It was reported in the newspaper that Li Hongzhang and Zhang Xiaohuai had just reached an agreement with the ancient princes and sent a report to Baotou Ba Gen after a brief introduction.

When Li Hongzhang and Zhang Xiaohuai first arrived in Ulaanbaatar, they didn’t expect to receive a warm welcome from the foreign princes. After all, the foreign princes had accumulated power in the Qing court for many years and were oppressed by Russia from the back. Who knows what the Chinese Republic is thinking?
It is the princes who are full of suspicion and are wary of Li and Zhang, and the princes have also been provoked by some agents outside Russia, and they are even more hostile to them.
If Zhang Xiaohuai comes alone, I’m afraid things will be really difficult. After all, although Zhang Xiaohuai is talented, he is still too young to have prestige.
Speaking of prestige, sometimes you can’t see him, but when you key, you can’t do without this thing.
Just like this time, with Li Hongzhang, the situation is completely different. Li Hongzhang is not just born. Zhang Xiaohuai, an old man, has enjoyed high prestige in Qing politics for decades, both in the Qing court department and internationally. Even in the hearts of Europeans and Americans, it is Bismarck’s lean figure!
When Li Hongzhang delivered his invitation to the door of the ancient princes, the princes and nobles came out at a trot. In those days, these princes fawned on Li Hongzhang, but they didn’t give the first nave in Qing Dynasty something less. Even now, China International has an influence that is not comparable to that of ordinary ministers. He can definitely gather a large number of people around him at any time!
This is the charm of Li Hongzhang!
Otherwise, Zhang Yi, Yuan Shikai and others would not have fought for this old man who became an official!
Li Hongzhang first came forward to appease a group of nobles who had made good friends with themselves, and then began to order Zhang Xiaohuai to crack down on the demonstrations of the ancient remnants of Mongolia outside Russia!
A dozen pull in a blink of an eye completed the outer’ Mongolia’ ancient corner’ color’ transformation and occupied the absolute initiative!
Zhang Xiaohuai watched Li Hongzhang’s external "Mongolia" and handled the external "communication" with ease. I was envious of this wrist, and it was awkward. Even the humble cloth was still a proud prince.
It’s not that you can make it by yourself. Obviously, those princes and ministers don’t take themselves as teachers and envoys seriously! You can’t simply learn this knowledge, but Li Hongzhang’s generation has accumulated great wisdom!
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Mongolia into the country closely
Li Hongzhang and Zhang Xiaohuai led a traveler into the outer Mongolia.
Combine kindness with kindness and add Li Hongzhang’s superhuman "crossing" wrist. All the ministries "Mongolia" the ancient princes, and finally the ministries "Mongolia" the ancient princes came down.
Li Hongzhang’s six princes signed a treaty: 1. Mongolia, an inalienable territory of China and the Republic of China; 2. Mongolian, an important branch of the Chinese nation; 2. Han Hui and other ethnic groups; Second, the military affairs of Mongolia and the diplomatic affairs of Mongolia are decided by the central government, and the central government sends national defense divisions to Mongolia to defend the frontier and maintain the security of Mongolia; Third, the central government fu sent a government fu agency to Mongolia, and the ancient land was jointly managed by the Mongolian people who elected the princes and appointed the chairman of the central government fu; Fourth, the central government fu respected the freedom of religious belief in ancient Mongolia and maintained Zhebu Zundan’s position as a religious leader; 5. In ancient Mongolia, the state policy of separation of church and state was implemented, and religions were not allowed to interfere in ancient political affairs. Six, the central government fu Qing "Mongolia" ancient return except "Mongolia" ancient three years tax people rest …
A total of thirty-three articles of General Manager Fan tell the story of "Mongolia" in ancient China and the Republic of China clearly and in vain, including the strict restrictions of the Central Government fu on "Mongolia" in ancient ministries and the tangible benefits of the Central Government fu on "Mongolia" in ancient times, showing Li Hongzhang’s old-fashioned means.
Zhang Yi laughed. "It’s still old nave. We can’t get such results when we go to the ancient capital of Mongolia alone. Haha, ginger is great."
Xu Huaijin and others are also excited to "Mongolia" Gula in their arms, which means that the north has another solid barrier to the Central Plains of Russia!
Zhang Yi shouted, "Zhenhai immediately called the ministers to discuss!"
Not long after, Tang Shaoyi and others came to the presidential palace.
Zhang Yi announced the ancient news of foreign countries to everyone, and everyone was beaming.
Tang Shaoyi asked, "Old nave is too old to stay in Mongolia. We still have to make arrangements for it!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Although Mongolia is sparsely populated, its strategic position is needless to say. Only when a talented and prestigious person goes can all the ministries of Mongolia be suppressed!"
Tang Shaoyi replied with a little meditation, "We’d better start an old minister of the Qing court. Now the old minister of the Qing court has all the talents, prestige and reliability. There is no figure like Chen Baozhen Zhang Peilun. Look …"
Zhang Yi nodded and replied, "Well, both of them are enough to subdue the outside world, but although the young firewood is a little younger, but his health is not very good, it is more appropriate for Xiang Zhenggong to take a trip."
Yang Du frowned and said, "Although there is no problem for the President and Prime Minister to sit in Menggu for Zhengong, Menggu is now in the critical period of development, and the coal-steel complex near Baotou is entering the critical moment. Who is going to sit in the town?"
Zhang Yi replied, "It is clear that Mongolia is different from Mongolia. The need for Mongolia is that a steady person is good at dancing with long sleeves, and it is success to coordinate the various ministries of Mongolia." However, Mongolia is now in a high-speed development, and it is necessary to have a’ skilled’ capable and’ skilled’ western talent to take the seat! Now that old nave has come out of the mountain, it’s much easier to take it over. The foreign exchange department threw it to his old man’s house. Liang Cheng, although that man has a good hand in foreign exchange, is not as old as Li Hongzhang after all, and his economy is also very good. Let Liang Cheng go to Mongolia. He has been in the United States for many years, and it is the director of the old American exchange! "
Tang Shaoyi don’t understand, "You’d better wait for old nave to come back before making a decision. Old nave Jiang Gui’s sex is old, and growing stronger makes him unhappy. That’s because the chicken died and he can make him a foreign chief. Isn’t it a little wasted?"
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Even if this foreign’ cross’ chief won’t really give him, we will give him a corner of the general counsel of the Republic of China. He wants to manage that piece, and we don’t restrict him. He is almost ten years old, and he must not have that big’ fine’ force to manage everything for you."
Xu Huaijin asked, "What about the instructor? Which department are you going to take?"
Zhang Yi said in a little meditation, "Let Wu Shixiang go and change the first cavalry division into a * * division to enter the’ Mongolian’ ancient garrison outside, together with Zhang Xiaohuai’s infantry brigade, and leave it to him to order Ba Gen to form a cavalry division to take charge of the whole’ Mongolian’ ancient area! Let Zhang Xiaohuai lead the seventh division to rebuild quickly after the end of the ancient trip to Mongolia! "
Xu Huaijin said, "It’s not easy to garrison the ancient outer Mongolia. I think we can station one infantry brigade cavalry brigade in Ulaanbaatar, the second cavalry brigade in Ulya Sutai and the third cavalry brigade in Windur Khan in three directions, so that our troops can be’ shot’ to the whole outer Mongolia. At the same time, it is suggested to build a direct highway from Hohhot to Ulaanbaatar as soon as possible. Once the highway is completed, our troops can quickly reach the outer Mongolia.
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "It is very difficult for Russia to recover from the war for fear that this highway will be difficult to complete in a short time."
Xu Huaijin’s eyes narrowed and said slowly, "That’s very simple. Order two brigades of the first regiment of Jilin Heilongjiang to be stationed near the west. Once the outer Mongolia has changed, they will immediately enter the outer Mongolia from the northeast and the west!"
Zhang Yi laughed and looked at Zhang Yihu and said, "How about a tiger? Your eldest brother Huai Jin is still thinking about you. Don’t annoy him or you will feel better! "
Zhang Yihu said carelessly, "What is this? This is Huai Jin’s big brother’s love for me. I’m afraid I don’t have a fight to make fun of. My first regiment just tickles. If Russia still dares to stab them, then punish them hard!"
Duan’ Yu’ Ling Qing looked at Zhang Yihu with a face of language, or did this little thing take advantage? Once something happened in northern Xinjiang, let’s have a look at swallowing and spitting first!
Zhang Yi laughed. "You two don’t envy him whether Russia invaded or disappeared. But it is a matter of time before we reunify China. It will be short, two years long and three years long. We will definitely launch a general attack on the Qing court! At that time, you two regiments will definitely be the main force. If you can’t fight this battle well, see how I can tidy up you! "
Duan’ Yu’ Ling Qing immediately rubbed his hands and said, "Instructor, please rest assured that it’s just a Yuan Shikai. Cleaning him up is no different from running over a bug. Even if we attack now, we definitely have 100% confidence to cross the Yangtze River!"
Chapter one hundred and fortieth Chen Hai Qiu Long at that time.
A whole night later, Zhang Yi, a military and political official of the Republic of China, finally finalized the issue of "Mongolia".