Chapter 21 God in two places at once

The sword of the shark is rising … the bow is flying in the royal sword! When the sword array is automatically started, it will continue to produce the protective Excalibur sword group, which will cause continuous damage to the invading enemy and protect itself from each wave of attacks, causing fixed damage by four gold damage points, and in the process of damage, it will transform the damage value reinforcement into its own physical defense technique, which will consume the true qi when defending against attacks, and consume one level of proficiency points when not attacking every second. "
Proficiency required by Xiaoyao Excalibur Ascension Although Li Feiyang used this skill before going to the exit point, it is still very far away from the proficiency required for upgrading. He never thought that it was a hard blow from the palace master that made this skill proficiency reach its peak instantly.
Proficiency of Xiaoyao Excalibur is calculated according to the attacks generated when the sword array is started. That is to say, Li Feiyang’s Xiaoyao Excalibur Array has been attacked for less than 100,000 times in an instant.
It’s not surprising that this attack intensity is so easy. Excalibur skill has the rules of cultivating immortality and abstinence. It’s not strange that how many density attacks are carried out instantly before doing it, but the force of leaving the palace is actually strong! This is really let Li Feiyang feel lose unceasingly.
With a single blow, the skill of Xiaoyao Excalibur has been upgraded to a higher level. Can she still resist it if she tries hard? Li Feiyang’s lip corner has a weak smile, and some regret that they shouldn’t have held it out just now. It’s a great thing that there is no way out.
The Lord of the Divorce Palace is still indecisive but square. Suddenly, a series of howls sounded. Thousands of brothers of Canglan Sword Sect and Xuan Bing Zongmen actually rose to the sky in an instant, and then they were arranged into a large array around Li Feiyang. His eyes were far away to deal with the Lord of the Divorce Palace. A surging momentum instantly enveloped the whole Tailong Mountain.
Not only is the Lord of the Divorce Palace, but even tens of thousands of monks in Tailong Mountain are stunned. Everyone is stunned to see this sudden change.
The face of a stardust real person suddenly became very ugly after a short consternation, and then he realized that someone had set up a bigger trap for himself. Today, if it weren’t for the appearance of the divorced palace master, the position of the head of the Central Plains spiritual world would not have fallen on him!
Thought of here, he looked up at Li Feiyang and looked at him intently for a long time. What is this young man in front of him? It seems that a young man should have such a skill and scheming skills. Such a person should never be an unknown person. Why don’t they remember each other?
The real stardust thought hard, but he couldn’t figure it out, but there was a vague feeling in his heart that he must have seen this young man before and forgotten it himself.
Just as the real stardust stayed in the moment, the palace master suddenly burst into a harsh light with a cold hand and a grip, and a sky-blue sword appeared with flashing light!
As soon as this sword came out, the Xuan around it brought a chill, and many monks who were closer to her immediately fled far away and exercised their powers to resist the cold as if they were not there.
Everyone’s heart is shocked by the power of this sword. If you don’t say it, it seems that you can directly go to Yuan God. It’s not only the body that feels bitter and uncomfortable, but even Yuan God seems to have a tendency to freeze. Those who make it lower are a little slower to escape. At this moment, when they stop, they suddenly spit out one mouthful blood. It’s shocking that when they spit out blood, they actually have a hint of white chill.
The monks present felt puzzled. No one had seen the truth for thousands of years. Why did they appear so tyrannical and straightforward today to be the head of the Central Plains spiritual circle? What is more exaggerated is how can her strength be so strong? Even when it was said that Cang Ya, the first master of the Five Elements Sect in the Central Plains, was not repaired by her, was it? But since she is so high, why won’t she do it when the magic religion invades? What choice?
And who is this young man who comes out in front of me? How dare you start work with such an earthly divorcee? When did the Central Plains spiritual circle produce so many people to cultivate lofty ideals? Canglan Sword Sect and Xuan Bing Sect have thousands of younger brothers who can fly!
Tens of thousands of people feel that what they have seen has subverted their life cognition. Everyone is puzzled and unbelievable. The heads of various factions want to be far-reaching. They secretly shake their heads and sigh. Today, the young man who left the palace is bound to dominate the Central Plains spiritual world. Whether it is a blessing or a curse, no one knows.
However, if you want to be a mother in your heart, there is no doubt that today’s meeting is no longer a real person. The three monks of Chongxuan Temple and the five elements can influence who they are. At this time, they are as spectators as themselves and everyone here.
The real protagonists are the concubine of the Divorce Palace and the mysterious teenager!
With a wave of his hand, the ice sword in the master’s hand suddenly practiced the sword with a blue horse and beheaded it toward Li Feiyang!
Bang! There was an earth-shattering noise, and the blue sword awn was cut in the body of Li Feiyang’s protective sword with a forward destruction and icy momentum. The result was a big surprise to everyone. Li Feiyang was not instantly cut into ashes like everyone imagined, but Zhou Jianarray became stronger and stronger.
Concise pick hundreds of millions of a layer of light golden light from the whole sword array overflow like fluctuations slow male "a dump.
The cold hum of the parting palace master kept waving the sword in his hand, one after another, and the sword light was not deadly. But with her sword potential as fierce as Li Feiyang’s protective sword array, there was still no sign of collapse. Instead, it became stronger and stronger. It was a light layer of golden light, and it became more and more shiny. Later, it was golden and brilliant, and Li Feiyang was set off like a god who looked more dignified.
Li Feiyang stands still in the sword array. His face looks advanced, but in fact he is bitter. He knows that every time he leaves the palace, he will feel a huge and irresistible impact. Although there is a sword array outside, you can’t see any abnormality, but his body is already full of qi and blood. The meridians and bones are dirty, just like being bombarded by a sledgehammer. If you don’t force your teeth to restrain yourself, you will already vomit blood at the moment.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang’s body is of the earth and many adventures have shaped his iron body. If it is replaced by a general monk, even if there is a sword array, it is bound to fall into a bloody field.
However, although Li Feiyang is suffering from purgatory at this time, he has also gained a great deal. In the face of the terrorist attack of the detached palace master, his skill of protecting the sword array with free and unfettered Excalibur is soaring. Almost every sword of the detached palace master can cut out proficiency in a blink of an eye, and his skill of protecting the sword array has reached the mouth level. As the skill of free and unfettered Excalibur rises, Li Feiyang’s defense ability is naturally rising, and the pressure he bears is getting more and more. Although it is still turbulent, it is no longer so unbearable.
Finally, Li Feiyang’s free and unfettered Excalibur finally reached the top of the cultivation ring after leaving the palace and wielding a sword to cut it out a few times, and suddenly a series of instructions came.
"Free and unfettered Excalibur Heart can automatically start the protective state of the sword array when the imperial sword flies, which will continue to produce protective state. Excalibur sword groups will cause continuous damage to the invading enemy. Every wave of attack will cause fixed damage, and the concave force point will consume the true qi every second, and when it is not attacked at four o’clock, it will consume the damage value and transform it into its own physical defense method. When the defense lasts, the sword array will start."
"Free and unfettered Excalibur King Kong spells all reach the full level to produce the effect of linking effect. Li Feiyang can display" Wu Shen skill change, Wu Shen’s physical skill damage attack power, and each blow causes fixed damage to the other side. When the enemy’s total physical strength value is changed into Wu Shen’s real body, the Wushu attack can not be restored by the one-minute method after the change of skill and physical skill. "
Seeing this string of Li Feiyang’s heart is naturally very happy that Xiaoyao Excalibur has risen to the O level, and its defense ability has been greatly improved. Don’t say that the physical and surgical defense of damage transformation alone is extremely abnormal, that is to say, when you start the sword array, you can calculate the gold of the sword array and fix the absorption reinforcement of your defense office, which is high enough, and you can defend yourself at ten thousand points!
That is to say, when Li Feiyang’s imperial sword flies, it is impossible to find a person who can break his defense and cause him harm.
However, it’s obvious that the palace master who left her in front of her is not here. Although most of her attacks were blocked by the free and unfettered Excalibur array, Li Feiyang’s physical strength value is still falling and falling fast. If it weren’t for her own Dan medicine, she would have recovered her skills and never stopped. Even at this time, she would have died early.
However, even the strength of the detached palace master is earth-shattering, but it is still possible to have a resistance in front of her to start Li Feiyang’s curse of Xiaoyao Excalibur. It is said that the detached palace master will be completely in the wind in the minutes after the detached palace master’s effect.
No matter how powerful the other party is, it can’t do harm to Li Feiyang. Although it is sometimes limited, no matter how deep or shallow it is, no matter who is, it is bound to be horrified by Li Feiyang’s strong strength.
And Wu Shen’s injury is just as strong, and the sum of thinking is multiplied by the old, that is, the point of falling! This refers to Wu Shen’s attack power every time. Even if this damage is nothing in front of the divorced palace master, the fixed damage will definitely cause heavy damage to her.
In fact, the most terrible effect of the whole company is the epidemic attack and the fixed damage of the pea. Li Feiyang is the real unbeaten god of war!
Only with such terror skills can we afford the word "Wu Shen"!
Of course, this skill also has a huge vice, that is, once the fifteen minutes are over, Li Feiyang’s physical strength and true qi will change a little and cannot be recovered in one minute, which means either killing the enemy in fifteen minutes or supporting it for minutes and then being killed by the enemy.
See this restriction Li Feiyang put away and immediately cast Wu Shen’s idea of fighting with the divorced palace master, took a deep breath and raised my hand against the divorced palace master to cast a skill.
Two surprised cut seven or two Lei Long roared out of the tandem split in the state of the main body of the Divorce Palace, Iraq. The Divorce Palace hangs down and shakes its body, and its face is full of horror and difficulty. Then Li Feiyang’s hands let out all over the sky copper darts like raindrops, swinging away from the palace master.
Li Feiyang’s two skills, Tai Longshan, suddenly burst into alarm, and the three monks in the middle school and the reality of stardust were even bigger and almost fell into the clouds.
It was him!
Li Feiyang!’
On that day, Li Jingyao’s arrogance and arrogance complemented each other in Chongxuan Temple. The young man’s madness left a deep impression on Heaven and Man, especially the monks in Chongxuan Temple. They will never forget Li Feiyang. If he hadn’t demolished Chongxuan Temple, how could they send someone to help others seize this day’s spiritual position today?
Although everyone is talking about it in succession, it is also a wait-and-see discussion. It is not because the teenager is the devil in front of him that he rushed to help the divorce palace master. The reason is very simple. The first divorce palace master Li Feiyang is out of their strength, and even if he goes to help, he will be stunned.