"Eldest brother, please say something I can understand, okay?" Qin Shaojie depressed said

"Ha-ha, ok." Bei Ming Zhan laughed. "You must listen to my analysis with you."
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Chapter 573 No, no
"You see," said the North Ghost War, pointing to a mist in front of him.
"Invisible" Qin Shaojie answered sincerely.
"Yes, we can’t see it." Bei Mingzhan laughed. "We can’t go out because we can’t see it."
It turns out that when people or animals are blindfolded or the visibility base is not enough, they often think they are walking in a straight line, but when they can see things, they find themselves walking in circles.
"Is there such a thing?" Qin Shaojie surprised and asked
"Someone has done experiments," said Bei Mingzhan. "Do you know what migratory birds can find that some humans can’t find habitats? That’s because they have this kind of feeling about external things, such as water, which humans can’t feel, but is it strange that they can feel where there is water hundreds of kilometers away? "
"Eldest brother, are you coming to give me biology class or to give me science popularization?" Qin Shaojie was depressed and asked, "Who are you talking about now? Why are you talking about birds again?"?
"Don’t worry," said Bei Mingzhan, "but when the bird was blindfolded, people found that it was actually flying in circles in the forest."
"that is to say, when you can’t see things, you don’t walk in a straight line."
"You mean we haven’t reached the surface for so long because our roots are circling?" Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully.
"Yes," North Ghost War nodded. "We can give it a try. Ghost Ji lends you a black silk."
"Do what?" Dou Re-mei seems to be quite interested in the small lecture hall of North Ghost War. With black silk suspended in the middle, it is already in his hand.
"Your black silk can be long or short. You put our present place as a fulcrum, and then we pull the other end and continue to fly. If I say yes, we will see one end of this black silk later."
"That’s a good idea."
Said the three people will continue to fly away according to the North Ghost War.
Ten minutes passed again, and Qin Shaojie didn’t look very good, and the North Ghost War was also very serious.
"It turns out that you are wrong," Qin Shaojie said.
"I was wrong," said Bei Mingzhan with a frown. "How is that possible?"
Facts have proved that what Bei Ming Zhan said is wrong.
It can’t be said that it’s wrong. He says it is, but the reality is not like that.
After all, the three men didn’t fall to the ground and didn’t see the end of the black silk, which also proves that their roots are not circling.
"What should I do?" DouRe mei back black twill looked at the ghost war asked.
Although she is better than the northern ghost war, she is not as proficient in the rotation array as the northern ghost war
The ghost war frowned and said nothing as if thinking about something.
"It doesn’t make sense," Bei Mingzhan said to himself. "If it’s not like I said, how come I’ve never seen this array before?"
"If you ask me, let’s forget it first," Qin Shaojie suggested. "It’s better to come back when you think of a way. It’s better than bumping around like a blind man here."
"Okay, let’s go first. Let me think about this array. I have never seen the fog. We can’t destroy it, but I’m sure this eye must be in this fog."
So the three men turned around and flew to find a way to find out again.
Half an hour passed, and Qin Shaojie had a wry smile on his face. At the same time, Nai found that they didn’t go. This state of no, no, no is really depressing.
"This is good," Qin Shaojie said with a wry smile. "We are all trapped inside. Can we wait to die?"
"We are practitioners, even if we don’t eat or drink, we can’t die," said Bei Mingzhan. "When I figure out a way, we can go out."
"Words are so said," Qin Shaojie said, "but have you ever thought about what our royal sword is flying by? Is really yuan "
"Even if we are not low, there is always a consumption of real yuan. How long will it take you to figure it out? One minute? An hour? One day? A year? Or ten years? "
"Wait until we really yuan consumption at that time how can you fly? Without the real yuan to control the multiplier, the launch will become a pile of scrap metal. "
When I heard Qin Shaojie’s words, Dou Re-mei’s face was even tighter in the North Ghost War, and the frown in the North Ghost War was even tighter.
Qin Shaojie’s analysis is correct. Even if it is a fairy, the true yuan will not always control the multiplier. Even if it is deeply repaired, it will one day consume the true yuan.
It’s like a saint is not strong without a holy garment. Without a tail, Xiao Wu can’t transform into the same man of practice. It’s really exhausting, so it’s no different from ordinary people.
All three people are frowning and thinking about how to cross this foggy sea, but there is nothing they can do for a while.
Rao is the northern ghost war, a person who has a good knowledge of law, but also frowned.
"Oh, Qin Xiao, what did you just say?" Just want to trance but listen to the ghost war shouted a.
Qin Shaojie startled looking at the ghost war asked "what’s the matter? I said so much just now. Which sentence do you ask? "
"What shall we do without the real yuan?"
"No real yuan?" Qin Shaojie thought for a moment and said, "If there is no real yuan, we will fall and die. Why not ask?"
"Yes, yes, that’s the sentence." Bei Ming Zhan suddenly laughed as if he had got his favorite toy child.
"Ha ha, I know. I finally know."
"Eldest brother, you know what? Let’s be happy when we say it, "said Qin Shaojie.
"Let me ask you something." Bei Mingzhan looked at Qin Shaojie and visited his small lecture hall. "Do you think if you were an ordinary person just now, would you jump?"
"I’m not stupid," Qin Shaojie said with a pie mouth. "I don’t know the depth of this smoky face before I jump."
"Yes, if you are an ordinary person, you are definitely afraid to jump," said Bei Mingzhan. "Just because you are a yogi, you have no scruples about jumping. If I guess correctly, this array is designed for yogi."
"oh? Have you thought of a way to break the array? " Qin Shaojie shine at the moment quickly asked
"Yes, but we have to try to know if it’s right."
"Then you don’t hurry up," Qin Shaojie urged.
Ya, this guy belongs to toothpaste. Squeeze a little and talk to him. Why are you so tired?
Chapter 574 Free fall of broken array method
"Don’t worry, don’t worry." The Northern Ghost War seems to be very confident, and generally it is not as sad as it was just now, and it has returned to that kind of indifference.
Qin Shaojie seems to be biting his teeth. If he is not worried about beating him, he would have wanted to beat him up.
"If you have something to say, you can fart quickly, and then I’ll beat you."