The fifth day was a watershed.

If the fifth day is fine, Yu will be safe, and if he can’t get through the fifth day, millions of creatures in Yu may be destroyed, including himself.
Of course, now he really looks down on life and death.
These days, he took revenge on Wang Xinyu and Wang Defeng. He breathed a sigh of relief like a narrow-minded ordinary man.
A very interesting thing, but he found it interesting.
Wang Defeng and Wang Xinyu’s memory of Tianyuan has been deleted, but he doesn’t remember him now, but he still doesn’t want to give up. There is a hatred in his heart that urges him to go crazy for revenge.
Now in the sky
Qiu Wang Xinyu has become his woman, and it’s one yuan tonight. Wang Xinyu went to the party early to snuggle up and dance with each other.
On the same day, Yuan and Wang Xinyu snuggled together and the back fell into Wang Defeng’s eyes. Wang Defeng’s face became ferocious and his glass trembled slightly when he held it in his hand.
Wang Defeng doesn’t like Wang Xinyu, but he thinks that women who have been played by himself can’t be touched by other men, which is like a taboo.
Tianyuan seems to be interested in stimulating Wang Defeng. He deliberately surrounded Wang Xinyu and walked towards him.
Wang Defeng couldn’t help wondering what this man wanted to do after seeing him. Did he really want to compare with himself?
Wang Defeng disdainfully approached Tianyuan to embarrass him, but Tianyuan didn’t look at him, but flirted affectionately with Wang Xinyu. "Heart rain, you are so beautiful today …"
"You are good too-!" Wang Xinyu smiled slightly.
Tianyuan can go through the Wang Xinyu Dressing House today. At this time, compared with Wang Defeng, he is the king and the toad Wang Defeng. Except for money, he is not outstanding, even his looks are a little bad.
Wang Xinyu was raised by Wang Defeng for several months at the moment. Finally, she left Wang Defeng when she failed to promise the huge sum she wanted. Now she has climbed Tianyuan, such a handsome guy. She feels that she has a great face, and the vanity of a woman has been greatly satisfied. Subconsciously, she has a sense of revenge.
Of course, I don’t know Tianyuan is also waiting for an opportunity to retaliate.
Looking at the woman being snatched away by Tianyuan and her face still full of spring, Wang De almost dropped her cup. Although this woman has good conditions in all aspects, he always feels that it is enough to spend money to give to Wang Xinyu. He is a little tired of her ambition and didn’t agree to the fact that she has never regarded Wang Xinyu as a tool for catharsis.
Even so, it doesn’t mean that Wang Fengke can tolerate her making out with other men.
Men are selfish animals. Once a woman gives birth to herself, even if she doesn’t like her anymore, she will treat her as her own preserve, especially Wang Defeng, who is rich and violent.
Wang Defeng obviously lost his head and looked at Wang Xinyu with Tianyuan in the rain. A smile floated around his mouth and he secretly planned to tidy up the dog men and women.
Tianyuan smiled and said, "Do you know each other? You chat first, I’ll be right back … "Said Tianyuan and walked to the dance floor with a smile.
He is handsome and naturally has no worries about having no partner.
Soon, a beautiful woman appeared in his arms, and two people danced together intimately. Wang Xinyu’s heart suddenly felt a little bad.
Wang Defeng walked beside Wang Xinyu, and he had a little hope in his heart. After seeing Tianyuan making out with other women, the horse would retaliate against him and make up with himself.
At Wang Defeng, Wang Xinyu didn’t speak.
"Pretty boy is always unreliable-!" De-feng wang himself said that Wang Xinyu resentfully pointed to the central dance floor of the hall. "See, the goods are born with romantic life … how can such a man throw his woman to make out with another woman … how can he do this to you? Heart rain ah come to you this time some failed how to find such a person … "
Wang Xinyu’s eyes flashed a strange light, and she didn’t care about Tianyuan because she wanted to find a man to lean on temporarily, but she felt very uncomfortable.
Wang Xinyu’s flickering eyes fell on Wang Defeng’s eyes and couldn’t help fanning the flames. "Heart rain, don’t let a man like this come …"
"If I remember correctly, you’re going to ask me for 5 million, right?" Wang defeng asked
The fact is that I didn’t know that I had given Wang Xinyu five million, and of course neither did Wang Xinyu, because the five million had been taken by Tang Xiangxiang and credited to UNICEF, and their memory was completely erased.
"It’s all a thing of the past-!" Wang Xinyu eyes have been in tianyuan note.
"Why not … I’m willing to give it to you!" Wang Defeng said with a smile
Wang Xinyu smiled when he heard Wang Defeng’s words. At that time, Wang Defeng felt that he had won and smiled.
"Give it now?" Wang Xinyu suddenly asked.
De-feng wang Wang Xinyu agreed quickly "now, of course …"
"Are you and me still the former me?" Wang Xinyu suddenly changed color. "Tianyuan has taught me a lot these days … money is not everything. I don’t want you to stink at money."
"Why? You seem to have a good chat? " Just then Tianyuan appeared.
Seeing the sudden appearance of Wang Defeng’s voice in Tianyuan, it seems impossible to speak ill of people face to face. People like him like to speak ill of people behind their backs.
Wang Xinyu as if nothing had happened still affectionately put his hand on Tianyuan’s arm, and Tianyuan actually looked back and blinked at him as if to show off. Generally, Wang Defeng turned his head and now he has some failures. It is hard for him to imagine that it has always been omnipotent money. How could it be gone today?
"I said the heart rain how can you be so mean …" Seeing that Wang Xinyu doesn’t care about Tianyuan’s behavior at all, Wang Defeng grumpily scolded, "I haven’t seen you being such a mean woman …"
"Please speak with a little respect …" Wang Xinyu said, "Respecting others is also respecting yourself …"
See Wang Xinyu incredibly still dare to talk back to yourself de-feng wang to gas he grabbed Wang Xinyu head ruthlessly said, "before you but is my mistress you.