"what! ? You have Pojun, the Dragon? Who the hell are you, young man? How can you get Hao Long Pojun? "

Luo Xiu grinned. "How do I get it? Do I need to inform you?"
Tall demon spirit eyebrows a wrinkly slightly "I don’t know how many years no human dare to talk to me like this. Oh, no, I remember once. What’s that guy called King of Fighters who talked to me like this? Hahahaha … I didn’t expect to meet a guy with the same kind today."
It is a surprise to hear the other party’s lingering Luo Xiu.
My surprise is not that the other person knows each other, but the other person’s age.
If he has seen Huyan Immortal and the King of Fighters, I’m afraid this tall demon spirit in front of him has lived for thousands of years or more.
"Demon spirit, what on earth is your position to know the king of fighters and the immortal Huyan? It seems that you are not the average person."
The tall demon spirit nodded. "Good young man, you still have a little eye. In this case, I will tell you that I am a demon handsome and four holy generals around the moon pole. Have you ever heard of my name?"
Luo Xiu has never heard of this person’s name, but he has really heard it many times for the demon handsome moon.
Although this demon handsome Moon Pole is not a human being but a demon spirit clan, he has done great harm to mankind.
The downfall of the thousand-machine clan is the outstanding moon.
The thought of this Luo Xiu will know that this guy is tough before.
"Since you are a demon handsome moon, it is estimated that your strength should not be very weak, so I am not too white. How can you be trapped here all the time?"
Luo Xiu specially stressed the words "trapped here all the time"
"Hu said!" Yue Yong shouted angrily, "How can you humans be trapped in me? Didn’t you just make a conspiracy? Otherwise, how can my holy strength be trapped in this place all the time and my strength is still being weakened? "
It’s much more reassuring to hear each other say so.
Oneself but know the king level in Kyushu is very strong.
And stronger than the king is a semi-holy and semi-holy level. The strong is said to be close to the holy order.
In the holy order, the strong are only right.
In some cases that Luo Xiu knows, he has only heard of the news of Terran saints, and it is not very clear who he is.
"But I don’t know cabinet strength such as now? It is estimated that there is also a king-level strength? " Luo Xiu tried to ask a way.
You know, after all, the other party used to be a holy order strong, and its strength is far from what you can imagine.
If the other party still has a semi-holy level of strength, it is estimated that his horse can run for his life with four other people.
On the contrary, if the opponent is not a semi-saint level but a king level, he may still have the ability to fight
"Hum! Cunning human, do you want to know what my strength has reached? What can I do to tell you? "
Most of the battles in the war between the Terran Demons and the Elves were won by the Elves because the Elves were much stronger than the Terran.
In the eyes of Yue Yong, it seems that a shot is shattered. This kind of person can be regarded as a small role.
"I am not weakened in this terrible place, but now I can barely maintain the strength of the king level. I once met a king level person with four masters. As a result, the strength of the four people was really not so good. Not only was I torn to pieces in that king level for a moment, but the strong human beings didn’t even have the courage to fight with me and ran away directly."
Luo Xiu knows that the human king level in Yue Yong’s mouth should be the king of earth treasure.
Thought of here, Luo Xiu’s heart has a judgment about the strength of this demon spirit in front of him.
"Yueyongge, I have to admit that your strength may be really strong, but since it is so strong, how can you still be trapped here?"
Hear Luo Xiu so asking for the moon yong face emerge with an irate look.
"It’s not you sly humans!" At this moment, Yue Yong’s expression has never been ferocious. "I don’t know how that man named Dikui tricked me into coming here and wanted to die with me, but how could his power as a king be so small that it was still a holy order? But the result is that after I killed him, I found that I couldn’t find a way out of here, and no matter how I attacked everything around me, I could keep consuming my strength. I don’t know how long I stayed here, but I can clearly feel that my strength was being swallowed up by this and being weakened."
When I heard Yue Yong say this, Luo Xiu put a lot of heart hanging.
"Yueyongge, I want to make a deal with you. I don’t know if you want to?"
After Luo Xiu’s words were exported, don’t say that Yueyong felt incredible. Even the distant love and Xuanxing both froze.
"What is this shot going to do?" To XuanXing looked at next to a spring breeze bass asked.
A spring breeze shook his head, and it was obvious that he didn’t know what was going on in his heart when a shot was shattered.
Luo Xiu went on to explain, "Yue Yongge, I absolutely believe that you have the strength to kill five of us with your own strength, but the question is, what good is it for you to kill five of us?"
Luo Xiu this sentence a month yong eyebrows a wrinkly also lost in thinking.
After all, it is the people who follow the demon handsome Moon Pole who have seen some strange tactics about the Moon Pole, and it is no longer very simple to think in their own way.
Now, after hearing the words of a shot shattered, I am not amused, but lost in thinking.
A moment later, Yue Yong looked up and re-examined the young man with Pojun. "Young people, what good is it for me if I don’t kill you?"
Luo Xiu hey hey smile heart andao if you are willing to hook me, I will not be willing to catch you.
"Yueyongge, even if the strength of the five of us is negligible, I don’t believe that you killed us without any consumption. You must have suffered, and the five of us came here to find a secret left here by our former Terran predecessors. We don’t know what it is, but it should be very important. If we work together, you can help us find what we want and we can help you get out of this hellhole."
Yue Yong quickly asked, "Are you sure you can take me out of here?"
Luo Xiu shook his head, and an instant Yue Yong flickered in front of a shot burst and held out his hand and pinched Luo Xiu’s neck.
Of course, he didn’t have the strength to just put his hand on Luo Xiu’s neck.
At the same time, an arrow burst and a spring breeze, as well as love, all three came out and took out their weapons to Xuanxing, although it was a little slow, but it also assumed a posture of fighting.
Luo Xiu didn’t feel the strength of Yue Yong’s hand, and he knew that Yue Yong was just shocking himself.
"Yue Yong Ge Now the five of us don’t even know how to get away from this place. How do you think we can know how to take you away? Although we are terran and you are demon race, it doesn’t affect our harmony. Since we want to get along, the first thing to do is to be honest. We can get out of here before we can get you out of here and have a chance. I want to cheat if it is good or not. "
After hearing a shot burst, Yue Yong hesitated for a while before slowly releasing his hand.
Luo Xiu looked at Yue Yong with a smile and continued, "It’s just your choice. Of course, you have been trapped in this place for thousands of years. You don’t know when it will be once someone comes in. Do you want us to give you some more childhood thoughts?"