I quickly explained, "You think too much about that without Xianer. I am that kind of person. I just saw that the little girl didn’t react at all, so I gave her a hand without any other meaning."

Hu Xianer’s fingers are lighter and he said, "Hum, let people have a good impression on you first and then be good at it, right?" Hu Xianer knew that Meng Qi wouldn’t have those thoughts, but his heart just couldn’t help but emit a sour smell.
Meng Qi got older the first time. It really makes no sense for this woman to take off vinegar. Meng Qi simply said, "Yes, yes, step by step. You can’t eat hot tofu. She’s a great beauty, isn’t she, Xianer?"
Hu Xianer pinched it as soon as she let go, and turned it around before asking, "What did you say?" The result is to see Meng Qi with a strange smile on his face.
As soon as Hu Xianer was angry with himself, Bai Mengqi turned red, turned his head to touch his hot face and thought to himself, what’s wrong?
Then he turned around and gently rubbed Meng Qi’s ear and said, "Does Meng Qige hurt? I’m sorry …"
Meng Qi smiled and said, "Why aren’t you jealous?"
Hu Xianer, who was told by Meng Qi, said, "What? I’m not jealous. I hate Meng Qige the most!"
Looking at Hu Xianer’s shyness, Meng Qi’s little unhappiness has already vanished. He smiled and said, "Xianer, in fact, I’m not white at all. How can I attract so many excellent girls? Why do you always worry about that? "
Hu Xianer took a white look at Meng Qi and thought, How can I know such a thing? But Meng Qige is so good but it is easy to attract girls. Anyway, if you want to stay with Meng Qige for a long time, you will definitely like Meng Qige.
Thinking about the past, Hu Xianer’s face turned red again. At that time, she was just a small fox, Meng Qi was just a small snake demon, but even though she knew the danger, Meng Qi was still able to turn back and save her.
Of course, Hu Xianer didn’t like Meng Qi so much at the beginning, but I don’t know when …
Hu Xianer didn’t bother to think about anything else when she remembered that she had finally been with Meng Qi. Anyway, she just didn’t want to share Meng Qi with many people. No matter what happened or not, she had to guard against it.
Yeah, yeah, it’s to prevent micro-duration!
"Anyway, you are not allowed to hook up with other women." Hu Xianer was quite domineering, pointing to Meng Qi’s nose and saying that Meng Qi felt very sorry. God, when did he hook up with another woman?
Meng Qi said with a bitter face, "Xianer should speak with conscience, okay? When have I ever hooked up with another woman?"
Hu Xianer blushed and said with a straight face, "It’s not good to make others like you!"
Meng Qi "What can I do about this?"
Hu Xianer "I don’t care anyway, I just can’t."
Meng Qi’s heart is full of anger. Let’s shake the husband’s outline! Meng Qi forgot that he was sore all over. He jumped out of bed and put Hu Xianer around his thigh.
Pulled out Hu Xianer’s pants and then waved his hand and hit Hu Xianer’s delicate ass, saying, "I won’t give you a good look at the little girl."
"Hey, hey!"
"wow! Meng Qige was wrong. "
"Hum, you know it’s wrong not to open the house for three days?"
"Well …"
"Well, it’s good to know that I’m wrong … well, it hurts!"
Chapter 264 belatedly ended
Chapter 264 belatedly ended
"Meng Qige, you are awake now, I want to go back." Meng Qi has woken up, and Hu Xianer’s heart will be released. Besides, she has been out for two whole days. If she doesn’t go back, it is estimated that there will be a skyfall. After all, she knows that Meng Qi is not a lot.
Meng Qi looked at Hu Xianer with some reluctance and said, "Well, you go ahead. I’m fine, Xianer. Don’t worry. I will kiss your father after this demon meeting."
Hu Xianer nodded and said, "Enmengqige, I’ll wait for you." After that, Hu Xianer left. In fact, Hu Xianer’s senses for that cheap father have gradually improved during the fox family for a year or two. After all, Hu Ao is really good to Hu Xianer, and those resentment in his heart will gradually fade away.
Of course, if Hu Ao doesn’ t allow her to be with Meng Qi, she will certainly stick to her decision, even if it falls out, but it’ s hard to leave some regrets. It would be great if it could be ten dollars.
After Hu Xianer left, Meng Qi quietly lay in bed. Somehow, my heart suddenly remembered Cheng Rewei. He labored to put it in the bag, took out the lamp and looked at the firefly. My heart was a burst of peace of mind.
Now I have found Xianer Ruowei. Where are you? I’m sure I’ll find you. Are you okay? Meng Qi thinks we have to go to Muzu to find the guy who took Ruowei away.
Although that person should also don’t know where Ruowei went, maybe he can get a clue. After all, the world of cultivating immortals is so big. If you look for someone like a fly, it is suspected to be looking for a needle in a haystack.
What about the man who tried to take Ruowei? Meng Qi always felt a little familiar when he remembered Zi Qiu’s description of the man, but who was it? Meng Qi frowned.
At this time, another figure appeared outside Meng Qi’s door, that is, Zixiang. In fact, she has been staying in Meng Qi’s room not far away and has been secretly noting Meng Qi.
But when Hu Xianer was there, she really didn’t have any position to take care of him at Meng Qi’s side. Now Hu Xianer has left Zixiang and hesitated for a moment, so she came to Meng Qi’s door.
Knocked on the door and Zixiang said, "Meng Qi, I came in."
Meng Qi was awakened from thinking by the purple fragrance and promised, "Oh, purple fragrance, come in."
Purple sweet went in and went straight to Meng Qi’s bedside, then sat with his head down and didn’t talk.
Meng Qi asked strangely, "Why didn’t Zixiang go to rest so late?"
Purple sweet shook his head and said, "No, it’s nothing. Just come and see." Purple sweet has been keeping her head down, and Meng Qi can’t move at this time, and she can’t see what purple sweet looks like at this time.
Meng Qi is purple fragrance. I came to see for myself. At that time, I was a little touched and said, "Come to see me at this late hour. Purple fragrance, thank you. I have nothing to do. Go back to sleep early."
Purple sweet don’t talk Meng Qi strange heart said this girl what’s going on? Just when Meng Qi wanted to ask again, Zixiang spoke.
"Hey Meng Qi, what do you think of me?"
"eh? Why do you suddenly ask this? "Meng Qi doesn’t know how Zixiang asked this in the middle of the night.
"Don’t worry about you, just talk about me?" At this time, in the invisible angle of Meng Qi, Zixiang is holding tightly the corner of Meng Qi’s silk quilt and rubbing it constantly.
"Well, you are very good, you are beautiful, your cultivation talent is good, and your blood is pure. Anyway, you are a good girl." Meng Qi answered although he didn’t know why Zixiang asked this question.
"Well, that’s it ….." Zi Xiang said that her head seemed to be buried lower. Although Meng Qi didn’t see it very clearly, she felt this way.
"Purple fragrance, what’s the matter with you?" Purple fragrance said that Meng Qi was a little anxious and wanted to sit up, but with a little effort, the pain was all over her body, and as a result, she could still lie down honestly and say nothing depressed.
And Zixiang hesitated for a long time and finally said, "Well, if I say I like you," Zixiang became smaller and smaller, and later it was almost like a mosquito. But the practitioner was so quiet in quiet distance, and Meng Qi still heard it clearly. How could he be surprised in his heart? !
Meng Qi was silent for a while. He didn’t know how to reject Zixiang’s feelings for Zixiang and himself. Meng Qi has been alert since Hu Xianer woke up.
And because Hu Xianer showed extra intimacy with Hu Xianer when she appeared in this period, Zixiang should give up this plan.
Meng Qi actually refused Zixiang intentionally, although she didn’t have to say it, but Meng Qi knew that Zixiang was a smart girl and she should be able to see it.
However, there is a saying that love makes people blind. After falling in love, it may be that you really didn’t see Meng Qi’s hint, or maybe you understood it but didn’t want to admit it.
And choose to get a definite answer here in Meng Qi on such a night.
Meng Qi finally said after thinking about it for a long time, "Zixiang, you are a very good girl. I believe you can find better people, and I already have a wife, and there are still two people. I can’t let them down, you know."
"Well, don’t say it," Meng Qi said with difficulty. Zixiang interrupted Meng Qi’s words and then raised his head for the first time and looked at Meng Qi.
The moonlight shone through the screen window, and the purple fragrance was just facing the window. The moonlight shone on her face, and Meng Qi could see clearly what a pair of sad eyes it was.
However, Meng Qi’s palpitations are not only so purple, but her eyes are full of tears, but her mouth is a rising arc. She is laughing, and she is actually laughing.
But this smile is so beautiful? This is the second time Meng Qi has seen Zixiang show such an expression. The first time it was because of Long Xiaotian, and the second time it turned out to be because of himself.