After getting up, the sun god patted his clothes and smiled, "Your mount was killed by God, but don’t be too arrogant. Of course, fairness has taken back the flying tiger."

This time, Chu Yun was ready and said, "I wonder how hypocritical you are to say such shameless things again and again."
"You call me hypocritical, I don’t understand …" Sun Tantan hand said with a blank face.
"Keep loading …" ChuYunZhen admire him enough.
The conversation between the two immediately fell into the ears of Japanese players.
"Chinese dog is the sun god who kills your mount. You actually say that it seems as if nothing has happened. How can there be such a shameless person like you in this world?"
"Once we counted twice, we also endured three times. You want to die in Mahler Gobi, don’t you?"
"Huaxia dog, you look really good. Please teach me how to achieve your general state?"
Chu Yun thought that the sun god was hypocritical, but who expected so many people to be hypocritical together?
Alas, this country is hopeless.
"Huaxia candlestick, your pet has been killed by me again and again. I know you feel bad, but you can’t always be so hypocritical." Sun God Avenue "lost, but have the courage to bear it. Don’t you even have the courage to bear it?"
Chu Yun gasped and tried not to get angry.
Around the Japanese players, they kept shaking their heads when they heard the sun god say this.
"Alas, it’s so nice of the sun god to be still reasoning with the enemy at this time."
"Alas, this is the national custom of the Great Japanese Empire, which is too kind."
"Sun God, don’t tell this Chinese dog anything. Kill him. You will make this dog more and more arrogant."
In this case, Chu Yun has long been used to it, and there is no way to make the Japanese national customs so bad
Chu Yun wondered whether Koizumi Yuxu could cultivate such a kind, lovely and naive girl every day. Obviously this is impossible.
An orphan in China must have been adopted by the Japanese.
Chu Yun so guess also don’t know whether Koizumi yuko is around to watch his fight?
In her mind, do you want to win or do you want the sun god to win?
Oh, it’s really hard for her
"Huaxia candlestick, all your pet mounts were killed by God. Now you have one last chance to throw in the towel," said the sun god, who lifted his head and was full of pride.
"I want to say that when you talk nonsense, if you want to fight, let’s fight." Chu Yun sacrificed a sound blade of the Long Yin Fengming piano and released it in the past
"Ha ha overreached …"
For this attack, Sun God easily escaped, which shows how powerful his technology is.
Huang Jinjian, the sun god, waved a golden shock wave and threw it out, causing several players around to scream.
In addition to flying this golden shock wave, it’s hard to hide in the past, and Chu Yun didn’t fly, so he let this shock wave attack him.
Don’t say that this firm but gentle attack is quite powerful.
Around the Japanese players, they were excited to see the Sun God attack hit and hit 100,000 damage.
"The sun god deserves to be the sun god. It is estimated that another blow will kill the Chinese dog."
"Ha, ha, ha. Sun God is good. Hurry up and kill this Chinese dog."
"Huaxia dog, the end of you is finally coming. Hahahaha …"
I don’t know how many times Chu Yun has heard this kind of thing, and every time the result is, there is no doubt that he punched himself in the face
Chapter 421 Goddess of Light arrival!
Chu Yun immediately released this teleport skill and when it reappeared, it was behind the sun god.
"Where are people?" Why is the sun god’s pupil wide open missing?
Chu Yun kicked the sun god’s ass directly.
The sun god was kicked to the ground, and Chu Yun quickly offered a dragon rhyme and Fengming piano, and released a bound dragon sound in the past.
Sun God was tied up by Chu Yun because he didn’t get up. He is still lying on the ground in this position.
For this, Chu Yun likes to force the sun god to step on his chest without leaving his hand.
"Call you hypocrisy, call you hypocrisy. See how hypocritical you are this time …" Chu Yun was very upset and took all his anger out on the sun god.
The surrounding Japanese players have long been stupid. They looked at this scene in disbelief, and their eyes were full of shock.
"It’s impossible, absolutely impossible. There must be something wrong with my eyes."
"Don’t say that my eyes are hallucinating that the sun god stepped on the foot of the Chinese dog. How can it become a Chinese dog when the sun god stepped on his foot?"
"Yes, there must be something wrong with my vision."