It is with this advantage that he is in full swing in North Korea, where he has defeated jing Ying, a professional, to reach the top of the first person’s throne.

But today, when he met the phoenix dance, he was confronted with a tough problem.
If the phoenix dance was in full swing before it got the Sun suit, it must have taken an absolute advantage, but now it is equipped with the Sun suit, and the fire magic exerted by the phoenix dance has also undergone a qualitative change with the Jiuyang effect.
How can a mere lava fire compete with each other? The magic with lava effect is much higher than that with ordinary fire magic, but the magic with Jiuyang effect is much higher in lava effect.
In this way, when the attack was in full swing, I first touched a nose ash and did not escape from the phoenix dancer to get cheap.
If you can’t fight the attack, you can fight the defense effect. As a result, the phoenix dance is stabilizing his head.
First of all, the defensive effect of its own equipment, even if it is of good quality, can’t be compared with the Sun suit made by Jiuyang Institute. Secondly, pets are in full swing, which makes him even more miserable. At present, there are two pet departments, one is fire, the other is lava master, and the lava master is a hero in this semi-confrontation battlefield, and the flying fire demon is an ing senior pet, but it can be directly thrown away compared with the phoenix dance, hell, and the red rose, a sacred dragon, has not been released yet.
They are both fire wizards, but they are all stable and stable in the ing phoenix dance, which doomed the tragedy of this battle.
And abolish the heyday of a big move, the phoenix dance is as condescending as a queen, contemptuous of the heyday, and the sound is cold. "Did you just shout so joyously?" !”

Chapter three hundred and twenty-five Mile click
? "Ah, little bitch didn’t expect you to have two! In this case, don’t blame the old trick! " At the height of the day, I suddenly raised my hand and took my wand beads. I put my backhand into my mouth and ate "efreet transformation! !”
When the beads are swallowed into the belly, they will see that they are like a steamer, constantly steaming outwards, and suddenly the hot air will form a dense fog, which will cover up the Mi Group 2.
Through the heavy Mi fog, it is faintly visible that a black shadow is expanding rapidly. When this black shadow expands to the limit state, the fog dissipates like the sun, and it has disappeared. Instead, it is a efreet who is 10 meters tall and full of flowing rocks.
"Ah-!" Incarnation on efreet heyday spit out a steaming chardonnay "little bitch die! !” Say whistling across the sky straight toward the phoenix dance culling.
As soon as I saw the transformation in the middle of the day, I quickly fished out the fire dragon ball from my backpack. "Girl, don’t be afraid that he can change and I can change …!"
"Pick up what? !” In the middle of nine words, I suddenly stopped the phoenix dance and asked nothing.
"Oh, I can’t. If I give you this pearl, won’t you just win it? Then how can you follow me? !” Nine heavy blunt phoenix dance gave a way "hey hey don’t give it to you, you play it yourself! Come on, come on! !”
"Hun egg, you go to hell-!" Phoenix Dance glared at Jiuzhong mercilessly and turned to face the incarnation again. efreet rushed towards him. "You can’t hum a big hun egg to help miss, so you can clean up this bāng!"
After that, I saw the phoenix dance’s arms shaking behind her, and the nine sun beads formed a horizontal ring and rose to the top of her head. "Solar storm! !”
"Boom! ! !” A resounding phoenix dance center forms a spherical storm with a radius of 100 meters in the solar field.
I didn’t expect that the phoenix dance had this trick. Suddenly, it didn’t take advantage of the situation and it was culled head on. It just hit the gun and plunged into the field of "solar storm" destruction.
In addition, there are some unlucky players nearby, whether in Vietnam and Korea or in hell, who are usually involved in this lucky department with a radius of 100 meters
It took ten seconds for the solar storm to form and destroy the field, and then it gradually disappeared.
Wait until the skill effect disappears, and then see that there are still three people left in the field.
The first nature is that the caster dances in a phoenix dance and is unscathed.
The second is Jiuzhong, who is in a state of combination at this time. Although some hair is burnt, there is no loss of blood volume.
The third is the heyday after the incarnation of blazing efreet, not only the damage rose to a new height, but also the fire resistance was greatly improved. Thanks to this, the fire resistance reduced the fire damage effect to a minimum, which made him fortunately difficult in the phoenix dance solar storm, but the blood volume also bottomed out
After being baptized by the sun storm, I came back in full swing. I was really embarrassed, my clothes were burnt, my face was black and my hair was hot.
"Wow, small table …! !” At the height of the day, I couldn’t stop my mouth and wanted to continue cursing, but just in the middle of the words, I suddenly felt a black shadow coping and suddenly looked up and a fire dragon covered in flames descended on him.
In an instant, if you want to hide, you can’t come. You are directly caught by the red rose falling from the sky, and then "snap" is a bite that directly bites the half body of the sun. The scream of the sun has not come, and it has entered the red rose belly.
Just now, the phoenix dance conveniently summoned the red rose from the pet while casting the solar storm to cover everyone’s sight.
Fengwu pet red rose will naturally not be harmed by the solar storm. When Fengwu directs the red rose to fly to the zenith, the top of the head is on standby, and when the solar storm effect is over, it will be given to the zenith, and the flowers will be killed in one fell swoop.
"Red roses come back ~!" The phoenix dance beckoned to the red rose.
Hearing the call of the phoenix dance, the red rose turned and flew to the phoenix dance. Come near and show the phoenix dance that there are still half of the body in its claws, which means what to do.
The phoenix dance patted the red rose on the bridge of the nose and smiled. "Do what you do with the half ~!"
The red rose was like eating peanuts, shaking its claws and throwing half the body in its heyday into its mouth, chewing it with relish and swallowing it.
Players in North Korea and Vietnam saw that the red rose was a pet of the phoenix dance, and the red rose cannibalism was planned by the phoenix dance just now, which means that it was completely defeated by the phoenix dancer in the heyday.
It’s okay for players in Vietnam. After all, it wasn’t the people in their area who were killed, but the players in North Korea were hit hard. It’s okay for them to die at the hands of Fang Shengren, but now it’s really hard for them to accept that they have been taken without even hitting a hand.
But the fact is that they can’t accept it. For a while, after the players in Vietnam, the hearts of players in North Korea also fell to the bottom.
"greatly! !” Jiuzhong saw a ring to close the virtual door, and méén canceled the crushing of the virtual effect. He floated from the middle and fell to the ground to raise his hand. It was another ring that simply said the word "Kill!"
"Kill! ! !” In response to Jiuchong’s cries of millions of hell-mad fighters, they immediately stationed in the tenth floor of hell, and the army surged out of the virtual gate and roared like a tsunami, heading straight for the players in Vietnam and North Korea.
At this time, the morale of the players in Vietnam and North Korea fell to freezing point, but the players in hell spent a lot of time. At this moment, their morale was like a rainbow, and the battle was no longer in suspense.
Players in North Korea and Vietnam didn’t even hold on to the battle for five minutes, and they were completely washed away by the hell’s wild flowers. The defeat turned into a unilateral massacre of hell’s wild flowers