When they see the winning streak, they will think of how they treated Marcos Alonso just now, and they will think that Marcos Alonso is such a good man … They can pick on Marcos Alonso, and the other party will at best be defeated and flee, unlike the man in front of them, who is simply a devil!

Although they taunted Marcos Alonso, they finally realized the superiority of the crown.
But the superiority found in Marcos Alonso was lost in the face of constant victory.
Chang Sheng didn’t look at the reporters’ complicated eyes. He pulled up a chair and sat down carelessly.
"Two things" He put up two fingers.
"First, I will announce the starting list of the next day’s competition later."
There was a commotion among the reporters.
It’s been several games in a row, and Hertha hasn’t announced the starting lineup at the pre-match press conference as usual, so everyone can guess every time, and then go to the official website of the Spanish Football Association two hours before the game.
This increases the workload of journalists and makes them report that they have lost their goals. Journalists hate this.
I didn’t expect to win before this game, but finally I was willing to release the starting list!
"The second thing I just heard from Atletico Madrid coach is that Hertha is worthless?" He asked.
Actually, he didn’t hear what Marcos Alonso said, but he just heard the reporters ask questions after the door was knocked.
I am afraid that the sky will not be chaotic. The reporters’ eyes are bright when they hear Chang Sheng’s question!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Football is the leading role
The video of the pre-match press conference between the two sides appeared on the TV station that night.
This time, the TV station is higher than the front TV station, and more media are paying attention to the game, which can be seen from the number of people in the press conference before the game.
It can be said that Hertha is actually touched by Atletico Madrid.
Because even if they rank first in the league, they are definitely not as popular as Atletico Madrid.
After all, Atletico Madrid is a giant Hertha. Who heard of it before this season?
Usually, there are more reporters who interview Atletico Madrid than Hertha reporters. I’m afraid none of these reporters will come to coliseumalfonso perez this time if Hertha and Atletico Madrid have a game.
No wonder Atletico Madrid ranks tenth in the league, and they still have the confidence to disdain Hertha’s superiority everywhere.
This is the status of Jianghu.
No matter what the results are now, who dares to underestimate the status of the rivers and lakes?
Even if the winning team wants to beat Atletico Madrid, the layout has to be prepared more than a week before the season.
Therefore, in all fairness, Hertha is indeed inferior to Atletico Madrid.
This press conference also got more attention because of Atletico Madrid.
At the visiting team’s press conference, Atletico Madrid coach Marcos Alonso looked proudly at the camera. "I’m not worried that Hertha’s stronger half-time ranking is not a true reflection of our strength, except for some problems and the team’s strength … now we are on the right track …"
It is really worthy that a team coach who is nine times lower than Hertha should have such a haughty expression. If it had been for other second-division teams, it would have been sprayed to death.
But now not only does no one spray him, but many people take it for granted.
Atletico Madrid is really strong. There are many international players and long-established stars in their squad. I don’t know how much better they are compared with Hertha’s little squad.
It’s just that Atletico Madrid is unlucky, and its own department is in chaos. The team owners quarrel with people all day long, and the generals are at odds, so many people firmly believe that they will rise again when they give it back to Atletico Madrid.
This half season may be their chance.
Many people are so convinced.
There are constant winners who don’t think so.
That’s how he fought back at the press conference.
"I heard that the coach of Atletico Madrid said Hertha was worthless. It’s ridiculous! The coach of a team ranked tenth in the league will say that the league is worthless? I really don’t know where he got the courage to say such a stupid thing! Atletico Madrid wants such a head coach to return to the first division at the end of the season? I said wake up, wake up, it’s dawn. Hey! I have already said it, but I don’t mind repeating it-I promise you that Atletico Madrid will not be promoted this season! If you don’t believe me, you can write down my words first and then we’ll see if I’m right at the end of the season. "
This is the second time he has publicly shouted that the Atletico Madrid season is definitely impossible to upgrade.
No matter reporters or fans, the audience don’t understand why he is so confident that Atletico Madrid will not be promoted this season.
Although Atletico Madrid is only ranked tenth now, there is still half of the league left, and Marcos Alonso is not without any ability.