Duan Hong, Li Hanmo, Yan Yanyan and Feng Jianyuan, the four peak masters, went to the master tower and each took out a master tower token and entered the master tower through the entrance.

The master tower is extremely mysterious.
The first time you enter the master, you need to break through one layer at a time, but once you have broken through the master, you can climb the tower directly and reach the already broken layers.
Chapter 2 Master Ta Chuang! (3 more commutation ticket)
Yun Fan was suddenly sent an independent when he climbed from the first floor stairs to the second floor.
This is the first card. If you break through the first card, you can climb to the second floor, otherwise you will return to the first floor. If you don’t break through this, you will never get to the second floor.
There is energy gathering in front of Yun Fan soon to condense a person.
This man has no facial features and is composed of energy, revealing the early breath of spiritual sea boundary.
Yun Fan has seen the Master Tower introduce that the first layer of cards is to defeat ten people with energy in the early stage of spiritual sea boundary.
The second is to defeat the ten spiritual seas in the middle period.
The third is to defeat the ten spiritual seas in the later period.
The fourth is to defeat the ten spiritual peaks.
The fifth is to beat the top ten spiritual sea peaks!
The sixth is to defeat ten enemy spirit sea peak!
If you break through the sixth place, you will be able to step into the seventh floor for thousands of years. No one has ever set foot on the seventh floor and said that there is a strong tower to "expand the sky".
The Collection of Tales is the pinnacle of Yun Fan’s spiritual cultivation.
Breaking through the realm of Tong Xuan requires Xuan Gong Fa, and breaking through the transcendental realm requires Wang Gong Fa!
And 6,000 years ago, the great master tower’ Tuotian’ is said to be a life-and-death emperor. What level of achievement will he hold?
Less is the king, and it is very likely to be the emperor!
This has great attraction for Yun Fan.
If you can get’ Tuotian’ and inherit Yun Fan, you won’t have to worry about it, and you won’t be able to practice the peak of Ganyuan continent all the time.
Master Tazhong 41 can also make this mean that Yun Fan can take the opportunity to gain strength.
This made Yun Fan very excited. This is where he has an advantage over his master.
41 has a crushing advantage for the spiritual sea master.
This made Yun Fan look forward to it. What if she passed the sixth place with 41?
Yun Fan, an energy man in the early stage of Linghai realm, has no motive. A hand that displays Xuan Yue’s big handprint will scatter the other side.
When the first energy person breaks up, it quickly condenses the second one, which is still the initial breath of the spiritual sea, but its strength is stronger than the first one.
Yun Fan is another palm, the second energy gathering and the third energy person with stronger strength.
Yun Fan repeatedly head one by one energy people gathered forming was defeated by his palm.
The tenth energy man is already the top strength in the initial stage of Linghai, but he still can’t stop Yun Fan.
Yun Fan broke through the spiritual sea boundary, and the true qi was transformed into true yuan. The power of Xuan Yue’s handprint exploded. It was a piece of cake to kill the spiritual sea boundary at the beginning, and no matter how strong it was, it could not stop him at the beginning.
When the tenth energy man is defeated, there will be no new energy man, but the energy in the middle will turn into aura fog.
This is the feedback from the master tower. Every time you pass through a layer of cards, there is pure heaven and earth aura feedback to enhance the master’s true yuan ascension.
This is the reason why all masters want to break into the master tower. This benefit comes once every time they break into it.
Yun Fan immediately sat cross-legged and operated the "Spiritual Sea" in the Hall of the Great Treasure to absorb the aura of heaven and earth and strengthen the cultivation of Zhenyuan.
The aura is very rich, and the number is extremely cloudy. It took three days for the sails to absorb this rich aura 3.
This is Yun Fan’s exclusive aura. After being absorbed, it disappeared, and the stairs appeared in Yun Fan.
From now on, he won’t be sent a card through this stairs. The first one belongs to him.
Yun Fan climbed the ladder before he reached the second floor, and he sensed four strong masters and talked from the second floor.
This made Yun Fan feel alert and pressed the 41 bracelet button.
Mecha equipment
Among the 41 people, Yun Fan suddenly felt safe and continued to climb the ladder to the second floor.
Organic armor to enhance hearing Yun Fan heard the sound on the second floor "… we are guarding the outside, but there is a mysterious environment that can block Yun Fan. This is a little bit of a dead end."
Yun Fan didn’t catch what he said before, but only listened to what he said later. He also knew that the other party entered the Master Tower not for breaking into it, but because of him.
And when it comes to’ we’ and there are four strands of guru breath, there should be four people on the other side.
There is a spiritual sea in the master tower. The master can enter Yun Fan 41 without fear.
Knowing that Yun Fan can easily defeat the peak master, he still dares to send someone in to deal with him. It can be seen that the strength of these four masters must be extremely strong, far from being comparable to that of ordinary peak masters.
But if the master level combat power Yun Fan organic armor 41 hand is not afraid of them.
On the second floor, the conversation suddenly stopped, and the other party also sensed Yun Fan.
Yun Fan continued to climb the ladder and climbed the second floor.
In the lobby on the second floor, sure enough, four masters saw 41 eyes, and at the same time, they burst into terror and were full of aggression.
Yun Fan, the symbol of a few people’s clothes, judged the identity of four people as "Ganyuan Sect, Xueyang Sect, Senluomen Sect, Fengyunmen Sect! You’re really chasing after me. I came to the southern waters. You’re all chasing me. It’s not just you four sects who killed in the mysterious territory. Why didn’t you kill several sects together? "
Duan Hong’s hands flashed with cold light and a sword appeared, and his eyes stared coldly at 41: "How dare a small sect practice medicine and murder the younger generation genius of each sect in a mysterious environment? Yun Fan Yun Fan, you, you have some adventures and you can make enemies of each sect? I simply don’t know the height of the earth! "
Li Hanmo, an elder of Xueyangmen, seemed to have a blood flame burning in his eyes and shouted, "Kill my Xueyangmen brother, let alone flee to the southern waters, even if you flee to the ends of the earth, you will be born to die!"
Senluomen elder Yan Yanyan body is like a layer of virtual flame burning flame breath surging cold way "Yun Fan, you are brave enough to come to the southern waters, and yet another Xuanjing power has a life-and-death enemy. It is simply reckless and dare to come to Tianzong City and enter the Master Tower. You are desperate and seasoned."
Feng Jianyuan, the elder of Fengyunmen, is the only one who doesn’t have the breath of fire, but his breath is as sharp as a sword. Cutting is a pure kendo.
Feng Jianyuan’s eyes are like swords. "Do you have any last words to say when you die?"
41 Yun Fan laughed coldly. "Since I dare to enter the master tower, I naturally rely on the four masters. Although they are high, they are still in the scope of the master. How can I be so sure that the dead are me and not you?"
Chapter 21 in an invincible position! (1 more commutation ticket)
Hearing Yun Fan’s confident smile, the four peak masters were upset for no reason.
Duan Hongyi thundered, "Don’t talk nonsense with him!"
After the voice fell, Duan Hong’s momentum broke out, there was a shadow of the spirit sea. The rough sea water had filled the whole sea, and it looked terrible. It was really a bit of a sea charm.
Duan Hongxiu almost reached the extreme of spiritual realm, and his cultivation was to teach Wang Gongfa to open up a thousand feet of spiritual realm.
Li Hanmo, Yan Yanyan, and Feng Jianyuan also broke out with great momentum, revealing that the masters of Linghai’s virtual shadow peak have all filled up the real yuan in Linghai.
However, the cultivation of the three people is based on the Xuangong method, which is inferior to Honglinghai in the Baizhang Linghai section.
Chitianyan Jianfa!
Duan Hong’s sword strikes and displays Ganyuan’s extremely martial arts sword. When it burns, it splits out a flame and kills Yunfan.
Master Tower covers a small area of about ten feet in the lobby of Fiona Fang.
Such a small range of grandmaster strong shots can hit each other without even attacking for one tenth of a second.
Duan Hong made a sword, and at the same time, Yun Fan made a defense against 41 punches.
The iron fist hit the flame and the sword mans exploded like a gold iron blow.
The flame sword awn was scattered by a punch, but the terrorist force made 41 take a step back with a slight shock.
Yun Fan heart in a surprised the dry yuan teach peak master jianfa is so powerful that it can almost kill ordinary peak master.
Just for a moment, Li Hanmo, Yan Yanyan and Feng Jianyuan also attacked Yunfan.
Blood-yang gate martial art-blood-sea-sky-yang knife method!