Gently walked out of the club very quickly, and a taxi stopped there immediately, so she went directly, and then she found that she didn’t have her wallet at all, at least there was some money in her jeans pocket.

After Puyang Ruifeng went out, she had already left, and when his car came home, she had packed her bags, and her heart was disturbing.
But when she was carrying her luggage upstairs, he stopped her in the middle of the living room. Be gentle and don’t be so impulsive.
"I’m glad you didn’t say it was a misunderstanding, but I’m sorry, Mr. Puyang. I’m going back to my own home now. Please respect me."
She smiled and told him that she was never forced, but her eyes were so cold.
She still remembers the first time they met. He was dressed in a white suit, low-key and elegant.
She still remember his serious attitude when he was dating, as if he must have identified her.
She didn’t forget that he was sincere on one knee when he proposed, but it seemed like a dream.
"I know you think I’m such a jerk, but you have to believe me about how I play outside. I want to marry a woman with your tenderness in my heart," he said seriously
He doesn’t want to say anything. He didn’t mean to. He will change his bullshit. He knows who he is and what kind of life he wants.
He also knows what kind of person tenderness is, and he will tell her the truth or hide it.
"If someone else were to say this to me today, I might still consider it, but you are my boyfriend for more than three years, and you knelt down to propose to me so grandly-"
I don’t want to talk about it anymore. She just smiled and looked away. "I am gentle, not the kind of woman you want. You should be a woman who can tolerate your chaotic life. Maybe someone will do it, but that person is by no means gentle."
"Gentle …"
"My name is gentle, but I am by no means a gentle woman who can be fooled by her husband and live with him in Gong Weite."
She finally got angry and said to him
Then everyone came out and saw two people arguing in the building. What happened?
Puyang’s father is not happy to ask Puyang’s mother, and she doesn’t understand looking at the young couple in the building.
"What’s the matter? I’m afraid Puyang Ruifeng is the only way to put it bluntly." Gently and coldly looked at him and bypassed him and left.
Puyang Ruifeng was there in wait for a while, and he didn’t even have the courage to chase him out
He knew her too well. When she was in that city, he promised her that he would never play again.
She stayed in a hotel in the evening and took a bus back to her city the next morning.
Or promise to follow him to his city is a wrong decision.
This is where she grew up.
She wants him to share it with his family? If one day she really wants to marry a man who doesn’t love her, she thinks she will make various terms, and she thinks she won’t let that man have a chance to make her angry.
When she got to the city, she didn’t feel practical. She didn’t hurry home to put her luggage, but ate a bowl of Lamian Noodles outside alone.
She wants to go back to see her mother and grandmother when she is full. They must be very sad, but she will make them feel better again.
Nothing can break her tenderness.
If she is happy, mom and grandma will live in peace of mind.
So she let herself eat enough to go back to see her mother and grandmother, and I think they will be surprised about not getting married.
Grandma is in poor health, and she is a little worried, so what way is she thinking of telling them?
She has already finished her meal and paid for it. She is going to see her sister Rou as soon as she enters the door. Is it really you?
I was surprised to see Jiang Wen when I looked back gently. Why did you come here for dinner?
"I like to eat this Lamian Noodles." Jiang Wen immediately said that people have come to tender eyes.
"You’re not getting married?" Jiang Wen looked at the luggage next to her and asked, full of doubts
"Come on!" She smiled a little and then chatted for two sentences. Jiang Wen said that her work was worse than death and she couldn’t communicate with her boss.
Tenderly thinking about the secret is probably not communication with the boss, but never, but sometimes the boss is of course big anyway.
When she got home, it was another scene. Puyang Ruifeng arrived earlier than her.
Wen’s mother and grandmother both watched their children come back, and Puyang Ruifeng looked apologetic. Why did you come back?
Gentle won’t tell him that she didn’t want to come back by taxi and spent thousands of miles waiting until there was a bus early.
"I haven’t asked you yet. Why are you here?" Gently put the luggage and look at the man in her small living room. At this moment, she didn’t get angry.
It doesn’t make sense for him to apologize now. She suddenly remembered reading that sentence in a romantic novel. If a man doesn’t control himself before marriage, you can’t expect him to stay with you after marriage.
"Gentleness, don’t be so excited. I’m here to apologize." Puyang Ruifeng knows what he is doing.
"Apologize?" She wanted to say a lot and scold him, but it was estimated that her mother and grandmother were present before she resisted asking him that.
"Gentleness, we are all adults and we can’t play with marriage anymore."
Gentleness feels ridiculous to the extreme. You can’t take marriage as a joke. Why doesn’t he treat them well?
If marriage can’t be trifled with, he should cherish it
But it’s obvious that he doesn’t appreciate it.
"Don’t scare my mother and my grandmother. I have nothing to talk about with you. Please go." The gentle low road has refused to say another word to him.
"Rourou, what happened?" Wen’s mother is worried and asks
"Mom, I can’t marry him!" Gentle turned to look at his mother dumb voice said to his mother
Wen’s mother and grandmother were scared to death, but soon grandma lowered her head. Since we said softly that we would not get married, Mr. Puyang, please go back
Puyang Ruifeng, this is really amazing, but mother Wen also said yes. Since Rourou said she wouldn’t get married, she wouldn’t get married, Mr. Puyang, please go back.
Section 1
"Thank you, Mom and Grandma!"
I am gentle and grateful that they don’t understand her. I am afraid that they will not be able to stand this blow, but it is obvious that they are stronger than she wants.
Puyang Ruifeng returned to the rented house before he left their house. Of course, he couldn’t just leave. They had been dating for so long, and he thought there must be a chance to remedy it.
When Jiang Wen returned to the office building, he saw Han Xi and couldn’t help but chase to Director Han.
Han Xi is talking to the attendant. When she hears the sound, she turns to see Jiang Wen. What is it?
"Sister Rou is back. Do you want her to come back to work?"
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….. Come to the group and find Piaoxue to discuss the plot …
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"gentle? Didn’t she go to get married? " Han Xi couldn’t help frowning and asked in doubt.