Darkness gave birth to my fear, and silence extended my fear.

My heart seems to be suffocating several times, and the feeling of struggling in the dark makes me feel inexplicable fear of being alone in the dark, but at the same time, those struggles have also strengthened my heart’s resistance.
I am a contradictory individual, but I am afraid that this has aroused my curiosity. I know the danger, but I want to explore it more and more.
I groped for a ladder in the dark, stepping on it.
Just then, I suddenly heard a shot coming from the front.
The shot was either young master or terrifying.
Young master or terrifying, I looked out and cried, I heard the sound. I remember that the sound means that young master and terrifying are just ahead, but I have forgotten that the gun sounded, which also means that they may have met something.
At the same time, I didn’t find anything unusual. I shouted but disappeared in the air, and there was no sound.
I stepped up and ran a few steps. When I bumped into something, I clearly felt that it should be the master backpack.
Master took me and ran without saying anything.
Almost at the same time, my other hand was caught by another force, and then there was a terrifying sound in my head. Run!
The terrifying is pulling me while the young master is pulling me for a while. I don’t know Chapter 19 Man-eating Bats.
The terrible voice keeps ringing in my head. Go, go, go.
And the young master is still dragging me.
I drank a lot, and then I realized that I couldn’t hear my pronunciation at all. I was shouting, but I couldn’t hear anything.
Just now, the terrifying sound didn’t seem to shout here. There must be something wrong.
But the terrifying master and I were pulling me in the opposite direction, and now I can’t see anything, and I feel that I am being pulled by two forces.
Which way to go and who to follow.
The only thing I know for sure is that there is a frightening danger in both the face and the face, and the reaction between the young master and the terrifying is definitely not the wind coming from the cave.
In this dark place, I will calmly judge that the danger there will be less.
Suddenly, I felt a gust of wind flying over my head several times, wearing a gas mask, and I actually smelled a strong rancid smell.
What is it? My sense of foreboding is getting stronger and stronger. It’s not another strange monster, is it?
Prevent losing contact and remember to prepare the domain name.
At this time, I was stupefied for a moment with the terrifying master Li, as if he were crazy. A great force pulled me along with the terrifying master, and I stumbled for a few times, almost being dragged by the young master and dragging me behind him. So was the terrifying master.
I don’t know what the hell I am afraid of, but I’m afraid to resist the young master. Obviously, there’s nothing I can do. At this moment, the young master will drag us to run without stopping like a mad cow.
After running for a while, I felt that the rancid smell was getting heavier, and the sense of foreboding was getting bigger and bigger like a snowball rolling in the snow, and at the same time, my uneasy feeling rose to an unprecedented level.
Suddenly, I felt that the young master jumped forward and was pulled. I also fell. The terrifying released my arm and I fell straight forward.
The miner’s lamp has lost its light. I don’t know if it was because I fell and touched it or because the fog is thicker here.
I feel that the foot surface is no longer a step, but we are falling on a platform surface.
There are waves of huge winds passing overhead, which bring with them a bad smell, foul smell and putrid smell, which makes people vomit.
There’s a banging sound next to it.
Even if I can’t see anything, I still turn my head away.
Suddenly, when the light stung my eyes, I squinted and saw the miner’s light on the top of the young master’s head.
The young master panicked and looked at me with his mouth open to say something, but he couldn’t make a sound and kept gesturing.
Young master’s gestures are very random, but I probably understand that young master means that we can’t go and ask us to run as soon as possible, as if something will come after us.
At this time, I was surprised that the exorcism war in my hand was fought towards the master.
Young master opened his mouth in disbelief and looked at me with a surprised face. I couldn’t pronounce it or explain anything by hand. I could continue my manual work.
I saw a horrible face behind the young master, and my mouth was wide open with sharp fangs. I was going to gather up to the young master’s shoulder, and my saliva was dripping.
That face doesn’t look like a ghost. I hit that face with a fierce battle. After that pale face creaked, that face flashed aside and suddenly opened a pair of black wings and flew.