When I returned to my camp, I saw Chen Gong in the camp

"Well, sit down" nodded to Chen Gong, and Ning Caichen found a place to sit down. "This time, there seems to be more than 200,000 people in the Yellow turban insurrectionary army station. What’s the public opinion?"
Ning Caichen looked at Chen Gong this period of time in addition to ambush him and Li Yuan, but then the yellow turban insurrectionary army always avoided them early, but now all of a sudden this posture is obviously to want to play a head-on game with them in Liang Jun, which made him frown and feel uneasy. Although there are more than 100,000 armed forces, Liang Jun’s greatest ceremonial is not the 100,000 troops, but Yan Yan.
It is impossible to overcome the fact that there are two hundred thousand troops stationed by the yellow turban insurrectionary army, even four hundred thousand. This is made up by the strength gap method, but now the yellow turban insurrectionary army has put on this gesture and made him feel a kind of uneasiness.
"Every cause has its consequences. The Yellow Scarf Army must have their reasons for doing this. Most of them are not empty." Chen Gong’s eyes condensed. "I wonder if the general knows the opening angle."
"opening angle"
Ning Caichen look slightly, this man naturally knows that Taiping Sect was a founder and a well-known leader of the Yellow turban insurrectionary uprising in the Three Kingdoms period. Some people have made the opening angle in the Three Kingdoms amazing, and the most famous one is the opening angle to get a roll of days …
However, that was the opening angle of the Three Kingdoms period and the Yellow Scarf Uprising in the Three Kingdoms period. Now there are some differences in the Yellow Scarf Uprising in Liang. The most obvious difference is that there are three brothers in the opening angle of the Taiping Uprising in the Three Kingdoms period, and there are three brothers in the opening angle, and the general Zhang Bao and the general Zhang Liang, but there is no public general Zhang Liang in the Yellow Scarf Uprising in Liang.
Ning Caichen doesn’t know Zhang Jiao, but one thing is certain: it’s definitely not easy to launch the Yellow Scarf Uprising in such a short time and sweep across Dongyan County. At the beginning, Zhou Xin and others, such as Liangzhou City, were defeated, and there is no specific news yet.
Opening Angle has always been a mysterious person, even if there is little news of him today. The more so, the more people guess and fear. He thought of the fact that when Zuo School said opening angle, he directly called it the opening angle saint. There was still a bit of admiration and enthusiasm in his eyes, which was very unusual. The fighters who turned to the yellow turban insurrectionary were proud but worshipped opening angle.
"Now the yellow turban insurrectionary army is so suspicious that they are confident that they will not be afraid even in the face of general Ulrich, and all this can point to the opening angle if not guessed wrong. It may be that the opening angle is a level figure with Ulrich and has come to Tiger Prison."
Chen Gong calmly analyzed, but he himself was a little scared because of this idea. Opening Angle and Ulrich are at the same level. What is that? Even the whole China is the top group of people.
"What about the left school? Did you say anything?" Ning Caichen, he wants to accept the left school, and now he wants to know the news from the left school. Because it is very important, he may go to Liang Jun to win or lose.
"Your mouth is tight"
Chen Gong shook his head.
"Master, I think we need to make preparations early." After pondering for a moment, Chen Gong woke Ning Caichen up. "We are not afraid of one thousand, but we are afraid of ten thousand. If that’s the case, we should also think about the posterior approach."
"Play it by ear. Now it’s an arrow that has to be sent. Even if the opening angle is really a figure at that level, there is also an avatar to deal with him. We may not lose."
Ning Caichen’s eyes flashed a bit of confidence, which was his confidence in his own strength. Since Wen Qi Xiu broke through to a half-step scholar, his strength has undergone a qualitative change. He didn’t know exactly where it was, but even in the face of Chen Yan, he had confidence in a few moves.
At night, the wind roared and the tiger prison was covered with thick lead clouds. There was a kind of dullness when the city was covered with dark clouds. It seemed that heaven and earth also predicted an upcoming war. The dark clouds were so low that the surrounding hills seemed to be rolled over for a moment, and the strong wind "whimpered" and kept blowing …
"Tear … click … boom …"
A crisp silvery white flash tore a gap in the dark cloud, like a split moment between heaven and earth, accompanied by a deafening noise, and several people were disturbed at this moment.
"Boom … click! ……”
Another dazzling flash, this time louder, the world was illuminated and directly split into a hill not far away.
"What’s the matter …" "What’s the matter? Is it going to rain?"
Liang Jun turmoil Several people looked up at the sky and saw layers of lead clouds rolling like black clouds, but there were thunder intertwined, silver snakes dancing and tearing the black clouds from time to time, and this land was also illuminated.
"Click … click … boom …"
There are more and more dazzling silvery white flashes, tearing the black clouds one after another. Some of them seem to have hit the ground. In the end, it can’t be calm here. Thunder howls and thunder interweaves in the black clouds, just like dancing in the black clouds.
This movement was so great that at the end of the day, the whole tiger prison could not be calm. Liang Jun was also alarmed at this moment. He looked at it with a lot of timidity and fear. Because the scene was really horrible, the black clouds covered the mountains next to it. It seemed that they were within reach. There were more roads in the silver-white flashing clouds, tearing the black clouds one after another. Like Razer dancing in the black clouds …
This scene is scary, like the end of the world, with a kind of depression and panic, especially the dancing flashes are full of violence and destruction, and some of them seem to have fallen to the ground.
"God, what’s going on? What’s going on? There won’t be any big demon coming out, will there?"
The crowd is a little uneasy, even if the military discipline is strict, the commotion should appear at this moment. It’s really terrible and a little scary, as if all creatures look small in the face of heaven and earth.
"Master this …"
Chen Gong and Ning Caichen came out of the camp and were shocked to see what they saw.
"Come with me to the xiaoqi camp."
Ning Caichen took one look at the sky and walked towards the xiaoqi camp.
"xiaoqi yinghe!"
Go to the direction of the xiaoqi camp tinker Ning Caichen drink a lot, and at this time, the xiaoqi camp has long been alarmed to hear Ning Caichen’s voice close here.
"A surname, what happened?"
Mubai asked Ning Caichen with a full face of inquiry. It was not only that all the people in the Xiaoqi Camp looked at him, because the sight was too abnormal.
"Click boom! ….. ""Ah … hide quickly … "
At this moment, there was a loud noise, and everyone felt that the world in front of them became dazzling white. It was a flash that suddenly split from the sky and fell in the distance with a loud noise. There appeared a pit several meters deep, and dozens of meters in Fiona Fang was a blackened image …
This caused a great uproar, and Liang Jun was in chaos
"quick! Come on! Come on! ….. "Soon Xue Guiling led a large group of soldiers coming here.
"Brother Ning, let’s go. General has ordered us to close the yellow turban insurrectionary army quickly." Xue Gui told Ning Caichen.
"Xiaoqi Camp is ordered to come with me" Ning Caichen immediately ordered "You are also with me at Gongtai".
"quick! Come on! Come on! ….. ""Speed … ""Close! ….. ""Quick! Come on! ……”
Soon the whole Liang Jun camp became noisy, and one by one, the military commanders got the news to stabilize the riots in the army and lead the troops together
In the end, more than 100,000 Liang Jun Hehe Tiger Prison, miles in front of it, to make a living with a lux armor riding a tall dark horse, looking at the sky in front of the army. On the other side of Tiger Prison, teams of yellow turban insurrectionary army combat force Chengtou Zhang Baoshou, Liu Shi, Yu Du and other generals of the yellow turban insurrectionary army also looked at the front of the tower …
At this time, the sky has been completely covered by dark clouds. At first glance, the whole day has been wrapped in dark clouds. The thunder in the dark clouds is intertwined like thousands of Lei Long, but it has not been split again. It seems that the heavens and the earth are torn to the end with the harsh sniffing, and all the flashes are intertwined to form a Lei Yun with hundreds of meters in Fiona Fang.
"God, look at what it is! ……”
Suddenly, someone in the army exclaimed that Ning Caichen and others’ pupils also contracted violently at this moment. Because of the sudden appearance of a whirlpool in Lei Yun in the middle of the line of sight, a man wearing a white robe slowly stepped out of the whirlpool and stayed in the virtual head. Lei Yun was intertwined with thunder …
This is a shocking scene. A person walks out of a thundercloud and stands in the thunder like a statue recovering from ancient times. Raytheon controls the thunder. You can see a road of silvery white flashing. The white figure is also stepping around his feet. The thunder is not very tall, but it seems that there is a trend in this world. It seems that both heaven and earth have been trampled by this person …
"Welcome to the Saint!"
The distant Tiger Prison Tower sounded like a tsunami. It was the Yellow Scarf Army. At this moment, it was paying homage to the people in the middle. They recognized the bearer as the opening angle.
"God, how can this person be Zhang Jiao?"
"How did this happen …"