matter the core five bosses, he’s going to join the Thousand Yan Armed Forces sphere at a height of one trillion light years. The Thousand Yan Armed Forces can’t do away with the bosses, and it’s been more than one thousand years since he targeted sixteen bosses. It’s time to fight back. As for the core five bosses, they are willing to chase after them, and if they are unwilling to chase after them, let them watch the guy who is entangled in the Qianyan Armed Forces die.
The core five bosses were shocked, and Tianxin’s intention was not concealed from them, and even widely publicized with the action of collecting thousands of magical beasts.
The core five bosses are crazy, and the five-world allied forces have completely annihilated the Yuan Shenxiu, who will be the level soldier. If the guy in the sky is destroyed again, the five bosses will be the real army of one. If they are alone in the future, they will be stared at by Qian Yan, and Qian Yan, who is followed by Qian Yan’s three armies, can definitely kill them alone.
Stop Qian Yan from taking off, or fight a life-and-death battle between more than 20 bosses and Qian Yan at a height of trillions of light years.
In the battle of more than 1000 years in the air, the loss is actually not much, which adds up to less than 100 billion. If it is divided equally, each boss only loses 20 billion members, which is negligible compared with their hundreds of billions. In these years, the main loss of the core five bosses is the defensive instruments.
The repair loss is not big, so the five bosses decided to stop Qian Yan’s demon king from taking off.
It’s just that the five bosses have omitted some things. They are always in the illusion array of air-space space, that is, Tianxin no longer devoted themselves to the great illusion. It will take them some time to get rid of the illusion array of air-space. So, how can we stop Tianxin from taking off?
The magical beasts first disappeared from their sight, then the purple iron opened the heavenly sword, and then the red and white cathode Yang Er Jian, which they relied on to hold the heavenly heart, disappeared. The ground-air magic array is empty, and no sound is heard.
"Go to the sky."
The five core bosses know each other, and they will be in two places at once, no matter what magic array is not, they will rise into the air. However, at this moment, the space magic array is also blessed with the great illusion of heavenly heart, and it is impossible for them to urgently want to take off. After three endless hours, the core five bosses were separated from the space magic array. At this time, Tianxin had already entered the sphere array of Qianyan Armed Forces, and the sword cut up the deity and member of the guy in the force field of the spiritual world, and the sphere array began to take off slowly.
What will be the consequences of Munro in the middle of the earth and the demon king Yu Sui for the ball array to rise further into the sky?
It is clear that the two bosses stopped attacking and rolled their eyes to get out of the circle force field.
It’s just that what the two bosses never expected was that their stars and stars were destined to find them first. If you can’t kill this deity, you should try your best to consume their two places at once, so that the two guys will lose a lot of energy, and it is best to temporarily lose the ability to repair the starry sky.
The idea was established, and Tianxin offered a purple iron sword to open the heavenly sword and a five hundred billion-level Yin-Yang sword group to pounce on the deity and the doppelganger of the two demons. This time, there was no fancy and skill, and pure power was used to kill them. Both sides were more ruthless than power and better than the multiplier.
The two demons are inevitable and have to stand up and fight hard.
The doppelganger and the horcrux collided at one time. The busy body was destroyed, the spirit was injured, and a big crash came down. The two demons lost 500 billion busy bodies, and the red and white cathode anode separator of Tianxin was also badly injured, so they had to quit the battle temporarily, leaving only the purple iron to open the heavenly sword.
The two demons are dead, but these two guys are really the world’s repair, although the world group voted for Xingyuan Leihuo heaven and earth to become Xingyuan starry sky. But there is still a spare world. It’s not, two days the blue world flies out. Blocked the light of the purple iron sword that split at them.
Unfortunately, against the purple iron and the heavenly sword, the chaotic shell of the sky blue world can’t hold up. The most fatal thing is that in the force field of the spiritual world released by the ball array billion sky blue world, the two demons can’t extract the spiritual world force of the sky blue at all, and the sky blue world sacrificed can only be used as a shield. Seeing this, this shield can’t stop the light of the purple iron sword, and the two demons are frightened and try their best to move out of the ball array.
It should be said that the fortune of the two demons is very good. After their sky-blue world was broken, the core five bosses in the ground space magic array missed it. As the heavenly heart had to, it took nine days for Hua Lian to install the sky-blue world that the two demons didn’t sacrifice and broke their shells and fled back to the ball array.
Without 90% of the members, the sky blue world is gone, and the two demons want to vomit blood. This is a big loss, and the only remaining member is only enough for them to make a four-turn Yuan Shenxiu, and the sky blue world is gone. Although there is still a spare world of Xuanxue in their Sunday dharma circles, it is as difficult as nine women repairing the world outside the mainland of two instruments to repair the world into the sky blue in the five realms of the universe. Even if the two demons are talented, whether it is the Yuan God or the Taoist, if you want to return to the big boss situation, you will not be able to do so without millions of endless years.
"Never been so miserable!"
The two demons were ashamed and angry, and they ignored the five bosses who cleared the ground for them. They just wanted to stay as far away from the blue sky as possible. Then, they found a place to hide and repair. However, the two demons suffered a bigger blow. When they were looking for a quiet place to cultivate themselves and wanted to contact Xingyuan starry sky, they accidentally found that their contact with Xingyuan starry sky was interrupted when they borrowed the spiritual power of Xingyuan starry sky to repair it. The two demons let out a cry, exhaled blood, and fainted. After waking up for a few endless days, they will have been raised for two endless years before they can start practicing. It was 10 million years before they came back, but the boundless world had changed greatly at that time, which is another story.
The two monarchs were far away, but Tianxin ignored the wandering of the five core bosses outside the large array of spheres, and didn’t rush to find the bad luck of other bosses trapped in the spiritual field of the large array of spheres. Instead, he sat down in the sky-blue world at the center of the large array of spheres and repaired the red and white cathode Yang two swords.
"You can’t do it foolishly next time."
Looking at the massive cathode-anode materials collected from the two instruments subcontinent and the third self-variable materials that can be piled up into mountains in Sunday Dharma circle, it is very painful for Tianxin to hit the red and white cathode-anode sword. These things can’t go back to the mainland for the time being, but they are used a little less. Moreover, even if you can go back, it is not easy to get it.
Tianxin quickly scored two monarchs. Now, it seems that the price is too high. Under the condition that the Tai Chi sword group of 500 billion separators is damaged, the repair of the red and white cathode Yang Ling sword has reduced the inventory of his cathode Yang material and the third variable by half, which means that he will spend millions of years collecting materials in the two instruments subcontinent.
Fortunately, the timely investment brought comfort. After three endless months, the two swords of red and white cathode, Yang, were restored to their original state, without any loss of Yin and Yang spirituality, and were further integrated with the blood refining energy after beheading several big bosses.