Alas, these people are not calm-faced men, but petite, lovely and smiling daughters’ homes, which is really great.

Then there are all kinds of delicious dishes. After more than a dozen dishes, there are snacks such as Osmanthus Jelly shortbread, and then after dinner, the apples are filled with pears.
If you are limited, read Su Xia and dance Amen gratefully.
Then he was swept away with chopsticks in high spirits.
After eating for a long time, if you look up and see two gatekeepers, the blue veins standing out, and a few of them are still in their cells, they are overqualified, and the small hands are also facing the bottom of the pot. This just laughs. Sorry, sorry, I haven’t eaten for a long time. I forgot you’re welcome. Sit down and eat together.
Miss Su, what do you mean? It’s a gloomy day.
Su Xia dance laughed safely. Don’t be impatient. Say something slowly.
Miss Su should respect your meaning in all her actions, but this time you didn’t even say hello to me, so what do you mean by putting that on the emperor’s service?
It’s not necessarily true that Su Xiawu smiled in his heart, but he said lightly that Mo Lao was injured a few days ago and had to close his wounds. I didn’t expect Mo Lao to be locked in the stone room. After all, he is the emperor, and he should be treated with courtesy. If you don’t necessarily treat him like this, it’s really wrong for him to hold a grudge. What’s more, this person’s character is so deceitful that he is dissatisfied. Everywhere we do things that add trouble to the situation, but don’t let him live a satisfactory and comfortable life.
He’s a prisoner. Can we be at peace?
This person seems to be confused, but in fact, if he doesn’t eat too much and get by, he won’t suffer. He can see clearly the gap between the present situation and each other’s strength, and he should not make trouble again.
After saying his word, I heard the footsteps running outside the room. Su Xia danced with a slight treble. Zheng Sanyuan, I asked you to go back to your cell. What are you doing running around outside in a panic?
Somehow the pupil shrinks, and he has always been dissatisfied with the girl who was sent to press him, but I can’t believe that this woman can clearly judge who is outside by listening to such a short step.
He can do this, but he has been familiar with each other for many years, but this woman and she have only met each other for ten days, and the number of times they usually talk is very few. It is really shocking that she can remember everyone’s footsteps.
Su Xia dances himself but shows off as if it were nothing unusual here.
Miss Su, on Zheng Sanyuan Avenue outside, I can’t stand it. I have to come and stay there again. Either I can’t help but kill him with one hand or kill myself with the other.
Su Xia’s dancing smells different colors in his eyes. What happened when he pushed the door?
Zheng Sanyuan said with a wry smile, Miss Su, you’ve gone to have a look. I think you’re holding on. No one’s afraid you can’t hold on. If you don’t go, you may really kill that guy.
Su Xia dance is no longer wordy, but goes to the prison cell.
I walked through the cold and humid aisle and didn’t go near the cell. I heard the sound.
This fish is really delicious. Are you sure you don’t want to take a bite? You will actually look at me so hard. I promise to be the best, most docile, most obedient and most suitable prisoner in history. Don’t be so hard. It’s very tiring to stare at me day and night, especially for you workers who are in this dark dungeon every day. The humidity is too high, the temperature is too low and there is no sunshine. If you don’t sleep, you will definitely grow old quickly. Although you can’t see the sun here, you should pay a little attention to your appearance. Besides, I don’t It’s a pity that I can’t sleep well and my diet is not standardized. If you are really hungry, it’s not polite. I can’t finish eating so much. Is this Osmanthus Jelly really good? Try it. Why do you ask me if I’m so tired? Alas, I’ve always been kind and straight-minded. How can I tell you that I’m tired? You watch me day and night, but how can I say that I’m tired? But you’re really hard. Look at your eyes as black as pandas, and the veins on your foreheads are coming up. A little suggestion: You It’s very effective. By the way, I heard that Cleopatra, an ancient country, fascinated two heroes of the world with cow dung. You might as well try it. Why don’t you talk? I’m so touched. Just talk to you alone.
Su Xia dance gasped and walked into the cell.
Unexpectedly, two guards and three experts in charge of moving things kept cramping their facial muscles, and their hands and fists kept clucking.
You all go. I’ll watch here.
In a word, a bunch of people fled immediately after being granted Amnesty.
Su Xia dances with a sigh. I have to admire you. Even a hundred thousand troops of Chu can’t make them afraid of this.
If you also sigh, alas, it’s really boring. I’m just trying to cut corners. I haven’t told them that it’s raining, and throwing things around will ruin flowers and plants. They’ve already lost the common sense that mom is a transvestite and mom is a demon. It’s really that I’m finally in a desperate mood.
He’s such a lost master, I pull out my dagger, I peer four ways in vain. Su Xia dances with a captivating smile. Don’t worry about how much you can say to them. Even if you deliberately annoy them with a splitting headache and flee, I’m afraid you won’t escape easily after all.
If it seems that she didn’t understand her meaning, she shrugged her shoulders, grabbed a chicken leg and chewed it up. I didn’t say I was going to escape. Here, eat well, sleep well and wait on you. Why are you going to escape?
I don’t care if I’m poisoned
If you don’t care about manners at all and wipe your mouth contentedly after eating a mouthful of oil, it’s not that you don’t care about things, and it’s nothing to say that poison must die and threaten others. As a matter of fact, you won’t let me die at all, and the antidote will definitely be given to me on time. Even if you fight for your lives in any accident, you must first ensure that I won’t die of poison. It’s you who suffer and I will be too concerned.
So you don’t care? You don’t care about Xiao Xingde’s life and death, and you don’t care about your wife’s situation at the moment. Su Xia dances more beautifully than gentle.
If my eyes are clear, I need to take good care of myself because of my mind and ability, so that I can meet you again in the future. I know that Yun will miss me, but I feel at ease when Xiao Yi takes care of her. The most important thing for me now is to eat well and sleep well to make sure that I can be rescued.
No one will come to save you.
If you laugh at Miss Su, don’t make me believe that people can quietly send a big living person to Chu under Xiao Yi’s nose.
Su Xia dance sighs gently. Xiao Yili’s search has been blocking the passage and can’t transport you. But now Xiao Yi has stopped all search activities, and it will never be difficult to sneak you away after a gust of wind stops.
Xiao Yi will never give up on me.
He won’t give up on you when you are alive, but you are dead.
If there is a shock.
Qin Baiyi is a special and specially trained dead man. He is good at killing people. He is good at drugs and vicious. The maids around him are refined into strange physique and cruel mind by other drugs. He also has two specialties. One is Yi, and the other is ventriloquism. This time, he is ready to sacrifice him as soon as the plan is made. Su Xia dances slowly, saying that Yi is not aimed at the face, but at the body. He can tamper with people’s bodies in a short time without scars and birthmarks, and he can turn a face into another person in a blink of an eye.
If there is a shock, his eyes will get deeper and deeper. He will stun me and take off my clothes in order to find out what birthmark scars I have.
Yes, from the first moment, we knew that no one could escape to Qin Baiyi, and he didn’t intend to escape. He gave you a strange day, and another person replaced you, and then he tried to escape, so that Xiao Yi wouldn’t be suspicious. He did try his best to fight, and all his hands were killed and wounded. Then he took you to the top of Cangshan Mountain in body double until the officers and men surrounded him. If your wife left Xiao Yi, Xiao Yuan and others were in front of him, he cut your head with a knife in front of people.
If you come to pick up a glass of wine and drink your hand, you will splash more than half of it with a slight quiver.
At the same time, he also imitates your ventriloquism and shouts loudly. Do you know how sad those close to you will be at this time?
If you slowly raise your glass and drink up the hot wine, your face will not be rosy at all.