The only regret is that Sophie Su sent a blow at random, and the thunder whip didn’t hit the handheld device maker e-ten, but Tong Ling, wearing heavy armor, happened to be in the path of the Raytheon whip.

Among the harsh white light, the armor that is said to come from the game world suddenly burst in the flash, and a blackened figure was thrown into the distance and I don’t know its life and death.
The white light gathered away and the field was silent.
"This is disease light? This is absolutely impossible! Disease, light and shadow are absolutely not so powerful! Can you borrow four weeks of thunder, too? !” That Xie handheld device maker e-ten finally recovered from the shock and looked at Sophie Su with surprise and fear.
"Isn’t it Leili Yao? Unfortunately, I also learned it recently." Sophie Su is smiling, while his right arm is still entangled in the series of finely flashing.
Around the original eyeing Sophie Su and others, many strong people are quietly retreating, because the future is to unite several powerful experts to manage together, which is relatively scattered. At this moment, some people have made their escape skills leave Jing’ an Temple.
"Don’t worry, everyone, it’s just an empty show. That blow just now required a lot of energy. He can definitely make everyone take this opportunity to kill him again, otherwise it will be even more difficult to deal with when his energy recovers!" Then thank e-ten finally reacted. If you go on like this, you will be afraid that this joint operation will end in failure.
Losing to a junior is definitely a great blow to his name, especially when the other side is still his best at thunder magic and beat him.
After listening to his propaganda, the original retreating people stopped retreating.
Everyone is naturally very aware of the power. In reality, due to the energy limitation, many skills from the game world can be made, but they can barely be made, but they will immediately exhaust all their physical fitness and fall into a weak period.
The power of Sophie Su’s earth-shattering blow just now is obvious to all, and everyone is naturally aware of its consumption.
"Let’s kill this guy together. I know his role in the game is in Qingqiu country. When the time comes, he will be equally divided!" Zhao Chu is also return to absolute being tall, but also personally rushed to the front.
Sophie Su has had a great influence on him.
Since entering this game world, it has always been smooth sailing. After meeting Sophie Su, he was defeated by Sophie Su several times. What makes him even more depressed is that he saw Sophie Su grow up from a rookie with his own eyes, and now he has completely surpassed him and Tong Ling to discuss whether it is in the game or in reality, which has greatly affected his mood.
The only way to get rid of the shadow of failure that has been lingering in his heart is to defeat Sophie Su. Unfortunately, several ambushes against Sophie Su failed, which even damaged the elite arranged by the family for him, which led to his reputation among the family and greatly damaged his successor status.
This time, with the expert Long Ting leading the way to Jing ‘an Temple, all eyes are Sophie Su’s artifact and his eyes are to kill Sophie Su!
Eyes are the best time, so he didn’t hesitate to rush in front of everyone.
"Sophie Su, you are dead!" Zhao Chu speed almost instantly has reached Su Yan front hand dagger stab his chest.
However, a harsh light suddenly appeared in his ears and seemed to come again. The thunder roared, but he could no longer hear clearly.
Before a more powerful thunder whip appeared again.
People are much less again.
Where the thunder passed, a white zone was formed.
However, to Sophie Su’s surprise, Xie Yitian was also hit by the thunder whip, but at the head of the crisis, it seemed to make some powerful props form a powerful defense barrier around his body, and even the destructive thunder failed to kill it, which was blown away by heavy blows.
"It’s … it’s impossible that no one can send out such a strong thunder continuously unless it’s super …" Although Xie E-ten was not dead, he was also very pale because of fright. He stared at Sophie Su closely but didn’t say anything more, but his eyes were filled with fear.
But everyone present almost understood what he meant, that is, only the super strong have this power!
Everyone in Jing’ an Temple once again focused on Su Yanshen’s fear, hatred and surprise!
"Is there anyone who will try again to see if I can send out a third [Raytheon Whip]?" Sophie Su in focus is light say with smile.
"Raytheon whip? This is a high-level thunder skill … You Wynaut are vicious enough to make people mistake you for calling a Taoist priest. I didn’t expect your real career to be Master Lei! " That Xie handheld device maker e-ten gnashed his teeth and said that it was obviously a big misunderstanding to Sophie Su.
Sophie Su is smiling and not talking. At this time, of course, it is the enemy who guesses wildly. The more he guesses, the more he fears. It is best to regard himself as a real super-strong, so that he will be much more comfortable in reality in the future.
Actually, Thor Whip has killed hundreds of people twice, especially in the last time, those who intend to attack others have almost been killed in seconds.
At the moment, although many people think that he has been able to release his skills for the third time, after the first two almost bloody kills, people dare to shout out the slogan of taking the opportunity to attack again.
Even worse, Tong Ling and Zhao Chu, who shouted the most fiercely before, were unconscious, and one was directly killed by thunder. The whole crowd has completely lost its fighting spirit.
Especially when Xie Yitian guessed that Sophie Su was likely to have the strength of the super strong, almost everyone had quietly retreated.
Super-strong on the earth represents the most powerful fighting force that is difficult to overcome!
When Xie Eternal finally retreated with the crowd, Sophie Su finally breathed a sigh of relief and released Raytheon Whip twice in a row. Although he borrowed a lot of thunder force, part of it was actually his own energy, which was naturally due to the absorption of those energy crystals. After two releases, those crystal energies had already been exhausted, and even his own physical strength was greatly to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-one From
The fighting has been over for a long time, but Jing ‘an Temple is still quite quiet.
The outcome of this great war was really unexpected, and even the eyes of the Sun and Moon Zong people looking at Sophie Su were very different in the past.
"You … really become a super strong? !” Liu Rushi managed to calm down before, but when he got to the room, he couldn’t help showing incredible look.
"How is it possible? I didn’t even reach the 100-level level now because I realized a little thunder rule by chance. It’s still far from the super strong." Sophie Su wry smile way.
"Yeah, that’s also great. Being able to understand the rules is already on the road to becoming a super strong person. It must be natural for you to steadily rise to become a super strong person in the future." Liu Rushi said, but her eyes were a little lonely. After all, she struggled for hundreds of years but still failed to understand the rules to become a super strong person.
"I hope so …" Sophie Su nodded his head.
However, he also knew in his heart that it would be difficult to become a super strong person, otherwise the super strong people in this world would not be so rare.
Like he got the Raytheon Ring this time, it belongs to the demon queen. It is not easy for ordinary players to enter the demon palace, let alone get the artifact ring in the queen’s hand. It is because of some accidental factors that they can get it, and it is even attributed to the attack of the old demon in Montenegro on Qingqiu country.
"But this time, Zhao Chu, the Zhao family, died in the thunder and the armor of Tongling in the fog was shattered. I don’t know his life and death, but he is definitely seriously injured. It is estimated that neither the Zhao family nor the Zhao family in the fog will let it go. You’d better leave the sea at once." Liu Rushi said after a slight hesitation.
"Away from the sea?" Sophie Su smell speech is not zheng in the previous battle, he did kill too much, but the long-term battle has made him numb, and then he was worried and said, "What about you? Also leave together? "
"We haven’t decided yet. There are still many people who refuse to go." Liu Rushi shook his head with a wry smile. Obviously, the thoughts of the Sun Moon Sect have not been unified
"If you stay in the sea, it will be too dangerous. If it is the Cixi, it is estimated that no one can stop her …"
After personally realizing that this rule is powerful, Sophie Su is even more white and super strong. It is not a problem to have enough energy to be afraid of destroying the world.
"Well, at present, no one can stop her, but her ability can only be fully exerted in the snowy weather. At present, the sea is still early from the snow, and her cautious character should not come to me personally without absolute certainty … but when you leave the sea, it is best to take the red leaves away. She has no place to stay in the sea now." Liu Rushi laughed and didn’t know whether it was true that she knew the Cixi better or was deliberately comforting Sophie Su
Su Yan can sigh inwardly. Judging from Liu Rushi’s care for herself in many ways, although she has experienced hundreds of years, she is still a very affectionate person, and she will definitely not leave this moon and moon alone.
When Sophie Su went outside with a heavy heart, he found that several elders of Riyuezong were all on the side and were carrying big bags and bags.
"We are willing to leave the sea with other brothers," said the elders together.
"Oh, haven’t you always been reluctant?" Liu Rushi said is also some doubts asked.
"Before, there were some people who didn’t want to give up the chance to compete for hegemony on this beach, but after this war, they saw each other’s many strong people being killed instantly. Think about the fragility of life. What ambitions I have lost? The future era must belong to these young people." The first elder said with a smile, but at the same time he looked at Sophie Su.
The eyes were so passionate that Sophie Su couldn’t help shivering all over.
"Yes, we’d like Mr. Su to leave together," said several others.
Sophie Su couldn’t help but slightly zheng because the other party said it was willing to leave with him!
He hurriedly looked back at Liu Rushi around to see her face as usual.
"Since everyone is willing to leave, let the younger brothers clean up as soon as possible. We will leave the sea overnight," Liu Rushi said.
"No problem, but what is our evacuation direction?"
"To the west," Liu Rushi said quite decisively
Sophie Su naturally agrees with this.
When the elders hurried to arrange for evacuation from the sea, Liu Rushi laughed. "These fine old guys must have seen your strength and guessed that you should be close to the super strong at least, so that you will change so quickly and know that following a super strong side will not cause any great danger even if the situation is chaotic in the future. I really didn’t expect you to grow up so fast. Maybe I will ask you for asylum."
"Then how can you always be my elder in my heart?"