"No, I want to tell you that it’s time for you to let me out!" Leaf solitary Chen light said

“! You say! " The warden first one leng and then a face of disbelief, staring at Ye Guchen, unconsciously thought in his heart, "What happened to this 3735 today? I haven’t heard of this guy making trouble on weekdays. He hasn’t made trouble once in months. What’s going on today? Are you stupid? Let yourself let him out? You’re kidding! I didn’t receive such an order. "
"I said it’s time for you to let me out, or I’ll go out by myself. You can’t handle this, can you? A lot of words in the wrong novel network. I heard that you are a military-run prison here. I want to see your chief executive and tell him that I want to leave by myself. Of course, if you can’t handle it well, let the army come over and maybe disturb some bigger people. "Ye Guchen said noncommittally.
Say that finish again no longer pay attention to the man’s skill to crush the thick steel column of the arm and then gently drag the special alloy of the foot defense master 10-2, which was easily pinched by Ye Guchen. After all this, Ye Guchen is still shaking the alloy in his own hand and then smiled and said, "You know you can’t handle the newspaper!" I am waiting. "
"How is this possible!" Seeing such a scene, the prison warden froze completely. Looking at everything in front of him, he couldn’t believe it. He never thought that things would become like this. This is a special alloy that a master of the 12 th grade can’t destroy. At first, this prison was intended to detain the military for repeat crimes, but later, it was considered that it was not suitable for the capital star to be converted to the people. But all the facilities here have not changed at all. Now it is still under military management. He can’t imagine what kind of strength it is to be able to pinch off this alloy. This is a master of the 12 th grade. Can it be easily pinched Joke, even fifteen masters can’t. How much strength does it take? But how can you write this information? Ye Guchen, No.3735, is a warrior-level warrior according to the registration? Did those people write wrong at the beginning? This guy is not a level 10?
However, no matter if he knows that he can’t manage this matter by himself, he will know that the other party must have other purposes if he doesn’t leave the cage. Otherwise, he can’t do this, and he knows that the other party can’t be trapped here. Since he can break the special alloy, he naturally has the ability to break the door, but he must have another purpose if he doesn’t do this, but this is not the first time he has been able to manage the prison.
Thought of here, he immediately turned around and pressed the red alarm regardless of his companions’ surprised eyes. At that moment, the harsh alarm spread all over the prison, and then a middle-aged man in military uniform appeared in the center of the screen with a star on his shoulders.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three level? No! It’s level ten!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three level? No! It’s level ten!
"What happened?" The dignified young man dressed in the army appeared and whispered coldly to the people in the control room, but it contained a frightening power
"The general is not well. A prisoner has escaped from prison!" Just put through the video of Ye Guchen, who is in charge of guarding Ye Guchen’s prison guard. The warden looked at him with a face of pain and said that there was an unutterable bitterness in his face.
“? Someone escaped from prison! How is it possible that all the prisoners here are the strongest low-level prisoners, that is, the tenth-level soldiers, but the alloy cage here can trap the twelfth-level soldiers and the forever advanced defense system can’t escape? What’s going on! " The general’s face changed when he heard this, and he couldn’t believe it. He said that it was impossible for him to manage this military prison by himself. However, although the military prison later abolished the fact that military prisoners came here, it still has a strict protection system. Even prisoners of grade 12 are higher than prisoners of grade 15, and now it is unimaginable that the most severely imprisoned people here have escaped.
However, the general is a general after all. Although he was exiled to this prison because of factional struggle in this army, his will was somewhat depressed, but he was a great man after all. How could a man lose his heart because of such a trivial matter? Put the glass in your hand and sit up straight. The general said coldly, "Who escaped from prison?"
"This is a prisoner named Ye Guchen code number 3735. According to the data, this person should have a class soldier repair." The prison administrator was embarrassed and said that from the data, it was shameful that a class repairman escaped from prison and they all stopped it. But is this Ye Guchen really a class soldier repair? Obviously, it’s not the level-10 soldiers who can stop the foot defense level-10 soldiers and easily crush the alloy doors and windows of the level-10 soldiers. Level-B soldiers dare to tell themselves to sign up after breaking out of prison? Level soldiers dare to wait for these people in the middle of this cage with a face of idleness? Joke: If all the soldiers are so good, then they have already become imperial generals. Are they still sitting here guarding a broken prison?
The general was stunned when he heard this, and then an angry expression appeared on his face. He shouted, "What do you say? ! Class warrior! You said class soldier! Damn it, are you a bunch of idiots? A bunch of people let a class soldier escape from prison? The federal money to support you is dry food! Why don’t you bastards get that guy back for me? Damn it, you can’t do anything about a class soldier? If I can’t catch it back, I will send you to a military court! "
The general is really angry this time. He is very angry that there are such a group of fools in his hand. It is normal for him to feel angry. He can’t figure out why the people in charge of guarding this prison are all level 9 masters. Although they are not very powerful, can they still beat a level 1 master? What’s more, there are dozens of them, and there are all kinds of weapons. How can the army’s combat skills be let go? Even a group of pigs should not let a small soldier escape here!
"This, this" a dozen people on duty in this control room are looking at each other. You look at me, I see your eyes are almost popping out. Unlike the general, these people just saw Ye Guchen’s performance. They don’t recognize that they have something to deal with Ye Guchen.
That uncle can crush a special alloy character with one hand and crush himself. It’s not more difficult than crushing an ant. How many level-9 fighters may be very powerful to ordinary people outside, but they know that they are in the hands of others. It’s estimated that they will be settled even if they don’t have a backhand chance. How can they run to die if they are not sick? They can’t afford to provoke this uncle.
Seeing his hand faltering there but not starting work, he suddenly became more and more angry. "Pa" slapped the general hard on the desktop, and then roared, "Are you faltering?" Why don’t you do it for me? Do you really want me to send you to a military court? ! ! ! No, not a court martial! It’s the Military Justice Department! !”
In a word, those who are still hesitating in the hearts of the Chinese soldiers suddenly straightened up and there was a big sweat on their foreheads. Among them, the leading speaker straightened up and said after a military salute, "Please report to the general and watch a video! It’s not that we don’t want to be really capable! "
Speak this Ye Guchen just talked to himself and forwarded the video to the name of the General’s Military Court. But when it is really heard, that place is more horrible than the underworld for soldiers. That place is simply not a place where people go. You don’t need to go through a trial at all. You can’t come out intact again. It is like a nightmare for all soldiers. Once there, you will be completely finished. When they hear the rage, the General will send them to the Military Court, and they will immediately panic.
The general frowned at this, but then he watched the video sent by his hands. Although he said that he didn’t recognize a junior who could play tricks, these guys shouldn’t let themselves watch this thing, so he still endured watching the video.
However, when he saw everything in the picture, he suddenly stood there with a look of dementia. He looked at the middle of the camera and wiped his forehead with sweat. He looked at the waiting hands in front of him and said, "Are you sure that this guy is a master?"
"Make sure that the information given to us by the police department is written like this!" Hearing this, the soldier dared not hide and quickly responded.
"Fart! Those bastards in the police department, are they pigs? Pinch off special alloy with one hand and no force! This is a master? They are a bunch of idiots. You know this thing can be damaged by the hard work of the 12 th and 15 th defense experts! Crush this special alloy with one hand! Level master? I think maybe he is a top ten player! Those suns really dare to give us trouble! Actually arrested this uncle. I think their police minister wants to move. How dare he arrest a top ten player! !” When the general heard this, he couldn’t keep his manners and swore on the spot. The general was also a strong man who came out from one battle after another. He was a real 16-level master, but he was conceited that he didn’t have the ability to do it. Even the 17-level master couldn’t. They might be able to destroy this special alloy, but they couldn’t do it so lightly. It was like pinching tofu. This is definitely a 10-level master. He is sure.
The police department actually arrested a tenth-level master, and even sent this guy to himself without saying anything about the other party? It’s a death wish, but these bastards will die, but don’t pull themselves. Imprisoning a top ten player for six months? Think about him in a cold sweat. These top ten levels are less than ten in the whole Federation but proudly, and he has imprisoned a top ten player? This is not a joke. Yes! ? The master is not happy that although he is a 10-level master and a military general, he is afraid that he can’t hide from the past. Unlike other 10-level masters who can cross the universe physically, that is the real strong. The 17-level master can still impose sanctions, but the 10-level master is really detached. Even if the chairman of the Federation sees it, he has to be comical. What’s worse?
"Ten levels? General, are you kidding? " The soldiers around were all scared and stood there. One of them stammered and turned pale. Although he knew the general wouldn’t make fun of it, he still couldn’t help asking questions. Because of this, their lives and lives were at stake. If the other party was a level 10 master, they were afraid to think about the consequences. Did these people actually imprison a level 10 master for half a year? Oh, my God, this is a joke!
"Bullshit! Can I always make fun of you with this? Where is that adult now? Have you left? If you leave, don’t chase! " The general suddenly swore. The gentle general can no longer consider any etiquette. It is obvious how anxious he is now.
"This adult hasn’t left yet, and now he’s still in his old man’s house, crushing the door and waiting there to say that he wants to see our highest officer, preferably the military high-level!" The officer guarding the prison over there stammered to the general, Ye Guchen, the name of prisoner No.37358, has now become an adult, which shows the position of the top ten masters in their hearts.
“! Damn it, it’s troublesome. This adult must be angry. You bastards hurry to serve me. I’ll be there right away! " The general almost shouted and cut off the screen. When he got nervous, he hurried to the top of the military outside. Although he was the warden of this prison, he didn’t often live in the island prison, but he had his own office in the mainland, which was in the military aircraft.
I hurried up and went to the outside to take the flying car, but I went straight to this prison without saying anything. Sitting in this car, the general suddenly thought of dialing a number quickly, and then a dignified old man appeared on this screen, wearing a military uniform, but this shoulder is obviously a moon. If there is a moon star, others will exclaim because this person is not the second person in the military this month. Marshal Li Zegu! One of the top ten God of War in the Federation! The master of level 10 and level 10 has lived for 300 years, and one’s intimate party followers and students have infiltrated the whole army department.
"Kai, what’s the matter? It’s the first time you’ve called grandpa for so many years? Did something happen? It’s been more than twenty years since your mother died that you refused to make peace with your father, even though you joined the army anonymously. Do you remember my grandfather when you called me for the first time? " When the old man saw the general, his face changed, and then his eyes flashed a trace of trembling and excitement, but he didn’t say much. Then he closed his eyes and stared at the general slowly. Although the tone was still very serious, it made the general feel sour.
After falling out with his father because of his mother’s affairs, he left the Li family for so many years and never went back. He changed his identity anonymously, but this has nothing to do with his grandfather. As always, his old man’s house is worried about himself, which makes his heart sour and his grandson really unfilial. If such a thing didn’t happen today, he wouldn’t even know when he would contact his grandfather.
Know father knows grandson’s mind. This grandfather still knows marshal Li Zegu very well. He knows very well that this grandson wouldn’t have called himself if he hadn’t met with great things. He has his own dignity. Even when the army sent those little guys to fight, he got into trouble with his grandson and asked him to guard a prison. He never contacted himself. Now it seems that even if he really met with a way to solve great difficulties, he wouldn’t have found himself.
A bitter smile, General Li Kai said dryly, "Grandpa, I really have to find you this time. I don’t know how I actually bet a level 10 master in prison. I didn’t even know that until today, people easily crushed special metals and came out to call on the top of the military. I didn’t know that I had to find you. You know that these level 10 masters have strange tempers. I’m not afraid, but I’m married now."
I haven’t finished, but Li Zegu is a top 10 expert. One by one, he is detached from things, and his roots will not be bound by federal laws. Without them, he has a high opinion of nature and won’t talk to ordinary people. This has caused them to be eccentric and have a high self-esteem. This is a matter of great loss of face. A bad opponent will suddenly kill people and get into trouble with them. But ordinary people are not qualified to talk to them, so he has to ask himself for help.
"Ten master? How did it end up at your place? Are you sure you are not mistaken? " Marshal Li Zegu said with some doubts, how can a top ten master be arrested? How did you end up in prison? Is the police minister afraid of ambition? And if he didn’t volunteer, who in this Federation would have the matter to take a top ten player to the island prison? But he can’t figure out who he knows these old guys, so he has nothing to do to find a place to go to jail to play.
"I’m sure! Although I have never seen a top ten player, I have seen a top 17 player in the army. Although he is very strong, he is definitely not as strong as this one. I am sure he is a top ten player! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have ask grandpa for help. "Li Kai affirmed that he was confident that he wouldn’t admit his mistake.
"Ten levels? Well, in that case, Kai, why don’t you go first? I’ll get there right away. I think I still have some faces, no matter who the other party is, I will always sell you an old guy, but I won’t make it difficult for you if I want to come with my own grandson. "Marshal Li Zegu nodded and sighed and said.
"Thank you, Grandpa," Li Kai said with his head down and his voice trembled.
"Ha ha, well, we haven’t seen each other for twenty years. After dealing with this matter, our grandparents and grandchildren have a good talk. By the way, remember the organic conversation. Take your wife and children to see me, the old guy and your father. He has had a hard time these years." After that, the screen image left General Li Kai alone, sitting in the suspension, and the expression of the military flying car kept changing, and finally closed his eyes with a sigh.
In a short time, this military flying car came to the island and entered the prison. General Li Kai went straight to the central control room without saying anything. When he came to this hall at the moment, Ye Guchen had sat there with a smile on his face. Those soldiers around him were more attentive than waiting for the rest. Although they were worried about Tang Ziyan, Ye Guchen, a great man, did not show this anxiety, but a face of indifference and ponder. No one could see his anxiety.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four The federal vibration ()
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four The federal vibration ()
"Sorry, my Lord, I’m late. Please forgive me!" We should maintain a high degree of respect and etiquette for the ten strong people. This general Li Kai is no exception. When he walked into this room, he saw Ye Guchen sitting there and immediately straightened up and gave a military salute to Ye Guchen. When he said this, he said that he was full of gas, and a soldier was heroic and spewing out.
Ye Guchen is somewhat appreciative of this, but obviously he can’t give this major general a face. Although the other party may be a very strong and high-ranking person in front of outsiders, it is far from enough for Ye Guchen to do what he wants. It is definitely not that he is a small major general who can make decisions.
"Ha ha, it’s coming. I don’t forgive you. It’s desperate to know that you’re not here and can come here so quickly. I won’t blame you, but can you solve this matter?" Wrong novel network does not jump word Ye Guchen sat there noncommittally said
"Don’t worry about things, my Lord, just say it. I am the highest officer here. No matter what happens, I will resist and ask you for instructions!" Li Kaigao said that he never bent his face when he said this.
"All right? Did you say that? Huh? Sixteen? Repair is not bad, but you are afraid that you are not qualified to speak here! " Ye Guchen narrowed his eyes and said coldly that there was a murder in this house. Although he appreciated the iron soldiers in front of him, he also wanted to see that if the other party blocked his way, he would be ruthless. Absolutely, there would be no mercy.
In a word, the surrounding atmosphere was reduced to freezing point, and everyone held their breath, especially Li Kai’s forehead appeared dense and subtle sweat, and most of the murderous look hit him, and he was breathless. Even now Li Kai is lying on the ground if he is not holding back with strong will.
"He is not qualified and I don’t know if I am enough!" Suddenly, a sound sounded in this half, and then an aura of majesty spread all over the place, blocking this leaf’s solitary murderous look, and an aura of hegemony came immediately, which made Li Kai’s pressure immediately reduced and then relaxed a lot. He grew a sigh of relief. He knew that his grandfather’s old man’s house was finally here, otherwise he would really be unable to carry it.
As soon as the sound fell around the gate, an old man wearing an army shoulder and a full moon came in with two four-star generals. What he just said was obviously what he said.
"Yi good ten levels? Ha ha, good, good. "Ye Guchen’s eyes suddenly brightened when he saw this old man. Although he knew little about this month’s star, he knew that this month’s representative was the symbol of marshal, the highest head of the month’s star military. This whole military can remember the rank of marshal, as if it were three or two, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not important that this man is a big shot in the month’s star, and he is still a top ten player. His identity is very unusual and he meets his own standards.
"Ten-level repair is not bad?" Hearing this, Li Kai Li Zegu had an involuntary convulsion in his heart. Damn it, what does this guy mean? Ten is not bad? Is this Federation worse than Level 10? What does this little word mean? Like he didn’t even look at these ten levels?
Others are behind Li Zegu, and the two generals are all dizzy. They unconsciously think, "Who is this guy?" Why do you sound so unpleasant? Ten-level warrior repair is not bad? What about your own people? Isn’t it rubbish? Damn it, the highest level in the Federation is ten levels. Ten levels are not bad. Can you be worse than ten soldiers? "
However, Li Zegu, after all, has seen a man in the market. How can the first person in the military be lost in one sentence? Immediately after a convulsion in my heart, I recovered and looked at Ye Guchen with a tentative tone and asked, "The cabinet tone is so big. Ten steps are good for going home." You know, level 10 is the top of the Federation. Although I am incompetent, I think this Federation can defeat me. There are two people, the God of War, the Cold Star Knife and the Magic Long Knife. Except for them, I’m afraid no one is an old rival, and you are obviously not one of these two people. Forgive me for telling you the truth, but there seems to be no cabinet in the top ten God of War in the Federation. Wrong novel network many words "
The top ten God of War in the Federation is called God of War by the world for ten top ten masters, which means that the top of human beings is there, and that’s how human beings are. Only one of the original nine top ten masters has made a breakthrough in the last ten years, and Li Zegu has such a name.
"Hey hey? Level 10? Is it awesome? Ares cold star? Knife, demon, long knife? Hehe, the top ten God of War in the Federation? In my opinion, it’s just a bunch of buffoons. I don’t care about it yet. Do you think your rank should be marshal? Wrong novel network has a lot of words and is a top ten expert? Gee barely meet my requirements is qualified to talk to me "Ye Guchen sneer at a look at this Li Zegu after light said.
Although the tenth-level soldiers are fierce, they also have fit repair. Ye Guchen really didn’t see it in his eyes. Ye Guchen has almost recovered 90% and Ye Guchen has repaired its terror 90%. I have returned to the fairy period, although it is in the middle stage, but I believe that I will recover in a month, and Ye Guchen has a hunch that I am likely to break through the fairy realm and enter the ranks of Luo Tianxian, so that my strength can be doubled again.
Of course, this is a guess, and Ye Guchen himself is not sure, but it is not important. The important thing is that this is really like Ye Guchen’s own saying that the top ten masters are nothing in his eyes, but reaching out can kill a few.
"I think I am qualified to talk to you, but I also want to see if I am qualified to talk to you!" Generally, these peerless masters have their own temper and pride, and their own dignity. Li Zegu is no exception. How can the No.1 commander of the military and the No.3 God of War bully others? It’s natural to try this crazy talk.