Huang Tianba said slowly, "Emperor Xiao, your strength is really beyond my imagination, but the vast mainland is a small place after all. If one day you can get out of this continent and enter the vast universe, I will kill you myself!"

Xiao Yu frowned and scanned the phoenix bully. Suddenly, his eyes flashed and he noticed something and asked, "This is not your body?"
Huang Tianba sneered with a rather conceited way, "How can my ancient god Huang Cheng achieve this? You are right. This is one of my three incarnations. I will try my best to wait for you in the universe. Oh, by the way, I am now a qualified dragon hunter. Your breath and appearance will soon be publicized. You will be wanted in the whole Tianhong continent. Don’t worry, I will let your reward directly enter the blacklist. Once you step into the universe, you will face my hunting!"
Xiao Yu’s eyes froze. "It seems that you have achieved a lot and you are still a qualified dragon hunter!"
Huang Tianba waved his hand and said coldly, "Three strong men have died in the black list. Their weakest members are demigods and ten thousand enemies. It’s hard to imagine the means to save your life. Compared with them, your strength is not as good as that of meeting my body. Okay, stop talking nonsense. Although my avatar is not your opponent, I also have some means to hit you hard. Get ready to start work!"
He doesn’t want to say more about letting Jian Tiange make moves.
"It’s unforgivable to kill my brother Tianhong. I’m sorry to die. I slaughtered your three souls today so that you can’t live forever!" Sword day song words sen cold hand crack star sword like suddenly resurrected violent vibration made a firm but gentle sweeping all directions into the sky to terror.
He swung his Excalibur sword and split it like a mountain. It was bigger than Guanghua’s harsh and terrible shock wave. It swept the edge of the sword and made people feel bleak and cold when they fell into the bottom of hell.
In an instant, the whole world was dark, leaving such a terrible sword light that fell from the sky for dozens of miles and wiped out everything.
This is a blow!
Without any reservation
Xiao Yu’s eyebrows cracked at that time, and a drop of golden blood was hurt by terrible shock wave. His heart was shocked, and his eyebrows closed instantly and his posture disappeared instantly.
But that firm but gentle chop locks Fiona Fang hundreds of miles, and everything is shattered. Xiao Yu’s figure is quickly forced out. His eyebrows are wrinkly, and he no longer evades waving golden handprints and takes photos directly towards that firm but gentle.
He slapped the terrible palm, and the golden light collided with the sky and was buried by a golden light, and the sword light was smashed on the spot.
Xiao Yu crossed like a golden dragon with a terrible breath, approaching Jian Tiange instantly, slapping it like a golden sky.
Jian Tiange was humiliated by Xiao Yu, but he knew that if he fled, he would definitely be chased by Xiao Yu, who could compete with Xiao Yu in speed.
Simply he turned around and directly fought the crack star sword, and the sword light swept the murderous surge, and he played it to the extreme, and the sword killed Tianyang to set off a blank.
However, these firm but gentle, killing techniques did not break Xiao Yu’s golden hand. Did the hand stab out some golden blood and terrible handprints or actually photographed him?
As a result, it can be expected that the sword song was directly smashed, and even the cracked star sword was washed away by a crazy force. The power of the word tactic ran through and the brilliance was dim and full of cracks.
Jian Tian Ge Yuan Shen just rushed out and was cut by Xiao Yu’s rude feelings, which directly shattered into a fog and dissipated completely.
Xiao Yu has a long crimson hair and a tall, burly body. He turned and looked at the burn bully instantly.
Burn Tianba has never started work. A fire burn figure appeared around him. He inserted all these flags into his body, and his hands were covered with light. A series of fine lines emerged. These eleven flags were constantly blending.
His breath soars rapidly, his blood burns, and his body is as imposing as a vast sea, and Jiang Lan keeps rolling and rumbling.
At last, all the flags were blended with him.
He screamed at Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu was too fast to escape.
"Emperor Xiao, I will kill you by 30%!"
The sound is like thunder, and the whole Yinshan is shaking and rumbling.
Burn day bully body fire burn spread your wings and hit the sky soaring, three thousand miles away, and the strong people outside Wan Li were shocked.
"What a terrible smell!"
"This is the strongest in Tianhong Mainland!"
Many people have chills in their hearts
Burning the bully is indeed more terrible than his unfathomable body. Just being busy can tie the ranks of foreign emperors. At this moment, with the help of eleven-pole array flags, it is more powerful to forcibly raise the combat power.
Burn day bully to kill Xiao Yu instantaneous war together is white-hot, top kill unparalleled root can’t be common sense.
"God burns the world!"
A huge god phoenix appeared in flames, rolling and spitting out magma, fanning out fire and burning everything.
"Heaven and fire!"
Xiao Yu’s body shook to the blue flame and turned into a fire dragon, and the other god burned together to devour the flame of the other body.
Flames are flying, flooding, burning and burning, and Kun is as red as a melting pot, and everything is shattered.
"Da Ri Gan Kun Ren Wang Tianyin!"
Burn bully is a folded roar a golden sun emerged harsh than the high sun almost indistinguishable, but soon the sun turned into a terrible seal and shattered the virtual chaos and killed Xiao Yu Town.
Chapter five hundred and thirty Mysterious giant door
It’s almost impossible to open your eyes when the divine light erupts and burns, killing one side and burning everywhere.
Behind Xiao Yu’s longitudinal whistling, a huge golden figure appeared, and the breath surged and smoked. He raised his palm and slapped it on the big day.
The sky explosion is terrible and unpredictable.
The two men’s fight against the tyrant is a furious killing. One of them shocked the world. If it weren’t for Xiao Yu, someone else would have been beheaded!
"Heaven and earth use the law to burn and swallow the sky!"
A huge god burns his head and appears behind him, filling the world, opening his mouth and sucking the whole world, rumbling and rushing towards its mouth.
Xiao Yu roar loud, the golden wheel of ten merits after the brain is blessed to the flesh, and the god burns his head with one punch, so that the god burns his head back and vomits blood.
Ah ““
Suddenly, Huang Tianba screamed and danced wildly, full of reluctance to insert him. He lost his shot, and his potential was too deep to maintain his current state.
"I don’t want Emperor Xiao to kill you personally in the vast universe in the future!"
Burn bully roar body appeared large blood.
"It’s time to end!" Xiao Yu drinks a lot
Wild burst fist!
This furious fist shot out and swallowed mountains and rivers and covered the sun and the moon. Xiao Yu rushed over and shattered everything like a ghost.
Burn day bully a bellow body directly fried fragmented insert eleven pole array flag flew in all directions.
The blow drought burst fist milli reserves will burn day bully yuan god also to directly broke.