"First-order all Dan medicines"

The old man surnamed Ma suddenly looked up at Yu Yilie’s ten-year-old junior alchemist and was able to refine all the first-order pills. This talent is really good.
"Success rate?" Ma old man’s eyes flashed a different color asked.
"Minimum 60%" replied Yu Yilie, wondering if the first three people didn’t ask.
"bang!" Ma immediately slapped the counter and stood up. He leaned out and stared at Yu Yilie and said, "Do you know the consequences of cheating the old man? !”
"Well, this senior, do I have to lie to you?" Yu Yilie got a fright, but his face remained calm and replied
"Teacher younger brother, you are not serious? ! The success rate of all Dan medicines in the first order is 60%, and even my senior brothers have barely reached it! " Wenkui said at this time is also surprised than aside.
"Cough, cough, is it strange that my younger brother has been making alchemy all day since you left?" Yu Yilie calmly asks.
At this time, the old man surnamed Ma leaned out and turned his eyes. He had an idea at the bottom of his heart and said, "Let’s go to your alchemy room to verify whether this is a big talk!"
"Well, brother Ma, don’t you need to look after it here?" WenKui puzzled said.
"hinder" the horse brother decisively replied.
Then the old man surnamed Ma was too lazy to come out from one side, just turned outside from the counter and motioned for them to follow in their eyes.
The old man went straight to the right medicine cabinet and asked for some medicinal materials, then went to the hall.
Seeing this, Yu Yilie and Wenkui glances at each other obviously don’t understand what this guy is doing and what his intentions are.
Soon a line of three people went through the heavy stone chambers and came to a closed stone gate marked with a number seventeen in front.
Immediately WenKui before Shimen open three people entered the inside.
Yu Yilie looked at everything inside and there were two shelves filled with bottles and jars, but there was no fire inside, which surprised him.
"Come on, refine these kinds of Dan medicine." The old man surnamed Ma handed him a bag and said to him.
Although it’s not white, what’s the meaning of this old man, Yu Yilie will pick up the bag and look at it in the spirit.
There are three kinds of Dan medicines that can be refined from medicinal materials, namely, Hui Yuan Dan Qing Ling Dan Da Huan Dan, and each of them is just ten copies, so I made a judgment when Yi Lie didn’t take two or three breath.
Eyes looked at some kind of Ma old man see no explanation meaning can’t help but turn and look at WenKui but see that he started refining.
"How can I practice this without a fire?" Yu Yilie then asked
Smell speech WenKui not zheng immediately to react to let him look at three sides of the wall.
However, I saw that a faucet with a perfect black and shiny body was pointing at a big tripod in the center of the stone room with a huge mouth, and then Wenkui told the control method
It turns out that there is no fire alchemy here, so that the flames are all in the spirit stone array, and the base cloth fire array is three points more powerful than the fire.
Just a thoughtfully Yu Yilie nodded and motioned for white.
Go to Wenkui alchemy, where the Lord is located in Yilie, and without hesitation, face the ground with a disc. Suddenly, the red mans in the three leading mouths converge and spit out a red pillar to cover the cauldron completely.
After waiting for a moment, Yu Yilie reached out and patted the bag of medicinal materials, and sent his magic package to the cauldron.
Then Yu Yilie kept controlling the medicinal materials to fly to the cauldron, while the consciousness entered the cauldron and was mistakenly refined accurately. On the other hand, Yu Yilie reached out and took out a jade bottle from the bag to put the refined powder liquid into it.
There was no mistake in the whole process, and the refining speed was not reduced.
Just this one hand let the two people watch secretly nod their heads. Although they can do it, after all, Xiuhe is much younger and taller than this!
It took only half an hour for Yu Yilie to refine 30 medicinal materials efficiently.
Then Yu Yilie began refining, first restoring the cultivation of Yuan Dan, then detoxifying and clearing the elixir, and finally promoting the cultivation of Da Huan Dan.
There were times when refining failed and Dan liquid was scrapped, but Yu Yilie’s heart was not affected at all. Calm than fishing out waste residue and continuing refining.
And the more they look at it, the more they feel. God has a new understanding of Dan Dao.
An hour later, Yu Yilie devoted himself to 30 medicinal materials, and then he came to his senses and looked at Wenkui and the old man named Ma.
"After refining, then what?" Yu Yilie didn’t look at the results. It seemed that he was puzzled and asked what to do next.
"An alchemist wizards! You were born as an alchemist! I feel a lot of benefits when I watch your alchemy today! Yes! That’s your state of alchemy! If the old man can be like you, even if the success rate will not increase much, the speed will definitely be twice as fast! " The old man surnamed Ma suddenly turned his head and sighed with emotion.
"Brother, can you enter this state every time you make an alchemy?" Wenkui asked some uncertainty at this time.
"This once in a while. I didn’t know what was going on in my heart except alchemy just now!" Yu Yilie humbly replied and changed the subject at the same time.
And hear Yu Yilie answer two people unexpectedly heaved a sigh of relief is to let him some wonder.
Then they began to look at his refining Dan medicine without a success rate lower than the success rate, which made them feel a little shocked at heart.
Wanted to think, the old man surnamed Ma immediately said, "There are 17 intermediate alchemists in Dan Tang, but the manpower is still very short. There is just an alchemist room on the 10th. If you are willing to take the post of alchemist, you can make decision and let you enjoy the treatment of intermediate alchemist, but you need to refine the first-order alchemist! What do you think? "
Chapter one hundred Settle down
"Which is easier than this alchemy?" Yu Yilie wanted to think and asked
"Teacher younger brother is an alchemist, of course. Don’t look at those younger brothers who are refined, but they are almost busy every day and don’t have much practice." Wenkui immediately winked at him and asked him to promise to come.
Want WenKui also won’t hurt him Yu Yilie agreed to come.
Immediately, the old man surnamed Ma introduced himself, but it was two deacons of Dantang, and Ma Qianze was responsible for taking the alchemy of the Hundred Refined Legion.
Then the horse deacon introduced him to some matters needing attention that need to be completed every month.
There are many intermediate alchemists in Dantang, but there are also many hundred refining armies, including refining first-order Dan medicine and refining second-order Dan medicine
Suo Dan Tang gave all the first-order elixirs to the veteran who came to Bailian City for many years to refine. More than 20 of these people are the first-order alchemists, and there are many monks at the peak. Although they are still refining gas, they have been able to refine one or two second-order elixirs.
However, this special situation like Yu Yilie is the first time.
Then he needs to pick up three first-order alchemists every day, and then he can move freely.
However, the scope is limited to some areas after Bailian City, and it is not allowed to enter Bailian Legion Station at will.
If you have to pick it up every day more often, it will increase correspondingly, and if you have less time, you are likely to be idle.
These two situations are when the demon domain is calm after the outbreak of the demon tide.
However, the welfare will still be paid to him every month, that is, two bottles of spiritual stones that can cultivate Dahuan Dan and ten medium-fire properties every month.
This medium-fire lingshi is about one-third bigger than lingshi, but its shape is inclined to the six-diamond shape, which contains aura and purity, and can restore mana quickly than the monks in the foundation period.
At the same time, there are two tokens, one jade Jane Yu Yilie, and the bottom of my heart is roughly white, and there is an alchemy room more than the one in charge of refining my brother. He is no different.
After deacon Ma made it clear, he also let Yu Yilie take office three days later.
While Wenkui was still alive, he asked him to look for his own stone house first, saying that he would take him to visit Bailian City another day.
Of course, Yu Yilie readily accepted this and asked him to do his own thing first.
A moment later, Yu Yilie walked out of the hall of Dantang and couldn’t help but sigh. At this time, he finally arrived successfully and arranged a good job
"Look at this, when I get to a section, I will start an alchemy day and night again, but it’s better not to join the Hundred Refined Legion to deal with the monster beast, but I can practice at ease when I finish it at the home front." Yu Yilie muttered to himself from the bottom of my heart.
Although he also wanted to slay the demon and exorcise the demon to defend the Terran’s sense of justice, Si Yuan’s talk made him deeply powerful. Where is he qualified to dream of uniting Lian Heng’s two domains to fight for heaven?
Eye-building foundation Dan has been obtained. What he needs to do next is to complete the alchemy and then close the practice to practice Qi. After dzogchen, he tries to build the foundation.
I hope that everything will be peaceful for the next few years since the outbreak of the demon tide, so that he can easily complete it and practice ascension with peace of mind.
Looking around Dantang, he found that all the stone houses were distributed in rows around them. There were three rings in Dantang stone houses. The first ring stone houses were at least more than twenty, and the second ring was much more. There were sixty or seventy kinds, and the third ring was hundreds at most.