It is said that Changsheng didn’t even think about choosing conservative tactics at Meazza Stadium to try to keep even.

And Chang Sheng also talked about this problem later.
Lazio are good at attacking, and we will stick to our own style, depending on what others think of us.
A reporter from Corriere dello Sport asked, "But before that, victory is guaranteed."
Chang Sheng asked him, "How do you know that our law has won?"
The Rome reporter said in a tit-for-tat way, "Inter Milan has not lost at home in 16 seasons, and Mourinho has more …"
Chang Sheng rudely interrupted him.
"Yes, yes, I know all about it. It’s the unbeaten record of 114 league games, but so what?" He shrugged his shoulders and asked the Roman journalist, "haven’t you heard of it?" The so-called record is to let people break my best thing is to break all kinds of records! "
The reporters smelled gunpowder from it.
It seems that this game is always winning, so I really won’t plan to stay even!
In this way … It will be much more wonderful!
They don’t care much about who wins or loses between the two teams.
Anyway, whether it’s winning or Mourinho, they hate winning the championship in the end, and they don’t like it.
They hope that two dogs can bite each other in the championship. Anyway, AC Milan, the third place in the league, is so far behind them that it is estimated that there is no chance
Chang Sheng’s speech at the pre-match press conference was quickly relayed to Mourinho by reporters.
Mourinho is very calm about this.
"I think he often makes a mistake. More than 100 consecutive home games unbeaten is not a record. I have never regarded this as a great record. This is the result. We said that our power at home is nothing more than that. If we want to beat Inter Milan at home, I am afraid he will make efforts and pray for a lot of good luck."
Sitting on the podium, Mourinho curled his lips and said contemptuously that his team let Lazio beat him at the last minute of the away game. This is a great opportunity for revenge!
This is the Italian media’s favorite show "Dog Bites Dog".
They are constantly gossiping between two people and provoking war between them.
Of course, in fact, they are not so energetic. These two people are born sworn enemies, and not provoking each other will make each other look good.
Now it seems that Italian journalists are a group of little people …
That night, Italian TV stations were all paying attention to the press conference before the game. Changsheng and Mourinho repeatedly took them out for analysis in the press conference session, hoping to understand the card strategies of the two coaches.
This is what Italian TV sports programs like to do.
To analyze, they all agree that Inter Milan has more advantages at home and there are quite a few advantages …
"If Lazio choose to defend at the Meazza Stadium, there is still a chance, but now they often insist on attacking each other …" An expert shook his head in the camera. "He is suicidal!"
Chapter one hundred and nine Idealists and Realists
Lazio’s away game against Inter Milan is the focus of Serie A, which can be said to be the focus of the season.
Because it is not only possible to decide who is the league champion, it is also the best of the season, the best of the two teams, the best of the two head coaches or two completely different tactical styles.
Since 26 years, the tactical style of world football has become more and more conservative.
Speaking of which, it has something to do with Lazio and Changsheng.
In Valencia, Chang Sheng led Valencia to win the triple crown. They played the most beautiful football in Europe at that time and also won the honor, which made many teams compete to imitate them. They also looked forward to it, but they played beautifully and won the championship.
At that time, some media commented that Changsheng solved a difficult problem that has been puzzling the football world, that is, "win the audience and win the championship."
As a result, when more offensive football teams beat them, defensive football also quietly became popular.
Then Mourinho and Chelsea won the Champions League in 2425 by sharp counterattack and indestructible defense, and everyone found a new way.
That is defensive counterattack.
So more and more teams are engaged in this tactic.
Of course, in the 2526 season, Barcelona Dream Team II briefly recovered.
But then the 26 th World Cup emphasized defense and Italy as a whole relied on their magic weapon-defense won the World Cup without being optimistic, which proved that defense is the mainstream in football today.
In the 2627 season, AC Milan won the Champions League, which was actually based on defensive counterattack tactics. In the counterattack, they brought Kaka to the extreme and finally won the Champions League. Kaka also won the Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year.
Moreover, we found that people like Lazio and Rijkaard Barcelona, although both excellent, have a fatal flaw, that is, their football style and experience are not scalable.
Barcelona and Lazio tactical mad dogs have their own reasons and they are very unique.
Not all teams can play as beautifully and win as Lazio and Barcelona.
Although their football is very advanced, they have high demands on the team, and not all teams can play it.
In this way, football naturally has no general foundation.
Besides, Barcelona also had a painful experience of being suppressed by Capello’s bloody Real Madrid. Lazio is a wonderful flower, but the success of such a team is really lack of promotion significance.
Lazio is special, but other teams are not special, not at all.
What they need is a simple and easy way to popularize learning tactics.
Defensive counterattack is the best and most classic set of tactics.
It’s like Lazio is an antique art that is really valuable although it looks good. Not everyone can just take it out.
Not everyone is deliberately pursuing it.
What most teams need is civilian tactics.
The mainstream of world football tactics is not to see who can win the championship in this tactic, but to say the number of teams in this tactic.
Obviously, there are very few teams like Lazio, but Chelsea tactics are very common. All teams will play, and even Lazio will sometimes play defensive counterattacks.
The success of the Italian national team, Chelsea and AC Milan has proved that this tactic is the most practical, easy to get and easy to achieve results.
Natural followers are like tide.
Although those who pursue football have denounced Mourinho and Chelsea for their contribution to world football, they have left nothing for world football except that Chelsea won the first Champions League in history.
But who cares so much?
Who is not pursuing their own interests?
With so many people engaged in the football industry, why should I be responsible for the development of world football? I just want to win the championship for my team. What’s wrong with that?
Besides, is playing well and fancy the correct development direction of world football? Playing defensive counter-attack is the retrogression of world football?
Who rules?
What evidence and data can prove this view?
Or are they all subjective words like "I" and "I think"?