During the training break, he even found Guardiola and took him to sit and chat.

Always win. Why do you have to dig Guardiola? On the one hand, it is natural to look at his player’s ability, and on the other hand, he is always winning. The tactics he is playing now are knockoffs from Ikeaka in Barcelona, but he is not from Barcelona after all. Even if he has two world experiences, he doesn’t know much about the real Ikeaka in Barcelona.
So he needs someone who is familiar with this field so that he can get more information from him and then turn himself into himself.
Guardiola is a very suitable person.
Cruyff focuses on cultivating the No.4 candidate. He has inherited the essence of Barcelona football, from which he can learn the purest Barcelona football.
This can also be seen from Guardiola’s success in coaching Barcelona in the future.
Changsheng has been full of research spirit on football since he aspired to become the top head coach.
Now there is a very nice person around to ask.
Maybe some people think it’s shameful for a head coach to ask his players for advice, but Chang Sheng won’t think so. He’s a realist and he won’t let go of it if he wants to benefit him … What is that?
Of course, he can’t just say to Guardiola, "Tell me everything you know about Barcelona tactics."
That may cause Guardiola to resent it, and he will think to ask himself if these are the things to deal with Barcelona.
Although Guardiola has been wearing a Valencia jersey, his heart still belongs to Barcelona.
Always win a smarter way to get something.
That is, Li chats and talks about tactics on his own initiative. I want to come to Guardiola, who is interested in coaching, and I will be happy to discuss everything with him in the long run.
"You’ve been with the team for over a month. How do you feel, Pepper?" Sitting on the turf always wins and asks.
When coach Guardiola asked about life, he replied, "Life is quite adaptable and there is no problem …"
Then he saw Changsheng shaking his head.
"No, no, no, Pepe, I don’t care about your life. I want to know what you think of everything you see and hear in the team?"
Guardiola came over white.
"I saw Barcelona from your tactics," Guardiola replied.
Changsheng made a snap of his fingers. "Yes, my tactics were inspired by Barcelona tactics."
"But it’s different," Guardiola said while thinking.
"Mm-hmm. What are the differences?"
"You put more emphasis on speed and running defense, and at the same time, you are tougher and more straight forward at last …" Guardiola carefully compared "This is what Barcelona lacks at present. In fact, I have always wondered how you thought of taking Ikeaka all the way to Valencia. They seem to be two different styles. Valencia insists on Italian defensive counterattack … and Ikeaka is out of place with them …"
In fact, even if Changsheng doesn’t find him, Guardiola wants to talk to him on his own initiative.
Because he does have a lot of questions.
Changsheng smiled. "Just because Ikeaka in Barcelona is incompatible with Valencia doesn’t mean that Ikeaka is not suitable for Valencia. For me, Ikeaka is not unique to Barcelona, but Barcelona has become synonymous with Barcelona. I also heard about Ikeaka in Hertha, you know?"
Guardiola nodded his head. The final game of the King’s Cup was so famous, because it was the first time that people saw that a team that had never been exposed to ikiaka tactics before could learn this tactic in a week and beat Mallorca to win the championship in the final.
This game must be an important case for many coaches to study.
However, no one can understand how Changsheng made Hertha practice ikiaka in just one week.
"Since Hertha can what Valencia can’t? This is my point of view. The key is to have players who are suitable for ikiaka tactics. Therefore, I gave up my excellent performance in the season. Kalou chose to sell millions to Ibrahimovic because he has Swedish feet and can hold the ball, so does Villa. "
"But as far as I know, your two midfielders are not suitable for ikiaka." Guardiola Ma pointed out the problem.
"Ba Laha and albelda are both tough defenders, so it’s definitely not possible for them to organize an attack. On the one hand, what is this? On the other hand, although they don’t support the team much in attack, they support the team a lot in defense. I emphasize control in midfield and defense is also a kind of control. Do you know what Barcelona’s achievements have gone downhill in recent years? Due to the lack of strong defenders in Barcelona’s midfield, Barcelona has accumulated a lot of enviable offensive players luis enrique, Deiberson Geovanni, Marc Overmars, rivaldo and Chlad … How many backyards do so many offensive players have? One of the two is Harvey, the attack organizer, and Koku can’t be regarded as a pure defender. It’s still a midfield problem, and so is the back line … Generally speaking, Barcelona’s defense level is declining. It’s an indisputable fact that defense is not good, and attack is no better. I think all attacks should come from defending Barcelona. Is there any defense now? A large group of attacking geniuses are disdainful to defend the whole team. What would I ask the players to have to force the frontcourt? Although it will be very exhausting, it will be very effective. We will make it difficult for the other side to get the ball in the backcourt. You should have seen this in the first league, right? "
Guardiola nodded.
Then he was lost in thought and had to say that winning always makes sense. Because of defense, this is really a Barcelona problem.
So it seems that the atypical ikiaka in Valencia is a new way …
Defense …
"Valencia’s problem now is not defense, because our situation is different from Barcelona’s. Valencia comes to play defense and counterattack, and they are very good at it. Our problem is attack … To be honest, our ability to beat Real Madrid 5 in the first game is not a reflection of Valencia’s real strength. We are opportunistic because the opponent’s flaw is too big, but after studying this game, we will have more opponents. I think we will encounter a bottleneck soon, that is attack. I want to hear your opinion about Pep Ba Laha’s injury. You have to shoulder the team’s attack and start again."
Chang Sheng put on a modest and studious attitude and was not ashamed to ask if this was alive. Only then did he express his real purpose of talking with Guardiola, but Guardiola would not feel uncomfortable because of the foreshadowing.
His good attitude surprised Guardiola, and a coach who had made some achievements asked him for advice modestly. To be honest, Guardiola also felt vain.
He also intends to contribute his strength and can’t let such an open-minded coach down, can’t he?
So he frowned and thought hard.
He does feel that Valencia has some problems in attack.
Although the strategy of winning the race has the shadow of ikiaka in Barcelona, it is not really ikiaka after all
Ikiaka in Barcelona has gradually formed tactical ideas after more than ten years of precipitation, but it can’t be achieved overnight.
In his view, Changsheng’s plan to copy ikiaka in Valencia is somewhat tricky, although it looks like it, but it is not like it, which will definitely become the bottleneck of Valencia’s development in the future.
To tell the truth, even the real ikiaka Barcelona has encountered bottlenecks …
"I noticed that Valencia’s tactics are based on the idea that the ball depends on the ball and moves to tear the other side’s defense. But … to be honest, I often think that your tactics look like ikiaka in Barcelona. In fact, there is a big difference. It’s not the Valencia style, but that your tactics are not detailed enough …"
Changsheng’s eyes lit up-why did he dig Guardiola?
Isn’t it waiting for this moment!
Although he learned about Barcelona’s tactics from future TV and online discussions, to be honest, Barcelona’s tactics are very complicated. If there is no real knowledgeable person to guide him, he can really paint a tiger as a cat.
Take a triangle ball for example. When a player takes the ball, he must have teammates around him. He forms a triangle convenient ball.
But every player is particular about where he appears.
What Barcelona players can play the ball without looking? Because they knew it would be there.
When the player with the ball is on the left side of the court, he has to know who his teammates are around and then throw the football out.
When the player with the ball is in the middle, he also needs to know which teammates will appear beside him to facilitate his ball.
These things can’t run like crazy.
There must be strict tactical arrangements.
Every player must be accurate when and where he appears, rather than simply telling the player to "run" so that the player will be confused-how to run? Run there? I don’t know what to fight, ikiaka.
He doesn’t understand these things, but he knows someone who knows them and forces him to know more about professionalism.
That man is Guardiola.
"So Pepe, don’t you want to be a coach? Remember what I said when I was looking for you? Moving to Valencia is a long-term career plan for you, and now I’m going to honor this promise. How about you working as a part-time team tactical coach in training from now on? You tell Valencia players exactly how to move and meet in the attack. I believe you can win this position. "
Constant victory is like a demon who tempts mortals to sell their souls and sign contracts with themselves. The persuasive voice is softened a lot unconsciously.
Guardiola was silent this time.
It’s really tempting to be a coach …
And it’s a rare opportunity to get the support of the head coach and not do it secretly