Lengche smiled. I hope you can really feel relieved.

Par478 from hate to love?
a week later
The sun shines, and the sun sticks out from the east, and the golden light shines on the earth.
8 a.m.
Lin Zixiao took a taxi and went to the airport. When he got to the airport, it was already a sea of people.
"Hey!" Xia Mu pity descended on petite body and threw away the pink suitcase she had dragged.
"Oh, it’s so heavy!" Lin Zixiao complained while catching her
"Hey hey, I lost a few pounds!" Xia Mu flow buried his head in Lin Zixiao’s chest and gave a silvery smile.
Lin Zixiao Nai sighed and slowly pushed Xia Mu pity, then looked at her suitcase and said, "Go get your suitcase and let’s go."
Xia Mu flow dragging box and Lin Zixiao walked side by side.
"Go to Japan to visit the university? How does it feel? " Lin Zixiao asked
"Not bad," replied Xia Mu pity.
"Which school are you going to study in?"
"No," Xia Muliu shook his head and smiled brightly at Lin Zixiao. "I’d better stay in China. I want to stay with Xiaoxiao for a while!"
"No," Lin Zixiao shook his head indifferently and explained, "I’m going back to the United States later. You can go to any university you want. Don’t stay in China because of me."
"ah? Are you leaving again? " Xia Mu flow clear eyes quietly across a bit lost, she held the box railing hand tight again a few minutes looked up at Lin Zixiao once again confirmed.
"Yes" Lin Zixiao nodded his head.
Her answer let Xia Mu pity expectations a burst.
Xia Mu flow a drag Lin Zixiao arm asked "what? Isn’t China good? "
"Well," explained Lin Zixiao, looking at Xia Mu with a gentle smile, "I also have to finish my studies. I have to study in medical school in the United States and graduate with credits! I will leave for the United States as soon as things are handled in China. "
"ah? Then aren’t you going back soon? "
Xia Mu flow almost didn’t jump up with excitement. Obviously, Lin Zixiao’s appeasement and explanation didn’t work.
"Yes" Lin Zixiao nodded his head without denying it.
"ah!" When I heard that Lin Zixiao didn’t deny that Xia Mulian was even more excited, she let go of whatever suitcase, but shook Lin Zixiao’s body with both hands and shouted, "Are you willing?"
"What?" Lin Zixiao is puzzled.
"Are you willing to give up me? Are you willing to give up my cousin? Are you willing to give up Lin Shengyan? Are you willing to give up Su Moxiao? " The face so sad Xia Mu flow don’t pretend to ask a way.
"What’s the difference between coughing and Anshun?" Lin Zixiao said with a slight cough.
"Oh," Xia Mu patted his head with a wry smile and said, "Yes, yes, you and Anshun Tian know everything!"