It just passed through dozens of places in the original dead forest, and it was very light but clear to Muhai’s ears.

Muhai didn’t pay attention to these sounds, but looked at what metal he met.
I turned my head to Mu Hai’s scalp, and my thinking stopped. A chill rushed to me from my back.
At this moment, he is as cold as ice in the extreme winter.
The stare big eyes seemed to fall out.
His legs trembled and he quickly covered his mouth with cold sweat pouring out of his forehead.
He was really scared at this moment.
Looking at the shadow in front of me, I feel a sense of extreme terror.
This is like an ant facing a giant elephant.
Chapter 672 Black Knight
In front of Muhai, a man with a halberd in his hand and a black armor is looking down at himself.
I don’t know when he appeared behind him.
There is not a wisp of flesh in this man’s face, and there are two white lights shining in his black skull like human eyes.
Two beams of light seem to penetrate a person’s soul. After a gentle look at the eyes and the sea, he feels out of his wits. The soul force makes him panting like a drain.
In that man’s body, he is riding a skeleton monster in black armor, and the monster has no flesh and blood. There are also two shadows in the eyes of the skeleton.
"This is not a person, a demon or a demon."
"They are undead creatures, undead creatures."
Run away as long as you see this thing.
I didn’t expect the assessment to have such horrible things in the forest.
A burst of numbness keeps coming.
Muhai didn’t pass by for the first time and ran away regardless of everything.
This is the only thought in Muhai’s mind.
Run as fast as you can, as far as you can.
This creature is by no means capable of dealing with itself.
Even before entering the ruins of the king, I can deal with these monsters myself, not to mention that this body is a mortal body.
A casual blow against this undead can kill him.
Fortunately, the undead didn’t make the first move just now.
Otherwise, I don’t know how I died.
Muhai didn’t run back, but ran on.
He stopped before he got out of the 100 meters.
He stared at the front and looked motionless.
There are several skeletons with sickles in front of him, and there is a faint white light in each eye.
These skeletons came towards him from all sides.
The faint white light in their eyes beats differently as if they saw a treasure.
Mu Hai was secretly frightened that these skeletons were afraid that they could harvest themselves with a sickle at random.
As time went by, Muhai became more and more frightened, and he was packed all around, and he was a skeleton with various weapons in his hand.
Every skeleton’s eyes are beating off without exception.
They look at the sea as if they were looking at food.
That kind of light wants to swallow Muhai in the mouth immediately.
I shuddered at the sight of Mu Hai and got goose bumps all over.
Counting these skeletons slightly, there are hundreds less.
None of these skeletons moved, as if they were afraid of something.
Muhai held down his violently beating chest and slowly retreated. He found that these skeletons did not follow him, as if the front of these skeletons was a restricted area.
They are all ready to go, afraid that Muhai will be thunderstruck once he walks out of the forbidden area.
Muhai quickly stopped in front of him after retreating dozens of steps, and the black knight was standing in front of him.
However, the black knight did not look at Muhai, but looked ahead as if he had not found Muhai.
No advance, no retreat.
Muhai is in an extremely embarrassing situation at the moment.
Forget it. A hundred deaths.
He can hope that the undead on both sides will automatically leave this side with a chance.
What, these skeletons don’t lean against themselves? Is it because of the black knight?
Such a want to MuHai secretly nod in my heart.
It must be like this. The place where you stay is not a restricted area, but because there are black knights.
These skeletons are afraid of the black knight and dare not rush forward.
Otherwise, I’m afraid of cutting myself into chunks in minutes.
Is that they didn’t swallow themselves?
Is it because they will devour the soul?
The thought of mu hai’s scalp was so frightening that it was beyond words.
Devouring the soul is a mortal doubt.
Look at their skulls. The two flames in their eyes must be soul flames.
This requires the soul to ignite to keep itself immortal.