Brilliant and thunderous, Xia Qi was shrouded in the moment.
"Ha, ha, ha, I’m Yan’s family. You’re seasoned with little animals."
There is a head left behind Yan Zheng, and Yan Lu laughs more happily than watching the scene of destruction in the bright white mountain.
Just as Yan Lu laughed, a figure in the bright white mountain rushed out as fast as light and appeared beside Yan Lu’s head over the solemn moment.
"I said that one of you and me will fall today, and obviously it’s not me."
Xia Qi appeared beside Yan Lu like light, lightly pressing Yan Lu with a palm and opening his mouth without any response, so Xia Qi directly crushed his head and collapsed directly.
Yan Lu’s head exploded and Yuan Shen collapsed. At the same time, Yan Yan also reacted with a backhand palm, which directly hit Xia Qi’s body and sprayed blood.
"Little beast, you piss me off."
Solemn rage is worse than Yan’s family bodhi old zu’s watching Yan Lu die, and the person who shot him was not seen by him in the eyes. Xia Qi made him angry
Solemnity is definitely the top in the realm of virtual fairy. At this moment, the angry breath is filled with the earth, and there is a knife in its hand. The Lancet, like a Wang Biquan, flashes and shines directly towards Xia Qi. Even a big crack has been broken for a long time to heal.
The blood dragon beside Xia Qi roared again, and the dragon horn flashed lotus flower to meet directly. However, the blood dragon horn was directly cut off when the two collided.
Don’t hesitate Xia Qi to get out and hurry back.
Solemn strength is beyond expectations, powerful and outrageous. It is not Xia Qi who can resist the discoloration of heaven and earth.
"You can’t escape today. The whole Danzong must be buried with Yan Lu."
Solemn pursuit, extremely fast, directly stepping on The Lancet, and the heinous murder emanated from him, and the whole battlefield was affected.
Xia Qi used all his means to escape in high school.
He doesn’t want the Qinglong Emperor to make moves yet, because the Qinglong Emperor’s moves are too expensive, and it is likely that he will leave Danzong directly after the moves, so that Danzong will lose its most powerful shelter.
When he needs to delay now
In front of Dan Zongshan’s gate, the blood splashed and the limbs danced wildly.
Although almost all of the strong Danzong were promoted by elixir, all of them had powerful magic weapons and the support of elixir, so they were very tough and didn’t fall in the wind against Xuanzong.
Gu Yue is among them.
Holding a bloody sword, she kills the strong in the * * layer of the ordinary virtual fairy realm, and it won’t be long before she needs to be bloody sword to find the opportunity to draw her opponent into mummies.
She didn’t display the hall of all evils, because it takes a lot of fairy stones to display it once, and it’s not time to display the hall of all evils for the time being
"Xia Qi is in danger"
When solemn appeared, Gu Yue Qiao’s face showed an anxious color. In the crowd, several people were killed one after another, trying to get rid of the evil fairy hall to help Xia Qi.
However, the key always follows the peak strength of the two Yan’s virtual fairy realms behind Yan, and suddenly one of them directly kills Gu Yue.
The sword was broken and killed, which made Gu Yue unable to get away and immediately fell into crisis.
Gu Yuejiao rebuked the big worry in my heart.
Before the war, Xia Qi told her that if there was an enemy coming, she would be desperate to consume the immortal stone and suppress it, so she could not let the Qinglong Emperor make moves as a last resort.
Obviously, the eye is the solemn opportunity for Gu Yue to urge the suppression of the evil fairy temple
However, Gu Yue was stopped at this time, distracted by the law and suppressed sternness, which would not only disrupt Xia Qi’s deployment, but also put Xia Qi in danger.
Gu Yue was stopped by a woman dressed in a red robe. Her figure was exquisite and uneven, but her face was very ordinary and covered with many spots, which destroyed her perfect figure.
Holding a sword, she attacked a sharp road with a firm but gentle vertical and horizontal break, which made this piece of sky seem to form a sword net and enveloped Gu Yue in it to escape.
"ding ding ding"
Gu Yue has a bloody sword in his hand and struggled to support the sword. The long skirt fluttered like a fairy sword, but Gu Yue was caught in the wind and it was difficult to support it.
The shock wave is as heavy as a bloody sword, and the impact is like a landslide. If it weren’t for the blood sword, most of Gu Yue would have been unable to support it.