Finally, needless to say, together with Kameda Kenji, ten Japanese people were almost chopped into a paste by angry villagers.

When all the dust settles, there is a chance to cry and escape this disaster everywhere in this village. Without all the families, there will be endless, not to mention many children whose mothers have been taken away as tools for Japanese people to vent their animal desires. Liu Wang Zhu Jie sat on a hillside and cried, but his eyes could not help but shed tears.
"Report, what should I do when I pick it up? You know, such small troops are everywhere. Are we going to move on or …" Lei Zhi Banner came to some stunned king Lu without even wiping his blood.
"I hope that Guoer has returned to Xinfengcheng so that I have nothing to worry about." Liu Wang Zhu Jie answered some irrelevant questions
Zhu Jie, the king of Japan, and his flying Lei Jun kept searching in the surrounding villages. Although they met a few small-scale enemies, I don’t know if the Japanese said that the wind was too strong. Most people left the sphere of influence that the flying Lei Jun could protect, so that the king of Japan and them had the strength to vent.
Shortly after returning to Xinfeng, General Liu was informed before he came to rest. It seems that if they come to Xinfeng, after all, they can still deal with the Japanese. Although the Japanese have occupied many cities, they are small towns. They are still not very proficient in real battles. In fact, the reason is very simple. Because of backward technology, the Japanese did not know how to cast cities. In those days, their homes looked like. It’s like a barn. Although I helped to understand some casting techniques more or less in the summer, I still didn’t have much experience in conquering such a strong city, but they didn’t expect to be able to fight Xinfeng City, which would consume their energy.
Mu Qingfeng and his party finally set foot on the land in the East after more than ten days’ journey. During these ten days, Mu Qingfeng finally got a clearer understanding of this younger brother. Originally, in the battle of clouds and wings, he gave everything to others. Now the dog egg is not only a master, but also a master among the masters. He is a rare opponent. I am afraid that Mu Chongshan will not admit that he is an opponent. Of course, this is Mu Chongshan’s motionless lightness skill and knife cutting.
As soon as their party returned, it was a relatively relaxed journey. It was not white. Zhu Ceguo’s face became heavier and heavier, and his words became less and less. When they saw a Japanese scourge, the village knew something, not to mention that there was no intact house around. It was the pit in front where many people were buried, which made Mu Qingfeng and others’ emotions reach the peak. They had no clairvoyance to know what was buried underground. Several withered and rotting palms stretched out of the ground and seemed to be telling the inhuman way of the Japanese.
"Elder brother I want to kill people! And it is a kind of "breaking people directly". After practicing Cangshan strength, the temper has become as hot as Zhanyunyi. Seeing people in hell is like he can’t control himself anymore.
Mu Qingfeng didn’t know until today that the Japanese were so cruel. Recalling that the prairie people invaded the Wolf clan in Xia Qing, they were relatively animals. Although they also burned and looted, they were not as unscrupulous as the Japanese. At the very least, they wouldn’t entertain themselves in such a perverted way. The Japanese killing method can be called cruelty.
"See, this is the ridiculous virtue of Japanese people. Our imperial court emperors still think that they are urgent, and they are going to consume our Beiyan forces. I don’t know that letting these animals grow bigger and waiting for us in the summer must be a disaster!" Zhu Ceguo gritted his teeth and said that his mouth was faintly bloodshot.
"Don’t worry about the World Temple. We won’t be a spectator when we come. North Yan and Donglu are both summer land. I will definitely not let outsiders ravage our land!" Mu Qingfeng solemnly said
"Thank you for your deep sense of honor. Let’s set off for Xinfeng City in Donglu. That city is the strongest fortress in Donglu. I think most of the refugees have already arrived there. Maybe we can take the opportunity to know the news of my father." Zhu Ceguo turned his horse around and marched towards Xinfeng City.
Just as they were having a rest by a river, a soldier dressed up with an arrow in his back was stumbling forward, and his back wound was scabbed. It seems that he was definitely not short when he was hit by this arrow. From her pace, it can be seen that he was seriously injured, but he may be bloodshot at any time, and his eyes seem to be firmly staring at the front and there seems to be a mission to be completed.
Mu Chongshan and Dog Egg are both masters, and they found this faltering soldier from a distance. His bloody Donglu military watch shows that his identity is that his physical strength seems to be exhausted. He fell down and didn’t get up when he was more than ten feet away from Mu Qingfeng and them.
Lu Wang Shi Zhu Ceguo found this soldier in Muqingfeng, and he hurried over with the others. Only when he got to the soldier’s side did he find out how badly he was injured, and his whole body actually gave off a rotten smell. It turned out that his wound had been infected and suppurated, even if Muqingfeng was not proficient in medical skills, he knew that he was powerless.
It is obvious that it is difficult for the soldier to say anything because he is so weak. Mu Chongshan sighed and directly put his right palm on the big hole in his chest. A vigorous effort entered the soldier’s body along Mu Chongshan’s right palm, which finally made him open his eyes. When the soldier woke up, he realized that he had not finished delivering the letter, but before he got up, he saw Zhu Ceguo’s heart and face, and he was so excited that he thought of the world. The soldier seemed to be unable to support it.
"This brother, what do you have to say that I am here!" Zhu Ceguo quickly grasped his dirty hands for fear that the soldier who was already a spent force would die if he was not careful.
The soldier pointed to his arms with difficulty, and then his body trembled suddenly, and he never lived again. It seems that the only motivation in his heart is to support him to persist here. When he saw the future owner of Donglu, he put a heavy burden on his heart, and he couldn’t hold on any longer. I don’t know what kind of concept can make him persist to this point.
Zhu Ceguo took out a letter from the soldier’s arms with trembling hands. This letter has been stained with blood, and the handwriting is a little vague, but this letter for help will eventually fall into Zhu Ceguo’s hands after many twists and turns.
The letter is very simple. There are only a few words: "Tongbo City is in danger!" Although there are just six words, it can be shown from the blood on paper that Tongbo City has reached a critical point, because these six words are written in blood, which is shocking.
"Where is the World Temple, the city of Bo?" Muqingfeng nature also saw the blood export asked
"Two hundred miles east of here is the only port town in the East China Sea. Because of the sea ban, we dare not go to sea on a large scale, but the land in the East China Sea is eroded by seawater all the year round. It’s almost because of God’s face that my father secretly ordered the establishment of a port in the worst place for people to engage in fishing. Therefore, Tongbo City is quite prosperous compared with other places. If this place is occupied by the Japanese, I’m afraid we will be in big trouble. The Japanese will always be a springboard to get troops and resources from their country." Zhu Ceguo said that the importance of Tongbo City is that there are not many boats in the
"Since this place is so important, let’s start," Mu Qingfeng said to Zhu Ceguo.
"But there are about 300 of us. What’s the matter?" Zhu Ceguo was a little frustrated when he said that he knew that the high pool of Tongbo City was deep, and it was impossible to surround it without ten thousand people. What impact did these few hundred people have on the war situation?
"That’s true, but don’t forget that we are not ordinary people. 300 people are experienced elites in the battlefield. It may be unexpected if they are suitable. Besides, now that Tongbo City is in danger, we may not have enough time to recruit." Mu Qingfeng said the reason why he wanted to rescue.
"I’ve heard that in the King’s Palace, you won many victories and created miracles. I hope you can see that in the summer, the people will help Tongbo, and I, Zhu Ceguo, kowtow to you!" Zhu Ceguo unequivocally knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Muqingfeng directly.
"The world must never make it!" Mu Qingfeng was shocked by Zhu Ceguo’s hand and lifted him up directly before his head touched the ground. "If I have a breath, I won’t let them succeed in their Japanese tricks!"
After getting the guarantee from Mu Qingfeng, Zhu Ceguo finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although there is little hope, it is necessary to be bold at the last moment and always take a chance.
"Listen to me, everyone. If we three hundred people go directly to the front line, I’m afraid that nothing will be wiped out by the enemy. Although you are all ten heroes, I won’t do such a thing. Our biggest advantage now is that the enemy doesn’t know that we are around them. We want to surprise them and relieve the pressure on Tongbo City. Fortunately, Tongbo City is not far away. We have eaten all the dry food now. If we can’t solve the crisis in Tongbo City, we don’t need to have a meal." Mu Qingfeng made the final instruction.
"Hey, hey, I’m not as smart as my brother. My brother told me to do it." Dog eggs don’t care at all. It seems that any problem is not a problem with his brother.
"We obey the orders of the King’s Palace, the Lord of the Little Sect!" It is said that Muqingfeng, the master of Xuanjia, knew that the original Zhanyunyi valued the dog’s egg to such a point that he was going to give him the whole Xuanjia door.
Yu Xuelian is used to such things, and she has no worries since the first day she met this person. It seems that no matter where he appears, wars will always follow.
Just as Mu Qingfeng and his party were discussing the plan, Tongbo City suffered a new round of attack. It was different to shoot the Japanese and change a place. This time, they were determined to call this place to their frontier base.
"Lord satrap, the enemy is coming again. You’d better go to the room to avoid your shoulder injury." A soldier dressed up said to a middle-aged man dressed in an official.
"Don’t worry about this minor injury. Tell the brothers to hold on one more time. The reinforcements will come and beat off the Japanese. I’ll buy you drinks this evening!"
In fact, the satrap himself knows that the so-called reinforcements are self-deception
Japanese people dressed in crude armor launched a new round of attack on Tongbo City like ants. Although many people were directly smashed with bones and broken tendons like raindrops, no one retreated. Although the war was cruel, the temptation to break the city was very great. Plus, Japanese people are famous for their interests and fear of death. The predicament of Bo City is getting more and more difficult.
Muqingfeng and Zhu Ceguo and others seized the opportunity to find the Japanese camp, and heard shouting and killing the deafening Zhu Ceguo in the distance. Some of them couldn’t help it, but they were rushed forward to kill themselves, but they were held by Muqingfeng.
"The temple! Are you going to die? !” MuQingFeng low drink a way "look at the opposite posture Japanese people at least ten thousand people, we estimate that the three hundred people can’t even touch the wall will be destroyed, don’t we come all the way to die?" Muqingfeng cling to hold some excited Zhu Ceguo.
"That you say how to do? We can’t lose Tongbo City! " Zhu Ceguo gave up his struggle plan, but he was still unwilling. From the Japanese offensive, they would never stop until they reached their goal.
"We wait! Wait until it gets dark! " Mu Qingfeng speaks amazingly, and the war is so tense, but his orders run counter to the situation, and even the dog’s eggs are puzzled.
"Wait?" Zhu Ceguo face some not good-looking "can we afford to wait? If Tongbo City falls, we will be finished! " It’s not that I’m worried that Mu Qingfeng’s loafing is not working hard. It’s not why he did it.
"The temple can rest assured that this Tongbo can’t be lost. At the very least, it won’t be lost today. There are many issues concerning my participation in guarding the city. Judging from the Japanese people’s repeated attacks but no siege, Tongbo still has a fighting force. This is one of them; We Xuanjiamen are all tall soldiers, and Japanese people are born with short stature. We are so bold that joining the battlefield will definitely attract their attention. It is never too late to retreat when the time comes. The dark environment is our best umbrella. Therefore, if we insist on the world, I will definitely give them an unexpected surprise when the time comes. "Mu Qingfeng is worthy of being a veteran battlefield wisdom and pointed out the key things.