Say "Nine Heavens" and raise my hand to throw Li Ting to one side, lift one foot and kick the cannon into Li Ting’s chest. With a crisp fracture, Li Ting screamed and rushed for more than ten meters and a half, and then fell freely.

After Jiuzhong’s time, Jiuzhong was already waiting for him with his legs lifted. A split leg was used to send Li Ting to accelerate her fall to the ground. She landed on her head first and then fell to the ground severely. After two convulsions, nothing happened.
Killing Li Ting Jiuzhong suddenly looked back and swept the green gang gang in the field with a cold tone. "Now … it’s your turn!"
Li Ting hung up and lost his backbone, and green gang helped all the people to lose their morale. Now I have no idea to continue to fight. Now I have a look at killing them myself. It’s quite an elder brother’s executioner’s fierce hand. It’s beyond their imagination. My eyes are so heavy that my soul immediately flew away, and birds and animals scattered and fled.
Longyuwei was instantly lifted because Li Ting was successfully killed by Jiuzhong.
"Eldest brother, you come back! !” Li Tang has been directing the Dragon Tooth Guards and Kowloon Congregation green gang to help the public fight. He has not received the news of Jiuzhong’s return, and now he sees Jiuzhong’s return hanging like Shen Yue.
"hmm!" Nine nodded and asked, "Where are the remaining major battlefields? !”
"The four branches and some of our large and small fields have been attacked by green gang and are being killed!"
"Go!" Jiuzhong ordered a Dragon Tooth Guards "Tell the guy who drinks tea to give the helicopter to Lao!"
"Yes!" The Dragon Tooth Guards were ordered back.
At that time, a helicopter flew out of Jiuyong Longyu and landed at the entrance street of Longyu.
"I’ll take care of the four branches, and you will take the Dragon Evil Team to the major venues. Let’s split up!" He said to Xuan Ye that he had killed himself by helicopter "Go!"
Chapter four hundred and ten Close call
After Jiuchong left, Li Tangma got out of the car in Longyu garage according to the requirements of Xuanye. The team of Xuanye Dragon Evil Spirit made * * paoShu)
Before the Dragon Games, Shen Yue’s father shenao was obviously a car lover. The car department came out of the garage and pulled up a long queue at the entrance of Longyu, with dozens of cars.
Xuan night according to the number of cars will be divided into the dragon evil spirit team 100 players equally equal number of vehicles and then told the crowd a few words "remember just nine heavy demonstration is absolutely wrong, don’t learn from him, you don’t have his two play handsome is to pay the price, the price is your life! Is it white? !”
"Let’s go!" Immediately, the dragon evil spirit team was divided into dozens of people to sweep the major places of the Kowloon Games.
Longshan team members have been penalizing in Tenglongge for many years, and the fighters’ skills are all first-class. After they settled in Longyue, they accepted Tenglongge’s careful training of Xuanye, the first killer in Tianchi, and they are even more outstanding.
Dragon and Evil Team’s participation in the Kowloon Games, green gang’s firefight, turned around instantly.
The dragon evil spirit team swept through the major and small venues of the Kowloon Games like the wind. If there were any trouble in green gang, the dragon evil spirit team members would be fighting in five minutes. green gang would see their leader’s head flying over a perfect parabola in the middle, rolling up a blood line, and just as he was about to fall into the crowd, suddenly a cold light flashed across his head, and the sword was nailed to a wall. After two seconds, green gang instantly dispersed the birds and animals.
In less than half an hour, the dust settled in the fire department of the major and small venues of the Kowloon Games, and the Kowloon Games won the final victory and ended.
Xuan night led the dragon evil spirit team to sweep the major and small fields, and at the same time Jiuzhong also dropped four branches in the shortest time to destroy the other side’s head, which was unilaterally pursued by the Kowloon Club.
Before and after half an hour, the green gang gang took the lead. As the team leaders were killed successively, they turned sharply and flew straight. thousands of feet fell to the bottom of the valley. The raid on the Kowloon Games was a complete failure, and all of them fled out of the Kowloon Games site.
At the end of the firefight, ask the four door masters to lead their brothers to clean up the battlefield quickly, and the Jiuzhong and Xuanye Dragon Demon teams will return to the dragon domain one after another.
The statistics show that no one died in the Dragon and Evil Team, and there were several minor injuries and almost casualties, which was successfully completed.
This time, green gang’s firefight was able to turn around and defeat green gang so quickly to win the final victory, which was a great achievement.
In this battle, the members of the Kowloon Club finally saw the terrible power of the Dragon Evil Team. The idea of being jealous of their top treatment was gone. If such a terrible team is not entitled to this treatment, who else is entitled to it? !
In reality, although the battle ended successfully, the mysterious night and the dragon demon team joined the dragon tooth guards, but they could not rest, because there was something new waiting for them, that is, returning to the game with Jiuzhong to solve another century-long firefight in the game.
Jiuchong was ambushed by green gang gunmen on the mountain road.
A shaking of grass beside the mountain road was soon followed by a bloody hand sticking out and clinging to the guardrail built on the edge of the cliff. Then a figure covered in blood struggled to climb up.
"Nine heavy don’t kill you old will never die so easily! !” Gnashing her teeth and cursing, Yan Nanfei dragged her body covered in blood with only her hands and climbed from the cliff to the highway.
I don’t know if it’s good luck or bad luck. Nine weights are inferior in palm-to-palm ability. Too many weights were directly knocked off the plane and fell off the cliff. Yan Nanfei fell to his death because many grotesque trees grew in the crevices at the edge of the cliff, which greatly buffered the deceleration. Although he fell into the bottom of the cliff, he did not cause fatal damage.
Although it didn’t fall to death, Yan Nanfei’s legs were unfortunately reimbursed.
Yan Nanfei was in a coma for a while. After waking up, he looked at himself. When he found that his legs were broken, he was so sad that he was dying. However, the nine-fold smirk immediately appeared in Yan Nanfei’s mind and immediately stimulated him to stand up strongly for survival *
So in the next few minutes, Yan Nanfei climbed up from the bottom of the cliff with his own hands and amazing willpower.
Yan Nanfei didn’t stop climbing the cliff, but continued to climb towards the road. In front of the road, a gunman in green gang was still riding the car. His goal was those cars
The distance from the roadside to those cars is several hundred meters. Yan Nanfei climbed to the place for a quarter of an hour before finding several cars in a row. Finally, he found a mobile phone in a car and hurriedly dialed the fixed line of green gang headquarters.
"Hello, who’s calling? !”
"I … I am Yan Nanfei!"
"Old … boss! Boss, what can I do for you? !”
"Ma sent someone to save me. I’m …!" Yan Nanfei said his general position.
"Good boss, don’t be impatient. Our horse will be there!"
"Well, I’m waiting!"
Hang up the phone, Yan Nanfei breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly he was black and blue, causing pain and stimulating his nerves, which made his head buzzing.