"These are all what I expected to hear, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Luo Orpheus family has been in the family for tens of thousands of years. When it was tens of thousands of years, I don’t know how many families were annihilated in the long river of history, but the Luo Orpheus family stood for ten thousand years and monopolized the universe several times. It is said that five thousand years ago, the Luo Orpheus family was so strong that it caused dissatisfaction among many big families. In plain English, dozens of big families joined forces to launch a military coup, which suppressed the Luo Orpheus family.

But even so, the Luo Orpheus family has not been completely destroyed. It took four thousand years for the thin camel to be bigger than Ma. The Luo Orpheus family rose strongly again and showed its comparable absolute strength. But this time, the Luo Orpheus family did not show its sharpness as before, but chose to hide! Just like this, Luo Orpheus’s family industry and influence are also spread all over the universe. The family industry of Luo Orpheus, the central planet alone, accounts for twenty percent! "
"It’s all white to shoot the first bird!" Lin Fengxiao said that the foreman also nodded his head and stretched out purples with some dry lips. "And another family, the Starcroft family, is more mysterious than the Luo Orpheus family."
"This family history, which has never appeared in front of ordinary people, can also be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago. The Starcroft family is different from the Luo Orpheus family. For tens of thousands of years, this family has been prosperous. They are the real aristocratic families in the universe alliance. They should keep their heads low and arrogant in front of them, even the Luo Orpheus family is no exception."
"But strangely, the Starcroft family doesn’t seem to be involved in the political struggle in the cosmic alliance. They live their own lives, but they can’t underestimate their strength because of this. It is said that two thousand years ago, there was a family that had inherited thousands of years of family intentions and provoked the Starcroft family. That family was completely wiped out overnight and didn’t even stay! Although the Starcroft family doesn’t participate in politics, every change of leaders of the Universe Alliance has their shadow. It is said that it is absolutely impossible for every alliance chairman to be recognized by the Starcroft family before! "
Windson seemingly deadpan the in the mind is also surprised that a family that has been bearing for thousands of years can be wiped out overnight, which requires not only power but also strong strength! When the foreman finished, he made signal with the lips toward the big screen. "Luo Orpheus’s family has packed the 20th VIP box for a long time, which is one of the most luxurious boxes in the auction house! If I guess correctly, it should be Claniro Orpheus, the first heir to the Luo Orpheus family! "
Windson satisfied nodded his head and glanced at the money on the tea table, but the foreman didn’t seem to see the general eyes fixed on the big screen. At this time, he was still fighting for this ticket, and three VIP rooms were still bidding.
Although the three VIP guests were surprised at what windson had offered twice, they were very happy in their hearts. They were surprised by the strength shown by windson in the first round of bidding for Soglia. Now they are missing a strong opponent. All three of them spare no effort to win this ticket.
"1.5 billion!" This is after the forest air to join the 25th!
"1.6 billion!" No.20
"a billion!" Number ten!
If windson spirit read search one at the moment, we will be able to squint at the man with a gloomy and strange smile on his mouth and face in Box 10 now!
"two billion!" Lin Fengshi is very tight, but for some things behind this transaction, Lin Fengshi doesn’t mind spending a little time to see who is behind it.
Everyone knows that the disaster of the source planet was caused by the people of the Science and Technology Alliance. The Lavain Star directed this incident. No one will do this thing if there is no benefit. They don’t need a legal reason, but their interests must be legally guaranteed. Money laundering is the best means!
There has never been peace in the Universe Alliance. All the so-called peace has been whitewashed by politicians. This time, a bunch of members of the Universe Alliance Parliament acquiesced in it. Lavain Star has gained huge benefits on behalf of the Science and Technology Alliance. What they need now is to legalize the benefits. Lin Feng also saw this early. Although he already knew that there was a mysterious shadow behind the Senate, if he could not successfully enter the Universe Alliance aristocratic circle, where would he have access to that mysterious shadow?
Such a high profile is bound to attract several people’s attention to risks and interests and! Windson should do now not only to maximize the benefits, but also to reduce the risks to the lowest point.
The auction house conducts large-scale transactions, and everything is sold in private, so that all transactions are legalized. The auction house implements a confidential mechanism for the inflow of goods and money, and no one will disclose its source. After the dividends are drawn, the outflow funds are all through the central alliance bank turnover office, which will be more legal and more secretive!
Obviously windson is also aware of this. Take a look at who is involved in this. Windson is quite interested. Now, in addition to Windson, there are three families still fighting. "Shirley, you arrange a few people to monitor these VIP room owners and focus on finding out if the three families have private connections." Windson told Shirley in his mind.
"Good master, please release a few people. Now there are also nine levels among the people."
Windson nodded while the foreman was not paying attention and released four narrow rats.
"Shirley, monitor the chief financial officer of Lava Sakura. There should be no problem with your strength, mainly after asking for information. You can help me analyze and sort out this information through the clan, and then choose more important information and tell me that if there is danger, be safe first and save your life at the first time. This is the first rule of being my hand."
Shirley looked at windson gratefully and assigned it.
"2.5 billion"
This is the latest quotation. Windson is very intolerant of this warm water.
"5 billion" forest air quotation
Wow, it’s been a long time since the auction house, and no one has bid so generously, and the price has seriously exceeded the value of slavery. A competent businessman wouldn’t do such a stupid move, and most people think so if he was not present.
But a few boxes are silent and weird.
"Who is this bastard? It’s so arrogant to cut it off a few times in the morning and evening. "A young man with golden head said maliciously but didn’t increase the price again." Who is this person? Why haven’t you heard of it? It’s a big deal, but it seems too rude. "An alien old man with pointed ears and long nose said calmly that people around him shook their heads noncommittally and said that they didn’t know, but they ordered people to find out later.
Transactions in auction houses are all identification cards. When they enter the bag, there will be records at the main desk where the card is swiped. Of course, the general situation is not necessarily true, but after all, it is a clue. At their level, every transaction is hundreds of billions, and buyers are too disdainful to hide their identities.
Soon a bodyguard came back and whispered in the ear of the old man for a while.
The young alien with the same characteristics said to the old man, "The little character doesn’t know the rules and just doesn’t give him any warning?"
The old man shook his head and sighed and said, "Recently, the alliance is very unstable. It is good for us to let him stir the water more muddy."
At the same time, there was a discussion topic about Lin Feng in several boxes, but no one was robbing slaves with this seemingly violent person.
Lin Feng successfully took the first slave, and at the same time, he wanted to let many people know that there was such a riot, and that there was money to burn, and that the purpose of coming to the central planet was to buy a large number of slaves. Lin Feng’s purpose was to attract others’ attention. Obviously, his goal had been achieved. He didn’t compete with Lin Feng in the second order, but these people didn’t include Lava Sakura’s chief financial officer. Finally, Lin Feng took the second slave at a price of 4 billion.
Lin Feng knew from Shirley that the seller behind the slave auction was Lava Sakura, and Lin Feng was not in a hurry. After that, he had a chance to settle accounts with them!
The last single is 100 Hemudu beauties, and the beautiful purple beauties’ faces flashed across the big screen. The ape was bright and tried not to look, but his shoulders trembled slightly, showing that the ape was bright and nervous.
Now every ethnic group is a continuation of the race. Still, I can’t help but look at Lin Feng imploringly.
Windson gave the ape a reassuring look.
Chapter three hundred and forty Giants (in)
Windson gave the ape a reassuring look.