This feeling is like being injected with anesthetic in the body, except for consciousness, all parts of the body slowly begin to lose feeling.

"Is this the bundle of fairy ropes?" Qin Na was shocked, but when you think about it carefully, Shi Juan’s golden rope in his hand seems to have a similar effect. However, Shi Juan’s golden rope in his hand must trap those enemies to make them lose their resistance, and this bundle of fairy ropes is more powerful than Shi Juan’s golden rope in his hand. Being close to the bundle of fairy ropes will make people lose their resistance.
Looking at those ropes slowly approaching, Qin Na’s fruit broke and chaos clock paused when it broke.
This move makes Qin Na’s physical strength suddenly swell up again, and all around it has been occupied by a bundle of fairy ropes, but these ropes are not a body but a virtual shadow made up of reiki, which can’t be touched by people because of the magical power of the bundle of fairy ropes.
When the eyes were suspended, even the ability to bind fairy ropes was suspended. It was very easy for Qin Nan to brush these ropes away and drill out. All this was suspended when Qin Nan just got out of the encirclement of tying fairy ropes in the blink of an eye.
Qin Na’s strength at the moment made chaos clock’s broken roots unsustainable and aimed at such a strong man as henpecked grandchildren. Therefore, when he was suspended, it was really short to the extreme, and it was almost less than a second. But this was enough for Qin Na to emerge from the encirclement of the bundle of fairy cables.
"What’s going on? He actually got out of the bundle of fairy ropes. "The scared grandson looked stunned and couldn’t believe everything in sight."
And looking around at the faces of those saints’ doors is somewhat dignified.
"This Qin Na patriarch really has to make people feel surprised every time they meet." A group of pick Jin Xian have different eyes
Explaining and teaching a few people are mostly lost in thought, while intercepting the turtle spirit, the Virgin and other people look at each other strangely.
"This is the time when the master of power once arranged the sword array of Zhu Xian, and there was a similar situation. When chaos was not completely mastered by the master."
During the East China Sea War, Qin Nan’s mastery of power shocked Heaven of Science for a long time. Now, when such a distance is put to use, these saints’ disciples finally feel strange. However, although they are puzzled by the mystery of this power, they can’t guess whether it is equal power. However, the disciples who cut off the teaching are greatly different. The four swords of cutting off the teaching and killing immortals are arranged, and the sword array of killing immortals is the first large array in heaven and earth, which contains almost all the rules of heaven and earth, and can be distorted even when it is self-contained.
Not long ago, the leader of Tongtian just put a sword array in front of the Notre Dame Turtle and others, so the Notre Dame Turtle and others are extremely sensitive to the distortion of the rules of the sword array. At this moment, Qin Na paused when he put it into use and was immediately known by them.
What shocked several people was that power was the most magical power when the founder of Tongtian said it himself. Even saints could hardly master this power, which can only be mastered by heaven.
Is Qinnan Heaven? Obviously, it was not Qin Na who was cut off by a Terran tribal chief, so everyone was so shocked.
"Hum, I think you can avoid several attacks." Cowardly Liu Sungen didn’t believe everything he saw in front of him, so he waved the fairy rope and tied it towards Qin Na again.
"Your ya when we are dead?" Stop Kong Xuan’s anger and rush from one side. The five-color shekinah brush immediately brushed away a large piece of rope, and the nine-toothed rake was instantly transformed into nine air streams and rushed to the henpecked grandchild.
At this moment, the battle really began.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Huan
After Jie and Kong Xuan cooperated with one main attack and one main defense, the two pick Jin Xian also had magical powers as good as the bundle of immortals. The battle scale began to tilt.
At first, Jie and Kong Xuan were totally embarassed because they didn’t know how to bind the fairy rope, but now they have already touched the bundle of fairy rope, and the two of them joined hands to immediately suppress their scared grandchildren to the wind.
But at this time, a familiar sound appeared
"Uncle Qin Nan, the chief of the clan, is afraid to leave his grandson behind. Please stop for a while."
Qin Na hello ring and Kong Xuan turned back after hearing the sound. Although he was full of resentment, he also knew that he would suffer if he fought again. Therefore, the figure also turned back a few steps and put away the bundle of fairy ropes.
Qin Na turned around and saw Xuanyuan and Ying Long’s digital immortal flying together. Guangcheng was counted by Master Xuanyuan, and many people present were a generation higher than Xuanyuan.
Feelings stay here. More than a dozen pick Jin Xian are not a force of this Terran. Such a powerful force can almost be compared with the East China Sea War.
"How powerful this human-god should be to resist such a large group of pick Jin Xian" Qin Na became more and more amazed in his heart
According to the data, Xuanyuan helped to defeat Chiyou in Hiderigami, Ying Long, but Ying Long was already helping Xuanyuan. Hiderigami didn’t appear, but there was a Xuan Nv exactly like Hiderigami for nine days.
However, Hiderigami should have no eyes even if he is severe. This large group of pick Jin Xian is severe. Xuanyuan has failed to get the eye of Human-God with the help of such a group of cattle people. This human-god seems to be much more abnormal than the one mentioned.
"Don’t you think this human-god is abnormal and violent?" Seeing the appearance of Xuanyuan Qin Na, you will know that fighting with scared grandchildren is mostly necessary, so you can’t help but whisper.
"It’s great that you can come here, chief of the clan of Qinnan. If you have leadership and Xiong’s belief, I will soon be able to defeat the Wu clan." Xuanyuan and Ying Long and others fell to the ground and smiled at Qinnan Road.
Xuanyuan this words say absolutely sincerely because of XuanYuanCai Bai Qinna how much prestige in the whole Terran and more let XuanYuanPei Qin Na that emerge in endlessly strange means.
But although Xuanyuan is sincere, his words immediately make many pick Jin Xian around dissatisfied.
A group of them have helped Xuanyuan for several years, but they have barely maintained an invincible situation with the witch Chiyou. Now, as soon as Qin Nan appeared, Xuanyuan said that he could defeat the witch. Isn’t this saying that this group of pick Jinxian can’t compete with Qin Nan alone?
Some open-minded pick Jin Xian such as intercepting Wu Yunxian and others also frowned slightly. Some people who know Xuanyuan, such as Guangcheng, smiled a little, but just after Xuanyuan’s words were finished, two pick Jin Xian jumped out and even refuted Xuanyuan.
"Xuanyuan, are you saying that I can’t compete with a small Fuxi tribal chief?"
Jump out to two people, one is just a war with Qin Na, and the other Qin Na doesn’t know it.
"There is no such thing in the words of martial uncle fire spirit friend Xuanyuan. It means that Qin Na’s clan chief is the first one among my terrans. He will surely increase the morale of Xiong’s family here. Xuanyuan will say this." Xuanyuan frowned. He was happy to see Qin Na just now, so he casually said the truth. As soon as this was said, Xuanyuan was immediately afraid that this would offend many people.
"Qin Na patriarch, where have you been these years? At the beginning, drums made of real cowhide and drumsticks made of Lei Shou bones were just made, but you lost track when Xuanyuan patriarch came back." In front of Xuanyuan, a full face of Nai and a scared grandchild apologized, but Ying Long had quietly approached Qin Na and asked low.
"It’s just been closed for a few years. What’s going on here? Why can’t you beat Chiyou with the real bull drum and the Lei Shou drumstick? Now there are so many people to help. Isn’t Xiong so powerful?"
Qin Na mumbled a few words about the past and then asked about the war between Terran and Witch.
"There’s no way. The rest of the witch clan is worthless. Even Fengbo and Rain Master have not shown up much. So many of us can’t stand a human-god place. As far as I can see, if the saints don’t show up, I’m afraid the war will continue." Ying Long sighed with a bitter face.
"Forget about Chiyou. Where are the poems?" Qin Na hurriedly ask Ying Long way
Liu Shishi had come here to look for Qin Na, but he never went back to Xiong’s, not even the reality. At this moment, when he saw Ying Long Qin Na, he urgently asked Ying Long to be quite familiar with poetry when he had stayed in Fu Xishi tribe for a while.
But what drives Qin Na crazy is that Ying Long shook his head with a blank face.
"Is poetry here? I’ve been guarding Xiong’s family, but I’ve never seen poetry."
"I went here to be like that" Qin Na suddenly felt a little irritable.
"Master mistress, after all, is also a fairy level. Although she is not strong in the universe, it should be no problem to protect herself if she touches anything. Worse, if she encounters danger, she can directly tear it back to the ice instrument. You don’t have to worry too much." Kong Xuan comforted Qin Nandao aside.
Listen to Kong Xuan said Qin Na is a little peace of mind, put this concern on my mind for the time being.
"This human-god, what’s the matter that can make you so big Luo Jinxian the strong can’t beat him alone? Is he also the strong one like Zulong and Phoenix?" Qin Na asked Ying Long about the difference.
"I don’t know how to cultivate the body without practicing the Yuan God. Although I can’t feel the state of human-god, I can feel that he is not as good as the ancestor Phoenix, but he is far superior to me. Human-god can not only manipulate the dead, but also vaguely control the twelve ancestors’ wizard to lead the wizard and hold the chaos clock East Emperor Taiyi to compete. If it weren’t for the heaven, there would be a big array of stars, and then the twelve ancestors’ wizard would have fallen. It is conceivable that the twelve ancestors’ wizard was too powerful. Now the twelve ancestors of the earth have merged into a human-god body. Although this human-god can’t give full play to the twelve ancestors’ spirits, it can barely play a fur, but it is not underestimated. At least, no one here can compare with him. Even the battle between Xuanyuan sword and Human-god will fall to the wind. "Ying Long simply said it again.
According to Ying Long, this Chi-you is born from the combination of the fallen twelve ancestors. If Chi-you has mastered the power of the twelve ancestors, he is afraid that even the saints can’t make him.
"I depend on this is too cruel." I heard that Qin Na, who is so earth, could not help cursing, but he became more curious in his heart.
At the beginning, Xuanyuan once said that Chiyou and Qin Na were very similar to each other. Qin Na wondered if this human-god was the earth player. Now, when Ying Long said this, Qin Na was curious and became more and more eager to find out whether Chiyou was a player or not.
"Maybe I should find a chance to meet Chiyou." Qin Na muttered.
Xuanyuan at this time there is very not easy to henpecked grandchildren and fire fairy to appease towards Qin Na came up with a wry smile way
"Is the situation of Fu Xishi, the head of Qinnan clan, like those heavenly generals still surrounding Fu Xishi?"