"Don’t forget that when I had a fairy realm to kill my roots, I didn’t need a fairy to do it myself. Which fairy had no cronies outside? Even if the official power mobilization is easy to be smashed by a bunch of fairy stones, it can always be a sign that there are many wild immortals. What’s more, are they elders? "

"The elders? You mean … "
"Murphy that time when Lin flocculant that bitch is not abnormal? You stupid woman didn’t think about it and didn’t notice it! "
"Lin flocculant …"
Yu Xueying recalled the current events that year, and when she thought about it carefully, there were indeed some suspicious places, but at that time, she didn’t think about it at all. How could she possibly think that someone was dealing with Chen Han?
Lin Xu Xian Zun!
Senior minister!
She knows very well that although these immortals have their own direct-hand theory, they have a great life and death, but there is always a gap between theory and reality
If you kill a Luo Tianxian because of the fairy statue, not to mention how much she relies on this Luo Tianxian, wouldn’t it be cool to kill the fairy statue alone?
Kuangchen cold again how favored he is, after all, even the purple radish palace is not an outsider to kill stuff is definitely a no-no.
See her thoughtfully silence Chen cold can’t help but sneer at "? Well, you’re not sure if it’s true now. What can you do if you are? "
"I … I will definitely punish her!"
"Punishment? Such as punishment? "
"This …"
"Did you punish her for being killed in the old days?"
Chen Han’s face is full of disdain. It is telling Yu Xueying that I was almost killed by her. Since you regard me as a future help, it is natural to kill Lin Xu, but will you kill her? If not, don’t say such high-sounding words.
Looking at his hateful expression, Yu Xueying was so angry that she almost bit her silver teeth and said slowly, "You know very well what it means to kill her. You must take care of the overall situation. I can’t. You killed a fairy statue personally!"
"So what qualifications do you have to say I slip away? Will I die if I don’t leave? Which of those bitches who stay beside you are not eyeing me? I don’t want to be killed one day! "
"This time, I will send the immortal master to protect you personally and never let that happen again."
"Have you ever heard of a well rope that has been bitten by a snake for three years?"
"Can I take this as a refusal?"
"You don’t care about Helan Star Juxian League?"
"This is the site of Lengfeng Sect!"
"Cold front cases are qualified to compete with my purple rose palace? The situation is to destroy a small sect that is not official. I believe no one will care, don’t you think? "
"I will marry you in the future. What are you if I am a bitch?"
"The devil wants to marry you!"
Chen cold embrace still hasn’t woken up in Qianxiu Chen Yan directly launched a big move.
The other party was stupid enough not to imprison this piece and didn’t make the fairy force fluctuation affect the transfer operation. This point is to create an escape opportunity for him.
However, just as he started to move the star, Yu Xueying sneered, "Run to the seat today. It will be interesting to see where you can run. Let you run to the end …"
Chapter 642 used his quick wits
Escape back to Helan star or Yunjie star?
Chen cold killed dare not do that. Listen to the tone. Yu Xueyan temporarily knew that Juxian League had something with him, but did not know that Wen Lingxuan also had something with him. It is even more impossible to know that both sides have fairy statues secretly guarding them. If you go back, maybe all these will be exposed, and all your efforts will be in vain.
Kill Yu Xueying?
He really wants to do that, but he knows it’s impossible, even if he has a treasure seal.
Don’t look at her, there are two immortals around her. He has already learned this witch means. Didn’t four immortals make moves on the surface? When Yu Yun Feng started, there were a lot of immortals and immortals running out of the star boat immediately?
No one knows exactly how many masters are hiding around her. Ten times weakening of the seal seal is not absolute, but it is limited in the target number.
What’s more, the three immortals on his side are the strongest, that is, the mid-term realm. If there is no late fairy statue around Yu Xueying, it is really evil. For the late fairy statue, it is uncertain whether the seal seal seal of the treasure is weakened by ten times. Even if it is weakened by ten times, it still has the initial realm of the fairy statue. If it is a third-order physique, the fairy statue is still not weaker than Liuchuan and Su Hai. If you go deeper, you may have a great gap with HarmonyOS magic in your hand.
The total hallows are not omnipotent. He has no idea how many cards his brothers and sisters have, and he dare not take risks.
So … Where can I escape?
Yu Xueying’s identity is the most sure to deal with her among the forces that Chen Han has made. However, the Qingtian Sword Sect will definitely not be stupid enough to confront the Violet Palace. Secondly, it will probably be able to lift the crisis, and there will be Yu Qifeng. There are many fairy masters around him who are absolutely sure to kill Yu Xueying, and he doesn’t have as many concerns as the Qingtian Sword Sect.
Anyway, he is no longer in the imperial palace, so he plans to develop outside. Say hello to his family and declare that he will leave the Imperial Palace, so that he will not find trouble in the imperial palace. It is not easy to find Yufeng in the boundless celestial world.