Building an ideal society is that everyone agrees that the ultimate ideal is not a stage. We should first complete the stage that is visible to the naked eye and then talk about the ultimate ideal instead of treating it as a simple one.

The realization of the ultimate ideal needs too many preconditions, and without preconditions, the ultimate ideal can be realized.
The supporters are too radical.
Supporters think otherwise about opponents.
On the contrary, they think that their thoughts are conservative and degenerate, which is not a normal phenomenon. Revolutionaries should always remain enthusiastic and not stop. Once they stop, they will lose their initiative if they are satisfied with the status quo.
Once the enterprise is lost, burnout will prevail, which will corrode the revolutionary’s will to struggle and eventually fail.
Although there were reasons for the great rectification, the mainstream guiding ideology of the stable development of the whole imperial court at that time was also an important reason. This was also Su Yonglin’s admission that the mistake was invisible and must not be let go.
But opponents still disagree.
They believe that Su Yonglin’s assertion that "there are objective laws in social development, and objective laws should not be forcibly intervened by human resources" is very correct.
It is a natural law that people are doomed to misfortune, and it is impossible to change the moon.
It takes two to three years for a wasteland to grow food normally, as the case may be. When agricultural production is still so difficult, what’s more, how to build an ideal society?
Revolutionaries need to keep fighting enthusiasm, but they should not be blinded by enthusiasm, or they will starve to death.
Once the stomach is hungry, the brain will not work well, and there will be a big problem. At that time, it is a question whether the existing big country in the ideal society can be preserved.
The success of the revolution is not because you think it is successful, but it needs the unanimous approval of the general public. Isn’t it before the people are full?
Isn’t matter?
Supporters and opponents accuse each other of being "conservative" and "radical", accusing each other of thinking differently and having a heated debate with each other.
From the Central Committee of the Renaissance Association to the local branch, is this a controversial issue?
Xin Qiji, Kong Maojie and other senior officials of the imperial court and senior cadres of the Renaissance Association did not speak for such a big debate.
Considering their status and influence, they felt that if they made a public statement, it might cause a partial revival, and they did not respond publicly.
However, they expressed their hope that Su Yonglin would say something to calm the debate.
Therefore, China won the second Song War and launched an economic war against Jiangnan in great strides. At the same time, the Ministry of State once again raised its recognition of its own advanced nature and road correctness on a large scale, and the Ministry of State also carried out an ideological struggle.
Is this road to walk step by step or run?
In the face of this increasingly fierce ideological struggle, Su Yonglin did not express his position for the first time.
This has attracted the attention of Zhao Xirui, who has been paying attention to this matter.
"It’s so noisy outside. Why are you still like a circumstances? These days, when I go to the headquarters of Fuxing Association to do things, I can see many people get together to argue every day, and I am worried that they will not be good employees. "
Zhao Xirui looked at Su Yonglin while checking her homework on a rare rest day, and sometimes she struggled and pondered curiously.
Chapter 112 The shackles in my heart are still talking about the kingdom of heaven
Since the establishment of Zhao Xirui’s Women’s Department, she has devoted a lot of energy to the establishment and operation of the Women’s Department.
At first, she was also busy with Su Yonglin’s confidential duties, writing articles and proofreading. Now she has divided her energy to help Xiao Cui do women’s work, but the whole person’s mental state is also quite good.
Always running around to deal with things, the whole person has developed a vigorous atmosphere from the inside out, and the sense of competence can often be reflected inadvertently in his speech and manners.
Su Yonglin is still very happy about this.
It is not easy for the Women’s Department to train several female cadres with practical work ability in the initial stage, and it will become sustainable with Zhao Xirui as the head.
It is not surprising that Zhao Xirui, the whole department of the Women’s Department, knows about this big debate, and it is not surprising that they are interested in it
However, Zhao Xirui has been pregnant for five months, and Su Yonglin thinks it is better for her to have a baby with peace of mind.
"You also note this? It is said that you have been pregnant for five months. Be careful. Don’t always go to the women’s department recently. I think Xiao Cui has been doing things more calmly recently. You can take a rest and don’t tire yourself. "
Su Yonglin looked up at Zhao Xirui and bulged up and smiled.
"After five months, the baby has stabilized. After several consultations, the doctor said that there is nothing. I am in good health. What are you worried about?"
Cherish Zhao Rui sat down beside Su Yonglin with a smile, relying on "Xiao Cuicui is really calm in doing things, but she is still young. The Women’s Department has been in charge of more than 20 people from the beginning, and now there are more than 300 people.
There are more than 100 cadres in the training class for further study, and there are more than 200 candidates waiting for selection in workshops all over the country, and she is also distracted. Xiao Cuicui is running around every day, and people are tired and thin. I can’t see the past. "
"Xiao Cui is a very responsible girl, and she is very careful. This is what I like about her."
Su Yonglin nodded. "You can give some advice properly before having children, but don’t be hands-on. Pregnant women should have a good rest. There must be something to shout the girls to the palace for nearby treatment."
"Let me think about it. Now it’s just that many departments don’t pay much attention to Xiao Cuicui as a little girl. She thinks the women’s department is a joke. I don’t come forward to back her up. She can’t do a lot of things alone."
Here, Cheryl Zhao gently lamented a Su Yonglin’s chest. "What do you say about respecting women? I think you cadres still look down on our women one by one! They probably wouldn’t talk to me if I didn’t have a queen who was afraid of me in the name of your ear.
Also, I also heard that recently, some people outside said that it was not a good thing that I made too many appearances, and even said that I was not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the harem. It seems that I am very dissatisfied with my frequent appearance to Xiao Cuicui. "
Su Yonglin is not a wry smile without hearing similar words.
"It has been thousands of years since the establishment of the six-year system. It is indeed necessary and realistic to reverse it."
"This aspect is nothing but how there are so many people shouting outside to build an ideal society quickly? I think they have forgotten that equality between men and women is another aspect of an ideal society? "
Cherish zhao rui face unhappy muttered, "this is what you said selective memory! And … Double standard! A bunch of bastards! "
"That’s why I said resistance and long."
Su Yonglin put his pen in his hand, picked up the paper in front of him and pointed to write more than half of the article titles to Zhao Xirui.
"The shackles in my heart still talk about the kingdom of heaven?"
Zhao Xirui took the paper and looked at it a little. She found that this article was just the beginning of the women’s department and Zhao Xirui’s situation, and she was very interested.
"You write?"
Cherish core zhao laughed and said, "it seems that you are not nothing? From this angle, we can really hit those double-label guys from the root. "
"I said let’s renaissance will pay attention to a democracy, democracy first, and then let people speak freely, otherwise what’s the difference with feudal emperors? Words have to be spoken to know what people are thinking in order to deal with it. "
Su Yonglin picked up a piece of paper full of words. "But, the speaker is responsible for his own speech. There is a bad system in the old dynasty, that is, the official can get wind of it without taking evidence and is not responsible for firing at random, which makes rumors fly everywhere."