"Ran Ran, you should reconsider me. Don’t talk too dead." Wang Haowen’s face changed brilliantly, and various colors took turns to perform.

"Hao-wen wang and your roots are impossible. You should pursue your happiness, just slip away and pursue it. Don’t worry about me." The arrival of Hao-wen wang made me lose my appetite for dinner.
"Ran Ran, I won’t give up. I know you must have misunderstood at the moment. I’ll come back and apologize when you’re angry." Hao-wen wang was silent for a long time, his face was black, so he got up and left the bag.
Hao-wen wang left Tang Sike and Han Tianqin and immediately came into the bag and began to ask me what Hao-wen wang and I had said and who my admirer was.
"Don’t let me repeat it after listening to the corner, okay?" I heard Tang Sike and Han Tianqin asking me if I was a full face of black lines.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin, this is the standard. After listening to the corner, how else can I know that I have an admirer in my conversation with Wang Haowen?
At this time, two people also pretended to know what Wang Haowen and I had said, which really made me feel bad about the two friends in front of me.
"Hey, hey, that little Ran, tell me which one you love. Just answer this question." I debunked Tang Sike and held my arm in front of me with a smiling face.
"This question refuses to answer a question." Glancing at Tang Sike, I refused to answer this question directly.
"Xiao Ran, you are too boring to make friends with Qin and me as outsiders." I replied that Tang Sike proudly got up from my seat and returned to her front seat to sit down.
"Even I want to do my little dream with Xiao Ranyou. It’s a cool, warm and lukewarm rhythm at the moment." Han Tianqin stuck his orchid finger and echoed Tang Sike’s words.
"Okay, okay, I’ll tell you at the first time when I get the right result." Seeing that Tang Sike and Han Tianqin formed a United front, I helped my forehead and I sold my cute things to Tang Sike and Han Tianqin for mercy.
I tried to impress Han Tianqin and Tang Sike, but when I lost, I was no longer uncomfortable. I woke up. Once I made a positive result, I must tell them at the first time.
I was forgiven. Han Tianqin and Tang Sike began to blame each other again, and investigated who defeated me first.
A meal Han Tianqin and Tang Sike ended in a row, and Tang Sike and I returned to the dormitory.
Tang Sike said that she would stay in the dormitory until her family came back in the afternoon.
I think at the moment, Tang Sike and I are worried about what will happen in the dormitory alone, but we can also accompany the dormitory.
I don’t know if it’s my illusion. I can always feel handsome when I stay in the dormitory, and my sister’s eyes are staring at me, no matter where I am in the dormitory.
This makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. I can avoid the eyes of the handsome senior sister when I keep changing my position in my dormitory.
Tang Sike sat around her bed and looked at me with eyes full of exploration, saying that I was not only sleepy today, but also had snake sperm disease. How can a person who has been quiet all the time keep moving like a sly rabbit this afternoon?
With a wry smile in my heart, I told Tang Sike that occasionally a cunning rabbit can exercise, and I tried to control my eyes from glancing at the handsome portrait of the teacher elder sister on the dormitory wall.
Finally, Ye Tianqi gave Tang Sike a message. Tang Sike answered the message and went out on a date. I also left the dormitory to find a place in the big classroom and stayed until the lights went out in the big classroom at night.
When I walked to the front of the teaching building, I took a glance at the school gate, but I was stubborn in seeing the old man in front of the second publicity column again.
He couldn’t get into the school gate at the moment, so he stood outside the school gate and looked at the scene inside Liufeng College with a cane.
Seeing the old man standing at the gate of Liufeng College, I hesitated and walked towards the gate of Liufeng College.
I don’t want to be involved in the affairs of the handsome senior sister, but I can’t stand the fact that the portrait of the handsome senior sister has been posted on the dormitory wall, which makes me feel like a mountain.
I went to the old man and called grandpa. The old man looked at me in amazement and didn’t think how I would go there to say hello to him.
I took the old man to the full house for a while and prepared to talk to the old man. The old man did not refuse to go to the full house with me.
At the moment, there are no guests who can see the welcome every time they come. Uncle Jiu is not in the store at the moment. I called the old man to the second floor to sit in the bag seat and asked the waiter to bring two cups of tea.
Chapter ninety-one Remembering the past
I know it’s really too abrupt for me to invite the old people to sit in the full house. When the room is full, I’ll introduce myself to the old people and inform them of the abnormalities that have occurred in our dormitory during this period.
I know that I have lived for a long time like an old man, and I don’t think it is a long talk about ghosts and gods.
Sure enough, after listening to my words, the old man didn’t scold me for talking nonsense, but sighed long.
When I was honest with the old man, I opened the box and began to talk to me about his daughter. In the old man’s words, I got a better understanding of the experience of the handsome teacher and sister twenty years ago.
It turns out that the handsome senior sister is the only child of the old man.
Twenty years ago, the handsome senior sister returned to school and said that she would shoot graduation photo. At that time, the handsome senior sister had already started her internship and specially invited two days to assume that she would get together with her classmates while filming graduation photo.
The old man and the handsome elder sister are both from fz city. The handsome elder sister left home at dusk and never came back.
The old man couldn’t wait for the handsome senior sister to return home, so he came to Liufeng College to look for Liufeng College. Everyone said that the handsome senior sister Gen had never been to Liufeng College.
For twenty years, the old man kept looking for his daughter, but he searched everywhere for fruit. The old man also went to the police, and the news of his daughter was like a stone sinking into the sea.
Every year, when the school starts filming graduation photo, the old man will come to Liufeng College expecting to meet his daughter suddenly.
It was not until this year that the old man suddenly saw his daughter’s photo in the publicity column that he quarreled a few days ago and insisted that the president of Liufeng College give him an explanation.
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The president of Liufeng College brought the old man to the office and always confessed to him what happened that year.
Twenty years ago, Liufeng College was founded only a few years ago. At that time, there were often construction teams to build more school buildings.
The tragedy happened on the night when the handsome senior sister returned to school.
I don’t know why it was dark that night, but the handsome senior sister turned out to be a late-night crowd and went alone in the direction of building half a teaching building.
Handsome senior sister’s beautiful appearance is coveted.
The night watchman on duty in the construction team gang raped Sister Handsome and was afraid that her deeds would be missed. Before Sister Handsome died, the construction elevator took her alive and made her into a paste.
Gong Gong was there for the first time, but he had come to save the handsome senior sister, who was disheveled and handsome and was photographed as a paste.
Gong learned that several school leaders came over and gang raped the handsome senior sisters, but they absconded while they were in disorder.
Liufeng College has just been established for a few years, so it is absolutely impossible for such misdeeds to be revealed. The school leaders are begging Gong Gongren to die and not be resurrected. If this happens, it is finished to go out to Liufeng College.
That night, the body of the handsome senior sister was hastily buried, and the darkness covered up the ugliness. When the sun rose the next day, nothing happened in that place except the replacement of the construction team.
If the old man hadn’t seen the photo and had his own daughter, the school would have been prepared to keep this matter hidden.
The old man told me all these tears.
The old man said that graduation photo did not have his daughter at the beginning, but now his daughter suddenly appeared in graduation photo. That’s because her daughter is unwilling to come back for revenge.
The headmaster of the school told the old man the truth when he was afraid that graduation photo suddenly appeared.
I looked at the sad old man and didn’t know how to comfort him at the moment. I could keep handing the old man paper towels to wipe his tears.
"Grandpa, you haven’t asked Gong Gong for so many years." I am limited to compassion when I see the old man’s career.
"Yes, no matter what I ask, he always shakes his head like a fool." The old man choked.
"Grandpa, are you going to handle this?" My old man continued to pour hot water and patted the old man’s back in the hope that his mood would be eased.
"I went to the police, but after 20 years, I haven’t found those people yet. It’s karma to find them dead or crazy." The old man drank some hot water and sighed again
"I’m old and I won’t live much longer. I finally know that my girl has fallen, even though the result is this, it won’t let me die unsatisfied. My old man doesn’t blame me for my girl’s hard luck now." The old man’s tears flowed again
"Grandpa, did you take that photo with you?" I asked the old man when I thought of the handsome portrait of the elder sister in the dormitory.
"If you don’t, the headmaster will tell me what happened that year, and the photo will be gone. My girl is unwilling." The old man took out a photo from his pocket and showed me that the photo was graduation photo in Class 4 of English for twenty years, but there was no handsome figure of the teacher elder sister.
"Grandpa, we have a portrait of the teacher elder sister in our dormitory, how about I show it to you?" Without the handsome teacher elder sister in the old photo, I wonder if the handsome teacher elder sister hid the portrait in my dormitory.
The portrait of a handsome senior sister has been posted on the dormitory wall all the time. I never like it. Giving the portrait to the old man can also give him a thought.