Otherwise, this alone is not easy to explain when facing Lingquan and Yuelian.

Take a deep breath, Yi Mark tried to calm down, and then his face quickly returned to calm. He practiced recklessly with the help of this powerful energy.
Opportunity is also very important at this time.
Although the easy mark method can grasp how much it can rise, it is rarely obvious that the first floor can be consolidated during the practice period
"Hoo ~ ~ ~"
At this time, the muscles of Yi Mark’s body are tensed up. At this time, the powerful drug effect has a tendency to explode and fly in Yi Mark’s body, while some powerful Yuan gods suddenly loosened up before Yi Mark’s manipulation, and then they rushed away like a sword towards that inexplicable energy.
Yuan Shen, like an entity, rushed into the churning energy. It seems that the mind has suffered a huge blow, and the whole person’s head is buzzing constantly.
Instantaneous eyes were blurred, but in a moment, Yuan Shen suddenly took it back, and it was easy to mark some silly people who didn’t know what had happened.
However, when I feel the body energy again, it is easy to be frightened in my heart-the former raging energy has disappeared in this blink of an eye!
Yi mark heart Yishan at the same time, his face changed a little rain or shine. At this moment, he doesn’t care if others look at his face.
"What’s going on with the analysis of the cat diagram? Maybe this is a good opportunity to explore!"
Easy to mark consciousness speak directly
The secret map immediately respectfully said, "Master, the abnormal secret map has been recorded just now, and according to the analysis, this situation should be that after the fusion of Buqi Dan and Lingjian Blue Ice Flower Dew, there is a very unique one-this should be nourishing Yuan Shen, strengthening Yuan Shen and refining Yuan Shen!"
Easy mark smell speech eyes full of shock color this kind of thing is really hit the Universiade!
The importance of Yuan God may be unknown to Yi Mark, but his eyes are completely white!
Especially at that moment, when the head was stunned, Yi Mark’s heart was extremely horrified. After all, if someone makes this means to kill people, it is simply horrible to the extreme!
By this time, Yi Mark has some fears. Do you want to use this method?
I’m afraid it’s a little difficult once people are afraid.
However, it is easy to trace the idea that the old man who presided over the event with the head of Jiuzha Mountain should not care about such a small role, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network
Furthermore, it is not difficult to deal with the problem of locking the soul and body with the earth skill of Yuan God and directly handing over Ling Quan to the incomplete achievement method!
Easy mark so think of heart finally calm a lot.
He has a strong feeling to the extreme, that is, this time, the combination of the spirit sword, the blue ice flower dew and the tonic Dan potion seems to have a very obvious effect on the rise of Yuan Shen.
Slightly induction easy mark horror found that he yuan god swept the side not far from some nine-story brother who actually didn’t notice!
Easy to mark the heart can’t help but tremble again!
The so-called Dan medicine is nothing more than something experimented by some strong people, and this experiment is easy to mark by mistake. This Qi-invigorating Dan Ling Jian Blue Ice Flower Dew has such a strong fit!
Yi Mark knows that this may not be a Buqi Dan, but a certain herb or a few kinds of herb flower dew in the Buqi Dan has a strong fit, but even so, Buqi Dandan has become a necessary acquisition for Yi Mark!
Although Buqi Dan is precious, it is not secret. Therefore, it is easy to trace the prescription of Buqi Dan Dan after thinking about it, and it will calm down and become less impatient.
He took a deep breath and then spit out the polluted air that was trapped in his heart, which made him feel refreshed.
The secret map of the ingredients of Buqi Dan has been analyzed, and it is easy to trace. I hope that this powerful Yuan Shen Dan medicine can appear, and then it is easy to trace. I really want to try that kind of Buqi Dan herb. If it is cultivated for about ten thousand years and then combined with Wan Nian Ling Jian Lan Bing Hua Lu, what will happen?
At the thought of this, it is easy to mark my heart and tremble!
At this time, the numbers are already being drawn one after another, and when it’s easy to trace, Yi Trace conveniently draws a transparent square jade card.
As soon as the jade brand appeared in Yi Mark’s hands, its face flashed and a big "7" appeared in Yi Mark’s eyes.
Chapter 1 Yuan Shen Lock Soul [1]
Chapter 1 Yuan Shen Lock Soul [1]
After all, this kind of jade card is the face of Godsworn Yuan Shen in the later period of Jiedan, which prevents everyone else from finding out.
Moreover, taking the number and then playing against it is not to specify the number to play against, but to choose from the No.1 roulette by a special roulette wheel. When the roulette wheel is fixed on the number, it is to play against the number.