If you dare to steal Dangkang, you are sure to get it back with interest.

Monks practice and fight for heaven and earth.
Survival of the fittest in the sea beast world
A little crazy flashes in a pair of small eyes.
Don’t be crazy
If you get the blood of God, if you can digest it, there is no doubt that you can go up a storey still higher, and maybe you can really get rid of the shackles of blood.
Even if it is dangerous, even if it will cause great disaster, I will fight to the death today.
At a distance, I saw Sun Hao and Xiao Huo, and Xiao Zhang’s body quickly slipped into the sea from the wave of overlord rhinoceros. At the same time, a wrist foot stretched out of the sea and aimed at the reddish brown with gold blood.
Foot deformation overlord chapter heart suddenly determined.
There is a great attraction in the wrist foot to attract the blood of Zhongshen.
At the same time, the body suddenly began to accelerate in the sea.
Swim up in the direction of Fengyun.
God’s blood suddenly seemed to be attracted 2.
When Kang’s face showed a disdainful look
It’s really reckless and bold
The mind is a little loose, and the blood control of God is loosened.
God’s blood is dragged and rapidly falls into the sea and disappears into the sea.
"Dangkang Dangkang …" Dangkang’s body rushed out and the whole sea animal formed an island and moved at the same time.
Look in the right direction and follow Dangkang to start chasing.
Small chapter slide rapidly at the same time Corleone a slight sigh Teng and striding across also rushed out to the front of Fengyun.
Divine blood
Not ordinary blood
Divine blood has two functions that ordinary blood does not have.
One god’s blood is firmly connected with Dangkang’s blood and mind.
If you don’t go too far or go in, he won’t lose his sense of blood.
Er Shen’s blood body has a strong ability to reject his blood, which is very destructive to his blood ability.
When Kang Ke is sure that he will never lose him.
The metamorphosis chapter will never escape its own perception of the blood of God.
In fact, when Kang feels that there is already a blood stain and burst blood flower on the sea surface, Dangkang and the sea animals are guided to pursue quickly.
It’s like lighting firecrackers. As the blood of God is quickly inhaled into the wrist, it bursts and crackles along the direction of wrist recovery, and the lotus flower splashes.
An extremely fast blood line appear in that sea water.
The chapter of foot deformation overlord drags the wrist foot.
Wrist feet suck the blood of God and quickly flee in the direction of Fengyun.
Although his body is still like sea water, his wrist has exposed his whereabouts.
When Kang Fang shoots out,
Two giant overlord rhinoceros rushed up at the forefront, and the sea animals behind them attacked together.
Marine fish that swim very fast in the sea are also chasing quickly.
Colorful light attacks poured down to Xiaozhang rapidly along the direction of wrist recovery.
Friar’s fleet and sea animals are facing each other at a distance, separated by a wide sea.
The distance between the two sides is not far, but it is definitely not close.
The monks broke into a cold sweat when they saw the sea animals chasing and attacking like a flood, especially when they saw overlord rhinoceros and Dangkang chasing at high speed.
For the secret hand, for the solution to everyone when Kang Ya threatened to pinch a cold sweat.
Can this battle be stopped? Can you escape?