To this day, although she has never put on airs, she can really be regarded as a newcomer compared with those experienced hosts in Taiwan.

But that doesn’t mean that she can just be ignored by two interns.
Being able to come to Taiwan just as an intern, in addition to the good school and their own conditions, also said that they all have a lot of backgrounds, perhaps because of this, some of them want to curry favor with them and feel that they have no respect for Qing Chen, who seems to be junior.
Qingchen pulled her hair to reveal her bright forehead and fair face.
She thought it was right that someone should teach them how to do it.
It’s really like that kind of intern. It’s the most annoying thing. It has no manners at all.
Guess what Qingchen will do?
But we Qingchen won’t be mean. Don’t worry, haha
☆ Chapter 20 Self-affection
However, Qingchen is not in such a hurry to teach two interns what the industry rules are. I still don’t know how sinister the society is. Girls will always suffer.
After that, she left them behind and went to do her own work. Before class, she also participated in a publicity film recording in Taiwan.
At the end of five o’clock, Qingchen called Chenchi Qingfu, who was already preparing in the restaurant.
"… are you in class?" Words connected to Qing Chen tone gently asked him.
"Well," Chenchi seemed to smile at the other end of the sentence. "So where shall we meet?"
Qingchen told Chenchi the location of her father’s restaurant, and she didn’t think too much. She thought it was convenient for Chenchi to go by car.
She didn’t listen to what Chenchi had to say, so she hung up because someone called her.
"Morning elder sister are you busy now? I have a manuscript here that needs to be recorded for me. Can you help me if it is convenient for you? " The speaker is a director in Taiwan and doesn’t know what he is in charge of.
Qing Chen looked at it and asked him, "How many words? If it’s not long, I can help you now. Can you wait for me to take it back and see if I can help you? "
She has always been easy to talk to, and she is willing to help anything that is not too much trouble.
In the past, she has always been gentle and swallowing everything, and she seems to have a so-called attitude towards things. Everyone who has contacted her thinks she is easy to get along with.
However, in that slightly gentle appearance, Qingchen is an inaccessible person in the school. She disguises herself well so that everyone can see what she wants to show
"It’s not more than a hundred words. My horse is going to hand it in. Now it’s just a short audio. Your voice is quite suitable." The director especially begged to look at Qingchen
"That’s all right, I’ll help you." Qing Chen smiled and took over his manuscript without hesitation, and scanned it carefully in his mind.
It took Qingchen more than ten minutes to read the manuscript before and after going to the recording studio with each other before she packed up.
I just went out and met Chai Weiwei again.
"Ah … how come Sister Wei Wei hasn’t come to work at this time?" Qing Chen sideways at the door to let Chai Weiwei go first.
Chai Weiwei caught a glimpse of Qingchen and was satisfied with Yang Ba. "Well, I’m ready to go. Qingchen is very hard today."
"No, I’m idle now." Qingchen maintained a polite smile and couldn’t pick out a fault.
Chai Weiwei patted her on the shoulder. "Just study hard and work hard."
Qingchen answered with a smile.
Chai Weiwei is a little small-minded, but not really bad, which is helpful to her colleagues.
When Suo Qingchen came to this period, she never tried to have a real conflict with her, so she occasionally had a mouth addiction with her.
Two people talking together from Chai Weiwei is very calm at the moment, chatting with Qingchen and telling Qingchen something to pay attention to.
Qingchen silently remembers occasionally echoing a few words behind Chai Weiwei, which finally makes her feel like a person.
After graduation, Qingchen entered the Beijing TV station by virtue of her good grades and performance at school. Over the years, she has risen steadily and steadily. Many old classmates envy her for having such a good chance, and some people speculate that she has some unspeakable means.
But only she knows whether she can be patient or temper by herself, and all the edges and corners have been smoothed.
When they walked out of the viewing platform building, they all happened to see the black Land Rover parked in the Fountain Square.
The car is not the most attractive, the most attractive thing is to rely on the car and the man.
Chenchi leaned back against the car door, bent slightly, and walked forward with his head down at will. The dark hair fluttered gently with the breeze.
It’s just a simple move, but it looks lazy and expensive because of his arrogance and indifference.