Suddenly, Bufan said indifferently, "It takes three months to break through the foundation with Xuan Bing’s major achievement method!"

Luo Bingxuan smell speech zheng instead of roared off, turned around and looked at BuFan carefully.
"This how specially to Xuan Bing tactic? He shouldn’t be the magic fairy, should he? "
She was suspicious of Bufan, looked at Bufan carefully for a long time before she said lightly
"good! See if you can make great efforts to kill the magic fairy. I promise to give you Xuan Bing’s book for six days. If you can break through the foundation period, ask me half a book again. "
Luo Bingxuan Ma threw a snow-white jade slip to Bufan, which was branded with Xuan Bing’s tactic book achievement method and some cultivation skills.
Bufan quickly reached out and then did not move the magic stone to see it directly into the bag and then got up and prepared to leave.
"It will take three days to break through the gas refining period. After three days, my brother will come to the master to grant half a book of Xuan Bing’s tactic."
After he finished speaking, the horse took out a flying symbol from Tongbao Capsule and put it directly on his feet. Finally, he flew away from here by the course of course.
"Three days? Look, he just went into the fifteenth floor of the gas refining period. How long has it been? Can you really break through the gas refining period in three days to complete the foundation period? "
Luo Bingxuan looked at Bufan from the back and thought to herself that it was not that she didn’t believe that Bufan could break through the gas refining period in three days and reach the foundation period, and that Bufan was too calm to be like a boy of fifteen or sixteen.
Real Luo Bingxuan doesn’t know how many of those test minds Bufan encountered in three months. And it’s only at a critical moment that he can have such a calm look if he doesn’t neglect it.
Three days have passed in the blink of an eye, and Bufan has mastered Xuan Bing’s formula book, and the repair has reached the stage of Tsukiji directly reaching the middle stage.
He is now adept at manipulating the ice attribute spell, and can condense ice from his body to attack his opponent at any time. If he reaches the highest level, he can use this spell to directly turn living things into ice sculptures.
"It’s time to ask her for a copy of Xuan Bing’s formula. This achievement method has many benefits."
Bufanma turned into a rainbow and flew to Luo Bingxuan’s abode of fairies and immortals.
A middle-aged woman in a magnificent abode of fairies and immortals in the main peak of Bingfeng Valley suddenly opened her eyes and looked straight out of the abode of fairies and immortals while she was meditating with her eyes closed.
"He’s coming? And did it? Wrong, I will also upgrade it to two levels? "
Luo Bingxuan, the magic stone alone, saw through the people outside the abode of fairies and immortals. It was Buffon who stood outside the abode of fairies and immortals, quietly releasing the breath of the construction period and waiting for a reply from inside the abode of fairies and immortals.
"Come on in! If you don’t understand it later, you can often come to seek a teacher. "
From her tone, Luo Bingxuan has accepted Bufan and accepted him as a registered brother.
"Meet the master!" Bufan went into the abode of fairies and immortals and knelt down to salute him directly. He had already done enough to set his purpose. Xuan Bing’s tactic was one step away from getting the whole Xuan Bing tactic, so he could get a reward again and upgrade.
"This is Xuan Bing’s tactic book, and the master will give it to you as a gift from the master." Luo Bingxuan smiled and her face was full of surprise, but she did not ask Bufan if she could rise to the foundation period in three days.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Condensed essence magic flash the truth
Luo Bingxuan didn’t hesitate to throw Xuan Bing tactic to Bufan and then beat a handful of ice crystals from the bag to make a small sword appear.
The surface of this sword is crystal clear, and the only difference is that there is a cold current flowing in the sword, and the fog is constantly coming out, which is chilly.
At the same time, Luo Bingxuan held a baby fist-sized fog from the body surface. Finally, she handed over the flying sword fog to Buffon.
"This is an introductory gift from the teacher, Xuan Bing Feijian and a wisp of Xuanbingyuan from the teacher’s own creation."
Luo Bingxuan actually saw that Bufan didn’t have a decent instrument when he played against the magic fairy. They were all "treasures" like "fireworks and firecrackers", which was very different in Luo Bingxuan’s eyes. She didn’t hesitate to pay a lot of money to do it.
When Bufan took the jade slips from Luo Bingxuan’s hand, he didn’t rush to watch them, and then he took Xuan Bing’s flying sword Xuanbingyuan before leaving with Luo Bingxuan.
"This extraordinary day must be the best among the immortals. Why not give him Xuan Bing?"
Luo Bingxuan is not stingy with Xuan Bing’s tactic, and she is not the kind of person who hides anything from the valley owner.
"If Brother Gu Xiu reaches Yuan Ying period, he can practice Xuan Bing’s tactic."
Bufan’s inquiry group at the beginning of Bingfeng Valley were all things that his younger brother did not ask during the similar gas refining period, which were based on Xuan Bing’s formula.
There are not many monks in Guyuan Baby, a real ice peak, who belong to the level of big elders. It is normal for Buffan not to come into contact with them.
After Bufan left Luo Bingxuan’s abode of fairies and immortals, the horse released the sacred stone jade slips, and the final brand was found in his mind.
"Congratulations to Buffon for getting Xuan Bing tactic! Get the reward and get the flying device "Eternal Boat". A ship can fly at a speed of 3 meters per second.
Bufan didn’t smile much when he saw that he got a "Eternal Boat", but he wasn’t too depressed. After clicking on the screen of Tongbao Capsule, he directly put the flying device aside for Tongbao Capsule.
The ordinary soul of the Dark Division is constantly being extracted by the nightmare magic statue and has never stopped.
Every time Bu Pingfan wakes up from the boiling salt slurry heat flow, he will be carried away by Yan Honghua, an old man in red shirt, and brought to the nightmare demon statue and finally dispersed.
"Wait! Cloth ye will put you this group of chop suey ones "cloth ordinary physical strength was nightmare magic statue cast exorcism suppression could not move.
He is soaking in the salt slurry heat flow all day long, and his soul body surface is gradually changing and evolving in the direction of materialization
This day is the last day of his first month of immersion in the salt slurry heat flow, and he is groggy in the salt slurry heat flow.