Now he said to Han Tieshan, "Well, I’ll give you the antidote. Open the door."

Is anyone stupid?
The answer is no.
Han Tieshan shouted: "I put the hanging basket, you put the antidote on it. After fifteen days, if my daughter’s condition improves, I will naturally let the third daughter go."
Deng Yangtie grimaced, gritted his teeth and roared, "Good!"
Ji Fan sighed disappointedly, then roared: "Well, let’s meet again after the 15th."
Deng Yang helplessly nodded, but in the heart is sneer at, after 15 days. . .
I’m afraid I’ve captured the thrips.
I will let you know then. . .
Dalits will always be Dalits!
Family. . . Is the overlord in this world.
You just need to be exploited.
JiFan naturally don’t know what the other party is thinking, but he still wants to know what happened to Han Ru.
Poisoning? Sick?
Why do you need an antidote? . .
Are you going to betray me because of this?
But at this moment. . .
Abrupt change. . . .
Chapter 18. Completely annihilated
But at this moment, in the forest, a figure was ejected and his leg muscles broke out. .
Turned into a black lightning strike and killed JiFan,
Along the way, when God kills God and Buddha kills Buddha, it is unstoppable to kill JiFan’s position. . .
"JiShi. . . I’m Shan Shi and you are Ji Shi. . . Never die! Accept your life! "
Look cold, corners of the mouth with a bloodthirsty smile, holding a sword-like weapon towards JiFan!
Shu Shu Shu Shu!
After a series of strange noises of five tones, the five unparalleled troops standing in his way instantly fell down, clutching their throats.
Ji Fan was shocked and angry. He shouted, "Where is Dian Wei? !”
Protect in JiFan side Dian Wei after hearing JiFan roar at the moment is a left foot pedal toward the mountain you kill the past.
The unparalleled army above all the way was bounced off by him with a pat.
Mountain deep and remote eyes glowing looking at Dian Wei shout at top of voice: "Come to war! I’m going to try my new moves with you. Twelve sets of top swords are the strongest move! Eat the sky! "
After that, the two men fought in one place, filled with dust and gravel. . .
Hey, hey, hey, hey! !
The clanging sound of weapons is endless.
Deng Yang looked at it from a distance in shock and muttered, "There are such brave men in the world. When it’s under my account! "
JiFan in this time, control seven thousand unique army spread out to show enough space.
Qiang Qiang ~ ~!
After two strong and harsh collisions again, the cold voice of the mountain came from the dust.
"Your martial arts is good, if two days ago I didn’t understand this recruit, we are neck and neck, but now I, you are not my opponent! Who is my opponent in the world today! I am the only person in the world who has reached full strength. "
JiFan pale, full value!
Among the three kingdoms, only Lu Bu is his opponent.
Dian Wei growled unsteadily: "Master, get out of here!"
The voice of the mountains spread to come out.
"You this is why? If you hold your breath, you might last a little longer. What about now? Give me defeat! "
Words should just fall. . .
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang! ! ! ! ! !
A series of intensive let JiFan couldn’t hear how many times two people fought in this short three seconds!
Finally. . .
Poof ~ ~! Shu ~ ~
The sound of two subtle swords entering the meat came. . .
JiFan look a change, don’t. . .
"You call Dian Wei! Very nice. . . How to follow me! For the sake of your difficulty in practicing martial arts. "
"No way!"
All over the sky dust hangs over the 300 meters in Fiona Fang, making people unable to see the situation inside.
JiFan heart more anxious, canthus is left to gloat Deng Ji’s eyes, shine at the moment.
Turning to Deng Yang, he said, "Deng Taishou will help me kill this man as soon as possible, otherwise I will use Deng Ji’s son as a shield in a hurry, and even after I die, I will have someone to accompany me.
Deng Yang gnashed her teeth at the moment: "Kill!"
Ji Fan also made an internal command gesture of the unparalleled army, which means: "Keep your strength and attack."
Two armies attacked the mountain secluded place.
The rhythm of the mountain was suddenly disrupted, and it was in a hurry, but it was only that moment. The next moment, I mastered the rhythm again.
Soon, the dust dispersed, revealing the situation inside.
Is, after all, a force value of 100 cattle, JiFan looked at Dian Wei pressure a lot less, Dian Wei a total of three cuts, deep visible, white bones.
But there is no worry about life, JiFan also put down the heart.
Shan You shouted angrily, "Damn it. . . Looking for death! " Say that finish a knife potential change, a knife forced back Dian Wei moments later, his side ready to attack the foot soldiers are blooming a strange blood fog, filled the air.