The reason of Tangmen is very grand, but there is no excuse to find it. After a moment of silence, I listened to a Buddhist name, "Amitabha, old woman, Baiyun, come to the small benefactor to learn from it."

Clouds saw that the elders of Emei sent Baiyun floated out to their front.
The old monk Hangyun has seen it many times, but he has never really touched it. However, when he saw the middleman in the slices, he immediately thought of his younger brother Hangjun, and his heart was dark. "I wonder if Hangjun is still in the slices now?" After all, the two-year period has passed and Qingcheng Mountain is a mountain closure, and it is impossible for you to come back. "
Thinking of this, I said, "Dare you ask the master if he knows where you have been to Emei to study arts?"
Elder Baiyun smiled slightly. "He is still studying martial arts at Jinguangdingguan in Emei because he closed the mountain on every Qingcheng Mountain."
After listening to this, Yunyun put some heart into it. You are too thin. Yunyun is really worried about his whereabouts. He is afraid that he will suffer greatly because he can’t return to Qingcheng Mountain. At this time, he is still in the eyebrows of Emei, and it is another gift to the elders of Baiyun to "please take care of Emei"
Although Emei, like Tangmen, persecuted Qingcheng Mountain, it was natural that it didn’t mistreat Hangjun Hangyun.
Since there is nothing to ask, Yunyun calmly said, "Then please ask the master to do it."
When the clouds laid the sword, they heard the elder Baiyun say, "Wait a minute!"
Respectful in the sword in the sleeve (chapter three or four)
Respectful in the sword in the sleeve (chapter three or four)
Seeing the elders of Baiyun smile, "Little benefactor Lien Chan is tired after many games. If this battle is still as unfair as the previous wars, why don’t we change it?"
Xingyun didn’t know what Elder Baiyun really meant. Although Elder Baiyun seemed very kind at this time, Xingyun was too old to judge a book by its cover. Instead, he asked, "I don’t know what the master said?"
Seeing the clouds, Elder Baiyun asked with a smile, "Have you ever heard of the sword in your sleeve, little benefactor?"
Xingyun was puzzled. "Sword in the sleeve?"
I don’t remember hearing this saying when I replied, "The younger generation is short-sighted and has never heard of the sword in the sleeve. Is it a sword in the sleeve?" Or the magic sword? "
Elder Baiyun shook his head and smiled. "This sword in the sleeve is neither a sword nor a magic weapon, but a way to compare swords."
Chang Tianci naturally listened to the dialogue at this time and asked, "Father, what is a sword in the sleeve? I have never heard of it? "
Although Chang Tianci is young, he is conceited, knowledgeable and specially trained by his father, but he has never heard of this kind of competition method like Xingyun at this time, so he is a little surprised
Chang Chengyan listened to the eyebrows and turned his head with a frown. His father Chang Jingxuan looked at each other all at a loss.
Chang Tianci has never heard of his grandfather, but he is even more curious that the sword in the sleeve is something.
But if the younger brother of other sects asks his master Zhao not to worry, the result is also a gain. It is precisely because of this that these people all want to listen to the explanation of the White Cloud Elder at this time.
I don’t sell anything. Elder Baiyun smiled and said, "The martial arts swordsmanship of all factions in Wulin has always been a secret. It is said that its cultivation method is that people should be careful not to let others see it."
Speaking of which, Elder Baiyun had a delicious meal and continued, "At the beginning, there were two masters who talked about swords together, but it was difficult to avoid the numerous people around them at that time, and the two masters were unwilling to interact. That really hurt the sword, and one of the great wisdom masters in the gas station thought of a way to make others look at the two swordsmanship moves without moving the sword to determine the outcome."
Elder Baiyun said that some intelligent people here have already thought about it. The whole story is that they are smiling and secretly praising this method, but at the same time they also secretly scold him for being stingy. Just now, Shaolin and Wudang were all so mysterious because of their partiality! "
Clouds at this time is also vaguely grasp the main points andao "to compare to do not let others see and don’t move the real sword? Ah! It must be that the name of the method is sword in sleeve. Isn’t that the two of them competing in sleeve? "
Seeing the walking cloud, the elder Baiyun smiled and said, "As the little benefactor thought, the two masters just put their hands together in the sleeve and then refer to the sword, so that the two are beautiful. This is the origin of the sword in the sleeve."
"This method is wonderful!"
Chang Jingxuan suddenly laughed. Other people who didn’t figure it out also found this method novel and interesting.
But Chang Tianci’s heart is dark when he sees his grandfather laughing so much. "What kind of person is my grandfather?" It is absolutely impossible to think of the meaning of the sword in the sleeve at this time. Grandpa laughed at this time naturally not because the sword in the sleeve was interesting. "
Looking at his father, he was also thoughtful. Chang Tianci couldn’t help saying, "Is there any deep meaning in this?"
Clouds listened to the white clouds elders said, "This sword in the sleeve is good for me, but it is not good. Naturally, I don’t need much effort. At this time, Lien Chan’s manpower is the most precious. It is really good to be able to do this in World War I."
But on the other hand, my swordsmanship is bad because of joint swordsmanship. Once the sword in the sleeve is tested, I will join swordsmanship. After all, my joint swordsmanship is a moment when my predecessors cooperate and fight, but it is not one-minded. "
But the clouds think again, "But although I can’t join swordsmanship, it is naturally impossible for him to talk about swordsmanship with taxiing swords. My swordsmanship in Qingcheng Mountain is by no means inferior to his eyebrows. What am I afraid of?" This can save me a lot of effort! "
Weigh the pros and cons, and say, "Then please give me some advice."
Elder Baiyun proclaimed the Buddha’s name and said, "The sleeves of the little benefactor are not as wide as those of the old woman, so let’s have a competition in the sleeves of the old woman."
"There shouldn’t be any machine in his sleeve?" Clouds see white clouds elders said so to detain a move but immediately relieved to "if he really has any machine in his sleeve, I can find it out."
Thought of here, Yunyun put his right hand into the sleeve of the elder Baiyun, and when they touched his right hand, the elder Baiyun laughed, "That’s all right."
For the first time, Xingyun was very cautious. At this time, the right index finger reached out of the elders of Baiyun, and the index fingers were put together without pushing first, but waiting for the elders of Baiyun to make moves first.
But at this time, what surprised the clouds was that the elders of Baiyun did not move at this time!
Half a quarter of an hour passed, but the elders of Baiyun didn’t seem to have the slightest sign of starting work. The time limit was the ring of God. After all, the sword in this sleeve was not tried, but I asked to be familiar with it before making plans, but I couldn’t help but be puzzled for a long time.
At this time, the elders of the clouds and white clouds were present for almost half an hour, but they couldn’t see what was in the sleeve, so they looked at the two men there and even their expressions seemed to have changed little.
"Is he waiting for me to make moves first? No, if that’s the case, then you will say bluntly, why do you want to do this? "
Xingyun thought about going here to see the white cloud elder again and saw that he was still smiling as if he was of great significance. Xingyun’s mind flashed and dimmed to "Is this the case?"
Respectful in the sword in the sleeve (chapter 341)
Respectful in the sword in the sleeve (chapter 341)
After the title of sword in the sleeve was put forward by Elder Baiyun, it was already a long time, but it was not too short. Just now, when Elder Baiyun was on guard, the more he didn’t see it. When Elder Baiyun began to work, the more puzzled he was, the more he slowly passed by. Suddenly, his mind flashed dark and he didn’t know whether the story he had just said was true or not, but at this time, it seems that Elder Baiyun didn’t want me to fight.
"Is he helping me?" I feel a little incredulous about this idea, but at this time, what the elders of Baiyun said made it difficult for him to explain.
Even so, I still dare not have any negligence, but my heart is turned. "I always thought that Tangmen and Emei might be dissatisfied with other big factions entering Sichuan. Now it is really possible to see the performance of those two factions."
At this time, the White Cloud Elder’s move is probably to let me have the spare capacity to win the last point and then go to see me. If I want to clear Qingcheng Mountain, I want to come to Qingcheng Mountain. If I am also a Sect in Sichuan, I will be peeped by his two factions, but I can’t have other big factions to intervene. "
The more you think about it, the more you feel right. "I think that Tang Leng may also think the same as the elders of Baiyun, and only use the excuse that hidden weapons is inconvenient to display and give up the competition."
I made up my mind to fight to the death, but the result turned out to be so. The Tangmen and Emei factions not only didn’t force themselves, but the Emei helped themselves to rest. This is incredible, which really made Xingyun wonder. "I have seen and heard a lot over the years, but now it seems that it is still far from it."
After all, this half-hour is precious, not only for consumption, but also for leisure and rest. If the ethereal heavenly palace doesn’t intervene, you need to win the little pale pie again!
The elders of the clouds and white clouds stood up in that field. The longer they were in this battlefield, the more people came in vain, but it happened that they could say what was going on in that wide sleeve. Everyone was just guessing.
However, at this time, Dian Cang Jing Xian, although struggling to keep himself from being a monk, scolded in his stomach, "What sword in the sleeve? I saw that the old fox wanted to take the opportunity to let the wandering clouds rest. He was able to fight by himself, but he didn’t let other factions intervene!"
At this time, Chang Tianci also guessed that the sword in the sleeve was just a flash, and others were smart. Seeing his grandfather Chang Jingxuan laughing strangely, he was even more determined to guess what was going on with the sword in the sleeve, but I don’t know what Elder Baiyun was going to do.
Yuan Sirong saw that Xingyun was there with the elders of Emei Baiyun for a long time. Although he didn’t see any danger, he was still worried and asked Yang, "Grandpa Yundi, will he be okay?"
Yangwen smiles, "Rong Er, you can rest assured that the cloud will be fine, but it is good for him."
Yuan Sirong was puzzled to hear that his grandfather waved his hand and indicated that he didn’t ask.
But Yang’s heart was so dark at this time that "Tangmen and Emei are still heavy in Sichuan after all"
I’ll see Elder Baiyun again when I smile, but it’s just a hand.
When it’s too good, let’s put the ordinary people on the sidelines and ignore the leaders of various factions. Although their martial arts are not necessarily first-class, they are all people with clear minds. They can’t do everything. How can a person like Elder Baiyun not know?
But this play is to do enough, and then see the elders of Baiyun laughing at the walking clouds, "What a cool breeze and shower!"
When YunYun heard that Elder Baiyun was going to stop, his mind suddenly flashed back to "I want to mess with my cloak and swordsmanship, but it is a shame that YunYun wins in this sleeve."
Clouds this sentence to detain let including white clouds elders in many people stare blankly, especially familiar with clouds such as Qingcheng Yanghua at this time is even more stunned.