And if you want to get your own body, you will have a lot of opportunities to get it, so you can rest assured.

There will be these fearful thoughts, which are easy to mark and white. He has been influenced by the pretty bearing and Yue Lingshan and others. These people have to guard against biting thoughts.
Less on the surface, there is no war, and the other party will make a killing move, but in the end, it will be a vicious blow to try to erase his easy mark, which makes the easy mark heart more cold.
"Well, I’m blind. You should first prepare some potions from Lingjian Lanbinghua to help me recover my injuries. After I recover, you can try to recover your own program and wake me up as soon as possible!"
Easy mark light said for this fusion easy mark is looking forward to at the moment.
It is conceivable that the secret map is so surprising. This must be an amazing magical ability.
What Yi Mark lacks most now is his strength. It is naturally very exciting for him to be high.
"Good master, please wait a moment." The cat was happy to say that and then disappeared into the consciousness of Yi Mark. After a while, three drops of blue water appeared in front of Yi Mark.
There is a special charm in the water droplets, which seems to have poor life and charm.
For this kind of things that have never been seen before, it is also a little concerned.
Strictly speaking, this is the first time that I have been seriously injured. If I don’t have gold silkworm armor and I’m easy to mark, my body is very abnormal. It’s hard to imagine that I can come back here today.
Take a deep breath, easy to trace, and with a wave of his hand, three drops of water directly enter the mouth.
The satiny and sweet feeling is very strong, and it is like an ice and fire mixture, which severely impacts the body and mind that are easy to mark.
Yi Mark’s body trembled strongly in such a feeling. This blink immediately gathered up many small bumps.
Easy to mark the original is still in the spillover blood has already stopped to at the moment thick fiery energy rising in the body easy to mark although intentional try a lock soul to yuan god achievement method but the thought of physical injury was instantly suppressed.
Night arrival Fang Linggong Lingjiu Mansion
"Mother dad, you must avenge your daughter and kill this little Zha! He is something that dares to do this to me! "
Jiao pretty voice with KuQiang way
"Don’t worry, dare to touch my daughter!" A thick voice lightly said that the tone of murder is very obvious!
These two people are naturally Yue Lingshan’s father Yue Lian.
"Well, the father must avenge the child!" Yue Lingshan once again said that she hates her roots and itches at the moment. It’s very anxious to make easy marks to pieces!
Lingquan glanced at Yue Lingshan silently, and her face was a little gloomy. "Husband, how long will it take you to be diligent until the end of Dan?"
Yue Lian slightly thoughtfully cruel face didn’t change much. "About twenty years or so, I have already felt that state, but I have to take a good dive if I want to improve."
This time, after we have completed the work of Shaner, we have to dive. You have to step into the later stage of the foundation earlier. After all, the stronger the strength, the more secure the Fang Linggong will be. "
The conversation between the two made Yue Lingshan puzzled, but she also knew that once her father promised to settle it, it would be nine times out of ten.
Although her father hasn’t reached the final stage of Dan, the late construction of Tsukiji has made him very prominent in the whole Jiusha Mountain.
After all, not everyone can build a successful foundation.
During the practice period, the twelve-story brother can build a foundation successfully in less than ten times, which means that the whole Jiusha Mountain in the foundation period is only a few hundred.
It’s still a time when the panacea is piled up. For example, if there is no Yangxin Spring, the number will naturally be reduced by half!
"This person didn’t expect that he could practice to the first floor of the practice period in half a year and consolidate this floor well!" Lingquan sighed.
"This small seems to hide the strength but his foundation is very solid! This is that I can’t deny it! It’s good to train my brother like this!
However, since the eye has hurt my daughter and the practice is to lock the soul, it would be a waste if Hem didn’t use it as a cauldron! "
Yue Lian sneer at a way
"When to start work? The later this matter is, the more it will change! " Lingquan some uneasy way
"Afraid? He is so powerful that I can kill him instantly with my strength. He can’t turn over much waves! However, it seems that the master ancestors have paid attention to this small, let’s wait and see! " Yue Lian said thoughtfully
"That depends on the sample can let him scamper for a few more days" Lingquan hesitated.
Yue Lingshan smell speech face bitter coquetry way "Hum dad also said to me how powerful FuBao even can’t kill a garbage and FuBao so bad after a time! What rubbish! Still a baby! "
Yue Lian smell speech face not embarrassed paused a little ashamed and said, "This time it was my dad who was careless about this FuBao, but my dad got it from Tianzhaomen, a real Yin hater, and a monk in the late construction period. What I saved was this top-level FuBao who repaid saving his life."
I saw him so cautious and felt that this FuBao thought it was good, so I sent it to you. I didn’t expect it to be a defective one. "
"Hum, there’s nothing wrong with Shaner this time. Otherwise, Yin hates real people. I’ll let him know the consequences of cheating on my husband!" Lingquan face suddenly cold.
Up to now, they have never doubted that Yi Mark’s body is guarded by a powerful magic weapon, but they take it for granted that Fu Bao is rubbish.
This is also in line with the situation of the battle that day. After all, Li Fubao, a nine-story monk in the practice period, did not kill the monk in the practice period. This can be a very funny thing.
When people see this result, the first thing they think of is that this Fubao is incomplete and scattered.
And no one thought it was easy to mark the body with armor to resist the attack.
Compared with the natural method of magic weapon power, this top-level fubao is a kind of seal magic weapon, which can make a limited number of times but can send out a powerful attack power of magic weapon.
It is this that makes many people think that this is the failure of Fubao rather than the easy mark to resist its attack.
And the more top-level fubao, the stronger its attack power, but the less imposing it is.
This fubao energy is sealed in its department, not from the outside world, and naturally there will be no vitality fluctuation.
Without the fluctuation of vitality, who will watch the two junior brothers in the practice period? In this way, although there are so many people watching the competition, no one actually sees that it is easy to mark the body!
But for these easy marks, I didn’t know that he still collected gold silkworm A completely at the moment, and attached that layer of guardian skin to the surface of the body.
And his heart also vaguely worried that once the knot Dan period or yuan baby period to the strong found this armor that what should I do?
Fortunately, the analysis in the monitoring system of the cat diagram did not show that there was a flash of greed in someone’s eyes, which calmed Yi Mark’s worried heart for a few minutes.
But it is so easy to mark that you will naturally be more cautious.
At the moment, Yi Mark’s naked body is emitting red light in the science of uniting the body, which gradually dissipates, and his ability is also rapidly recovering.
After this serious injury, it is obvious that my physical strength seems to be full and my physical strength seems to be more refined!
The white mist outside the gouge-out hall filled the whole square, and not many people came to participate in the competition today.
Today is the second round of the competition, and this competition is strictly enough to select the top ten.
Some of the seven-story brothers in the practice period didn’t come today, while others, including the seven-story brothers in the practice period, sat silently in the places divided by the elders and waited to watch today’s fight.
Today, there are nearly forty people competing, and more than forty people want to win the top ten. This battle is also a very fierce battle.
In today’s battle, in addition to the winners, there are also some people who have lost once.
Yue Lingshan is here today, too. He has a cold face since he went out. He didn’t give Yi Mark a good look.
While Yue Lian and Ling Quan didn’t say anything, but their faces didn’t look good. They were all cold.
Yi Mark, after all, is their honorary brother, so he arrived at their Fangling Palace early and asked for instructions before they took him to gouge out the heart temple.
Today, all the martial arts brothers in Taiwan are waiting here for the floating clouds and the old man said.