Violent fear tooth body flashing cold white light boxing shadow and paw prints have attacked.

Blow to shine.
A claw turned to the palace Xiaoli.
Shine negative spell is very annoying, which will reduce his state. Although it is not long, the key moment will affect the war situation. Xiaoli’s attack power must be removed, which is the highest among Terran monks. It is also a natural and key point to deal with.
Chapter nine hundred and two War tooth five
Of course, Sun Hao has always been the target of tooth phobia.
A punch and a claw attack to shine and palace Xiaoli at the same time a kick to the Corleone.
At this time, the fear of tooth has defeated several monks in the road by leaps and bounds, and it is unstoppable to kill them.
His monks are relatively far apart and can try their best to rescue them.
Sun Hao felt the taste of being defeated by life for the first time, and knew for the first time that the original absolute strength array was not indestructible.
Every attack of tooth phobia will be like a meteor with a layer of light. His attack is not only extremely powerful, but also has a strong breaking effect, which is different from the mainstream of mainland China.
The fear of teeth is only the will of the giant fear clan, and it has been imprisoned for hundreds of millions of years.
It is conceivable that if the real giant fear of the world is at its peak, it will be waiting for terror.
I’m afraid of tooth crit, and Shine and Gong Xiaoli can fly back slowly to avoid sharpness.
While Sun Hao put his legs in place and sank slightly.
Two girls felt a surge of masculinity and coldness beside them, and the temple seemed to be instantly warmer.
And then after a pause, I found that Corleone had been blocked by the golden light flashing like the rising sun, and behind them, I should be afraid of the teeth.
Gong Xiaoli’s charming eyes flashed with filar silk obsession
In those days, Howard Jr. of Daye Island showed him the other side of him.
Now, after many years, Howard Jr., who is in danger of returning to the temple of souls, has once again played this set of boxing, and she has blocked the vicious enemy behind her.
At this time, Sun Haoyang was just strong and fit, and he exuded handsome and youthful spirit.
It’s not just Gong Xiaoli’s obsession with his eyes. The monks are not neat and his eyes are bright
This is a kind of momentum. Sun Haosun’s agarwood strength is really remarkable. This guy can hide too much.
But this kind of momentum can’t stop the fear of teeth, can it
Sun Hao’s automatic jacking when two girls retreat.
One claw
One foot
The light flashing department rushed Sun Hao to kill.
When a crunchy
A strange ugly sword collided with a fist awn in the appearance, but the power of the fist awn was greatly reduced, but it still rushed to Sun Hao
Aquilaria sinensis is a spin and fly back.
Poop, poop, poop.
The paw prints scratched through Sun Hao’s layers of fire Aegis hall, splashing bursts of flames, and finally caught Sun Hao’s protective gods, but failed to break through Sun Hao’s dissipation.
Kick your legs and get ready to seize the opportunity of Sun Hao’s quick break and hit Sun Haoshi hard.
Sun Hao’s strong murderous look and strange smell flooded in
Fear of tooth body a slight shake heart surges a palpitation as if by the ancient famine fear top heart and gallbladder a kick out breath greatly reduced.
Then there was a strange feeling of being unwilling to start work and feeling disheartened.
It seems that killing is a big loss of scenery, and the power is reduced when you kick it.
What the hell is it that I’m afraid that when I shake my head and forcibly expel all kinds of bad feelings, I find that I’ve hit the block with a punch and a kick.
Sun Hao was still not lucky enough to be hit by a tooth.
What a series of means to fear the tooth attack might drop, but it didn’t really hurt Sun Hao.
Sun Haozhong stayed up four or five steps back and bumped into Shiner’s body. This just stabilized the body, and the crimson light flashed again to see the protector.
Repelling Sun Hao’s fear of tooth has flashed his body. Sun Hao’s position when he was just attacked.
A slight twinkle in his eyes looked at Sun Hao and said, "I have seen your strong gas …"
I never thought that at this moment, I was afraid of teeth and actually said such a sentence.
Sun Hao was slightly stunned and then stood up and slowly pulled himself out of the shine to help the straight body. Sun Hao made a rising sun masculine hand style and smiled indifferently. "Tooth predecessors, please enlighten me."
Fear of tooth pause will rank then they have quickly gathered together to vaguely meet three talents again.
At this moment, all the ranking then even the arrogant Zhao Zhumo has to admit that Sun Haosun’s agarwood strength is really strong enough.
Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang not only has the highest level of physical training, even gas training is not weak, but also means are endless.
You know, these last few hours have changed rapidly, but Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang blocked the fear of teeth, and that’s the truth
How many monks at the scene are as sick as Sun Hao after being struck by the thunder of fear of teeth?
Sun Hao is really lucky in his heart.
Just fighting made Sun Hao fully feel the fear of teeth.
The agarwood broke out and became a great sword, which lived up to Sun Hao’s expectations and blocked most of the power of the fist mans.
Life small avatar and supernatural god Gang also blocked the paw prints.
Killing momentum and stopping killing techniques have greatly reduced the strength and power of teeth-fearing legs.
Finally, the rising sun’s masculinity and the peerless deity made the tooth-fearing residual attack come back.
Although it is caught, at this moment, Sun Hao’s heart is a burst of qi and blood, which is not particularly good.
The residual strength is still terrible.
What’s even more frightening is that Sun Hao is still a little lucky to know that he can just stop the fear of teeth.
If you are afraid of teeth, you have an understanding of your abilities, and if you have prevention, you can still stop it.
Afraid of teeth, Sun Hao said nonsense. Sun Hao took the opportunity to restore and said, "Please enlighten me, my predecessors" and slowly pulled the rising sun masculine gesture again.
Afraid of tooth gently shook his head and said, "If you say that you have a bit of connection with me, but since you don’t know how to be good, I’ll let you know that I’m really afraid of people …"
Speaking of this, I am afraid that my teeth will open my mouth and drink "boil" the white teeth. The cold white light flashes and the teeth are thrown out to form a fan and rushed to Sun Hao.
Afraid of teeth, tall and strong, the body also swung its fists and claws and launched an attack after Silver Teeth.
In the violent attack, there was tooth phobia and binge drinking. "The great fear is rampant in mainland China, but before the meat dish, it is now and I want you to know that the great fear clan is truly majestic …"
Sun Hao, who was furious, felt a huge pressure coming to him, and his body seemed to be a little scared for a moment.