The whole counterattack has achieved good results in Asia, the United States and Europe, but what about Ah San? You still want to go abroad when you haven’t solved the problem in your own country? Take the door back from the aliens first!

In the end, I don’t know what Miguo said to Asan. Asan’s accusation will eventually be over, and there will be no more Indochina.
At the beginning of July, the westward movement group hit the border of Albania and Albania and stopped here.
In principle, the westward advance group can continue to advance westward to Afghanistan, and it is only necessary to return the territory belonging to Afghanistan after the war.
However, there is no idea of complaining in the North. Just brake on the border. Sam loves to toss it. Anyway, Sam has no chance to get his hands on Indochina.
During this period, Beidu not only set up the westward movement group, but also set up the southward movement group at the same time, which was established in South Polo Island in the late May.
That is to say, in 237 and a half years, Beidu formed four battle groups: southwest, southeast, westward and southward, with a total strength of nearly 300,000!
Although the strength of each group is not too high, the members are equipped with power armor and he has all kinds of technical equipment.
The formation of these battle groups has almost exhausted the old base, and it is no longer possible to form a fifth battle group.
The southward group lived up to expectations, and various kinds of interference and counterattacks from aliens continued to advance. At the end of June, the southward group recovered the equatorial base; In mid-July, Beidu heavy equatorial base.
At the end of July, a few days after the Nanjin Group recovered Borneo, the track ladder returned to the ground end to re-fix the equatorial base.
The first stage of the counterattack planning department in the northern capital was completed.
Miou’s two directions have also achieved brilliant results in these two months.
The U.S. army intercepted aliens and went all the way south. In June, it opened the land passage of North America and South America and entered South America on a large scale.
After a short break in July, the European Coalition forces crossed the Mediterranean Sea and landed in North Africa, officially marching into the African continent, where aliens have occupied the longest and most powerful territory.
However, in just a few months, the counterattack in all directions has achieved decisive victory. Hundreds of alien nests were destroyed in the Allied campaign, and the alien nests in the northern hemisphere were even more deadly
It is true that not all enemy nests have been destroyed by Coalition forces, and a considerable number of enemy nests are hidden in the dark, but human beings have never given up chasing aliens and hiding in the dark, and aliens dare not stir up.
Generally speaking, in the first six months of 237, the situation was that human beings mainly attacked aliens, and both sides won and lost, but human beings had a strategic advantage.
People are very optimistic about the allied counter-offensive and think that in half a year, at most, human beings will be able to completely drive me out of the earth.
The pessimistic view is a little longer, and it will take three to five years to clean and completely eliminate aliens.
But no matter which view, it is recognized that mankind will win the final victory.
This fact is quite interesting. If it takes a year and a half, no one, whether civilian or military, thinks that human beings can destroy aliens. Many people think that human beings can’t win the war.
But now it is a matter of time to win.
Volume 45 Step in.
Chapter 11 Northern Australia
Lan Hao at the beginning of 237
Yip hon sat in his position with his helmet hanging slightly, and brought the earth outside the ship to his eyes as if the earth were at his feet.
From looking down on the earth, it is so peaceful and quiet that we can’t see that human beings and aliens are fighting a life-and-death war here.
"Captain!" Luo Qiyin interrupted Yip Han’s thinking about "Commander Wu of Beiyuezhou Communication is looking for"
Yip hon correct sitting posture "come in"
Before the voice just fell, a virtual screen has been made, and Wu Han’s figure appears on the screen.
Ye Han saluted, "Commander, you want to see me!"
Wu Han waved, "I have one for you."
Yip hon slightly zheng made no secret of his surprise "what?"
He can’t help but unexpectedly return from March. It’s been almost half a year now. The three fronts of the earth are fighting back in all directions at the same time. The human forces are in full swing, but the North Moon Island has not arranged for the secret service team. How did the sun come out in the west today?
Wu Han said, "The situation is a bit complicated. At the end of last month, a distress signal was discovered by satellite in northern Australia. Satellite reconnaissance found that the signal came from a worm!"
This sentence sounds simple, but the meaning in it has caused quite a stir in Yip Han’s heart.