"To put it bluntly, I’m not in the mood to play charades with you now," I said impatiently.

"Every hour, there will be two ghosts who need sacrifices. If you give them, it will be very easy. If you don’t give them, this will be the result." Mu Rongxing said and pointed to the tent.
I seemed to understand at that moment. What, are all the ghost people who disappeared here taken away by these Yin soldiers?
"You know Xiao Lin," Mu Rongxing looked up at me and said earnestly, "I still have four hearts in my hand to support for two hours. I’m ready to leave, but there are bigger secrets in this. I want to see it. I need you to make a choice. Among the three people, you must choose two people to sacrifice the remaining one. You can let him die for you."
I couldn’t help laughing after listening to Murong’s jargon. Then I asked, So you are good to me? I just killed everyone if you were me. If you were really good to me, you wouldn’t let Ziming put on a hundred ghosts to lure us in. I was your last move, right? Murongxing, do you still want to see the secret you said? Ok! I will go with you today! But then who is who chess, it may be.
Mu rongxing obviously didn’t guess that I would react like this. He suddenly burst into laughter and applauded! Then he told me that if you had such courage in those days, I wouldn’t have taken away your exquisite heart!
"It is because you stole my heart that I have such courage now. Should I add a thank you?" I looked at MuRongHang with a cold hum and said, "Now give me your * incense and let me wake up, or we will end here."
MuRongHang nodded and saw Zi Ming come to Yihe Qing’s side. I don’t know what to do, but they soon woke up, but they didn’t have much strength to do but just look at us.
"You’re very much in love with me," I said to Zhao Feiyu simply, then turned around and asked Murong, "Is that place far from here?"
Murongxing took a sip of tea with a smile and pointed to the tent tone. You have been guarding a Long Mai in Xi ‘an for so long. Don’t you want to know what’s there? The ghost house is the place where 400,000 Zhao troops were killed in those years. If there were no laws around here, you would have been in the body.
Chapter 9 Ghost Land
Murong jargon didn’t scare me much. I nodded to show that I knew he had said something, and then I focused on harmony.
Mu Rongxing doesn’t want us to delay any longer. After all, we have four hours to race against time.
I saw Mu Rong pushing the chair where he was just sitting and then picking up the carpet. I saw one that allowed a person to enter the stolen hole. What was my natural aversion to tomb raiding? I frowned and said unhappily, Do you want us to help you rob the tomb?
"Grave robbery? Xiao Lin, if you think too much, you will know when you come with me. "MuRongHang didn’t say much, but he brought some water and dry food with him, so let’s go together.
I gave Yihe Qing some dry food and let them drink some water. They said that they felt much better, so they urged Zhao Feiyu and me to leave quickly. Zhao Feiyu was hesitant to tell Yihe Qing about these things. Now we are in the same boat with Mu Rongxing, but he knows that it is far more than us. Now it may be the wisest choice to want us to join him.
I was the first to enter the stolen cave. After I crawled forward for a while, I saw that the front was always dark. I couldn’t see exactly how to go. Just then, a beam of light came from the front and lit up the road ahead.
"Kobayashi is fine" is MuRongHangYin. It sounds to me that I am not touched at all.
After I woke up from the ghost house operating table, I realized that my life belongs to the ghost house now. If one day I have no idea about the ghost house, they will not hesitate to kill me. If they didn’t try their best to protect my blood, how could I live in this world now?
As I thought about it, I climbed towards MuRongHang’s position, and when I came to him, he put away his hand tube with discretion, and I patted myself with dust.
"Xiao Lin, don’t blame Dad for something."
I always feel inexplicably sad when I hear this sentence. How long has it been since the word dad appeared in my mouth? Since then, I have been calling him by his first name, but I forgot his special name.
I didn’t say much, but I took out my hand tube from my bag and wanted to see the environment around me clearly.
This can be said to be a high-rise building, which can be seen from three places. The other side is a wall, that is, the place where we just came in. I looked around with my hand barrel as if I felt something vaguely. I wanted to get close to the front and have a closer look, but I was stopped by Mu Rongxing.
"There is a law around here. Don’t you feel it yet? If you don’t do anything, you will get out of this array for a moment. You don’t know how to die. "Murongxing frowned. Obviously, he was very unhappy with my adventure.
It was at this time that Zhao Feiyu slowly climbed to the exit. After he came out, he also hit his hand barrel. When he felt that something was wrong, he said something about Juyang Array himself.
"You are knowledgeable." Muronghang heard Zhao Feiyu talk more and talk less, but he still felt a sense of accomplishment. "I made this Juyang array with some people a few days ago because I found it wrong recently."
I’ve heard the name Juyang Array, but it’s very difficult and cruel for Juyang Array to appear, and it’s natural that only people can offer sacrifices.
"How many people are angry?" I asked casually.
"Twenty" Muronghang honestly told me.
I asked crossly that so many people’s lives are for you to find the secret. I’m afraid your hands are too stained with blood … Amitabha.
Mu Rongxing smiled when he heard this, and then said, Master, you don’t know something. I lost 20 lives and came back, but ten lives. Maybe I still lost this deal? Master, what do you say?
I’m not in the mood to talk to them here. I asked how we were going to get out.
"It’s up to the little Taoist priest to write paper and red rope." Muronghang smiled casually and set his eyes on Zhao Feiyu. "There is a reason why I brought you four. A little Taoist priest, a master and a girl with outstanding spiritual awareness. The last one is … you will naturally know where you are when the time comes."
I smiled unexpectedly when I heard Murong jargon. It seems that my identity seems to be very popular now.
"I know what you mean" Zhao Feiyu simply answered MuRongHang and then took out five pieces of silver paper.
I saw Zhao Feiyu bite his finger and then took out a golden brush from his waist. I didn’t expect Zhao Feiyu to have so many treasures. No, it should be said that he brought all his treasures.
The name of the golden brush is Zhenyao, which is one of the best symbols in the paranormal circle. It is said that it can pour the essence of people into the symbol paper to make the symbol paper emit more power.
Fei-yu zhao stained the town demon nib with his blood, followed by the silver rune paper flowing and scribbling until after the five rune paintings, Fei-yu zhao was so tired that he was full of sweat and pale.
"Brother Feiyu, are you all right?" Qing saw Fei-Yu Zhao suddenly so weak before holding Fei-Yu Zhao and asked with some heartache
Zhao Feiyu shook his head with difficulty, then motioned for each of us to take a piece of paper, and he pulled out a large bundle of red rope from his backpack to tie it for us.