Barroul suddenly split out two knives and then suddenly stopped in the middle with his eyes staring at Li Feiyang’s face, as if to keep him in mind.

"You are very strong. I appreciate your refuge in the black country. I can give you endless wealth. You can have whatever you want. There is no need to die here in vain." Barroul’s tone is full of sincerity. He does have some love.
Li Feiyang smile "how to beat Huairou? I am not interested. "
Barroul nodded as if everything was as he expected. He took a deep breath and said, "In that case, I’ll be a pain killer!"
Ho ~ ~! A piercing roar came from the mouth of the strange ape behind Barroul, and the virtual shadow of the strange ape disappeared into Barroul’s body.
Boom ~ ~ ~ A burning flame splashed out from Barroul and rushed into the sky hundreds of meters high. Barroul’s body expanded and became bigger in an instant, and the body became stronger and more horrible. The facial features have been completely invisible. You can see those blood-red eyes staring at Li Feiyang coldly with a cruel and murderous taste.
The weirdest thing is that Barroul has grown four blood-red thick arms, just like that strange ape’s martial spirit, but this arm is faint like a fog, just like smoke.
Li Feiyang didn’t raise his hand late, but two thunderbolts broke out. Barroul’s momentum is so strong at the moment that it is terrible, just like the rolling waves of the Yangtze River are about to rush to the surface, which makes people feel resistant.
But it’s a pity that the thunderbolt has not yet reached the crowd, and a red light has covered Barroul’s head and blocked the thunderbolt.
Whoosh ~ ~ Barur, a string of Flametail rushed to the front of Li Feiyang and roared and punched him in the chest.
Boom ~ ~ ~ The fire that came at me was furious like a dragon Li Feiyang, and he raised his arms in front of him and was blown out with one punch.
Li Feiyang heard a clear click when his arm was burning more than a sharp pain. His body was as hard as stone after being tempered. At this moment, he was punched and there were signs of breaking, which fully proved how horrible Barroul’s punch was
Li Feiyang inverted out at the same time, Barroul lived again, and the bloody machete gas in his hand was raging. The fire was like a tent of fire wolves to cut Li Feiyang’s waist and abdomen. Li Feiyang forced a twisted body in desperation and almost folded into ninety degrees to escape this fatal blow.
The flame lit around, even if Li Feiyang escaped the machete, it was still covered by the blooming fire
Barroul gave a grimace of a grin, and his left hand even played for five times, and the red strength instantly invaded the flame, and the fire suddenly flourished.
"Die! !” Barroul folded his arms and roared to the sky, then suddenly folded his arms in front of him with a loud bang. Li Feiyang’s center instantly burst out with a blazing flame, and the harsh light shone on the fields like a fierce burning sun that made people despise it.
Li Feiyang was lost in the fire, and the blazing flame kept expanding, bursting, roaring, loud noise shook the earth, the branches and plants were instantly burnt and burned, and finally the fly ash disappeared …
Hoo ~ ~! Barroul gently vomitted a sigh of satisfaction and looked at the still rolling fire ball and put away his body, and his lip angle became a sneer.
"It’s a pity that this little guy is really a talent … so he died …" Barroul turned to Beijing. "It’s your turn to Mu Princess …"
Chapter 147 Rebellion
The fate of Chapter 147 Rebellion
capital of a country
Teams of deputy armed soldiers are nervously shuttling through the palace city. Nearly 100,000 people have slowly surrounded the whole palace. The whole back city is full of Xiao murderous look. Although the soldiers crow, this heavy sense of depression adds a bit of tension.
A young man in a yellow robe rode a tall white war horse and stared at the clusters of gorgeous fireworks in the distance. His face was gloomy.
The young man has a white face and looks about thirty years old, with a silver soft armor and a golden sword around his waist.
Beside the young man, an old man in a blue brocade robe is gray and his eyes are bright. He looks about 70 years old, and there is a young man with a childish face and a little paranoid and stubborn expression.
But his figure is very strong, and he rides on a war horse with two heads taller than others, and he is wearing heavy armor. Two golden hammers are pressed in his hand. The hanging hammer head alone is the size of a millstone, and the weight is not less than one thousand pounds.
The teenager’s body is a magical horse, which is a lot taller than other war horses. It is a little dark gold and looks like a burning flame.
If it weren’t for the magic colt, it would have been heavy for many years. Those two heavy hammers alone would have crushed the average horse.
"Wang" said the blue robe elder Shen, "Barroul has missed. That little girl looks worse than we thought. You must make a decisive decision and can’t hesitate any more." Although the old man’s voice is depressed, there is an uncontrollable excitement. When he speaks, his right hand is shaking gently.
The young man in a yellow robe is Ji Wang Mucuo, the White Man Kingdom. At this moment, he looks at the fireworks that symbolize failure, and there is a trace of hesitation and deep fear in addition to gloom.
Seeing that he didn’t talk for a long time, the old man sighed again, "Your Majesty, I dare to put all my eggs in one basket to help you addicted to the king, and I took a great risk. The old man gambled on the lives of his people, betting that you have a destiny, and that if you continue to hesitate, all of us will die." The last sentence, the old man raised the volume and got a fright.
"I am old, I am my father, my brothers and sisters, my relatives, and I can’t do it."
The old man snorted "| can’t stop? Did he ever think about not letting go when he abolished your position and gave you such a great shame? You have given too much poison, which is also a medicine that can be solved. If this matter is not revealed, you can still wait for the opportunity to come, but Mu Zhuoqing is already driving back, and Balu has failed. Do you want to wait for a miracle? I’m sure that when Mu Zhuoqing comes back, the emperor will know who the poison poison is, and then you will still die. Besides, the old lady has led an army to surround the city. Is this different from rebellion? You are riding a tiger now, or make a decision. "
Ji Mucuo shivered | took a few deep breaths and became more and more pale. After a long time, he bit his teeth and said, "If I can be promoted to the ninth five-year plan, you will be the king with a different surname."
As soon as the old man’s eyes lit up, he immediately bent over the horse to "thank the emperor"
Ji Mucuo seems to have been emboldened by this emperor, and he didn’t care that the old man was saluting the horse without the horse bowing down. He said with a little excitement, "What should we do to grow old together?"
Ji Mucuo didn’t notice that the old man with a sledgehammer was looking at him in a strange way. If you want to say it carefully, this kind of look is like looking at a person.
The old man narrowed his eyes and said, "Husband, don’t give up a lot | just carefully manage the guards around Beijing. On this day, I don’t think any of them thought that the old guard would rebel against the city. There are thousands of people who are not afraid. The only worry is that I wish my family, but I don’t care about asking the king if you lead an army to kill the dead emperor in the city. Then everything will fall apart."
Ji Mucuo’s eyes gave a decisive turn and shouted, "Come with me to attack the city …"
Thousands of troops burst into thunder, uh, shouting and rushed in toward the city waving weapons together.
A miserable lili to pull the curtain |
At this time, in the palace, the white emperor Ji Zheng sat in the dragon chair with a gloomy face. He is a civil and military official in the palace, and naturally he wishes to burn the family now.
This white man is a barbarian
There seems to be nothing special about the strange old man. He is tall and ruddy with seven colors. He looks well maintained, but that’s all. If he hadn’t appeared outside in a luxurious identity dress, I’m afraid others would have regarded him as an ordinary rich man.