"The type of thing is carried (it will take effect when carried)"

"This is a parasite that has been transformed by J Ο ng secret. The belly of the parasite is filled with rich parasite flavor and the root method can be eliminated unless it is destroyed."
"The appearance is a well-preserved belly, and the Se mottled face is also covered with hideous and violent veins."
"Defence +2 physical strength +3"
"The effect can produce a strong parasitic body odor in your body, which is almost fake."
"Just put it in the package and don’t eat it."
"Evaluation grade C-"
The second thing
"consumption of object type"
"This paper introduces the medicine developed by the planet that can temporarily remove body odor (unknown meaning) and help several people survive a certain period on that planet."
"make the method drink"
"Remaining amount 6 ml /6 ml"
"Effect 1: Every milliliter you drink can temporarily erase all your body odor for 5 hours."
"Make Effect 2 immediately recover 1 point of endurance and 5 points of health for every milliliter of drinking."
"Let it cool for 5 minutes"
"It is often paired with perfume."
"Evaluation Grade B-"
After the exhibition, she closed the projection and said, "If you decide to exchange, turn off the stall function and we will turn on the trading function so that there will be no loopholes to drill and no one can default."
Su Hao and Lothar discussed for a while and felt that although this business suffered a little loss, the first and most important thing was to find a way out … Although it was still a bumpy road, it was not a dead end.
The second is that these two things are still very good to carry in the market, and the price is always high, which is not the worst, but also the price of 10 thousand to 20 thousand. This is because carrying does not occupy the position of equipment column and it does not cover each other. The deodorizing effect of odor-purifying drugs is not only to restore endurance and health, but also to a considerable extent.
So Lothar put the booth away, played the trading function and sent the trading request to the girl.
Soon Lothar saw an out-of-caption in front of her eyes.
"You got two copies of" Parasite’s Belly "and" Deodorant "in exchange for" One Devil’s Snatching Learning Scroll "!
This is really not an eschatology. Trust me, he will be a current limiter!
Chapter sixty-three Final preparation
Lothar handed Su Hao a "parasite belly" and a "deodorant" and looked down at her feet. She was puzzled and said, "What does this girl want to help us like this? Although this deal seems to be a win-win situation, I always think this girl is too mysterious. "
Su Hao listened and laughed. "I don’t want too many girls to claim to have met. The most important thing now is to spend all the trading points in their hands and turn them into real combat power."
Lothar agreed and nodded and said, "If there are many enemies now, I’m afraid that no amount of health will help. Compared with escape speed and endurance, your hiding ability is important. I still have three potential points left and I don’t know what to do."
(To tell the truth, compared with the nightmare world, it is 11 cheaper …)
Su Hao thought for a moment and replied, "I suggest that you add the potential points to the physical fitness and endurance respectively, and add most of the potential points to endurance. You are an assassin with strong explosiveness and flexibility, but less relative endurance …" Speaking of this, Su Hao still has a face of nai and a pity expression, although it has not been elaborated to a deeper dimension, but the readers should know what I have to say …
Lothar rolled his eyes. Of course, he said with a double meaning, "Since my endurance is a short board, why not add all potential points to endurance?"
Su Hao replied, "Although the girl gave us a hidden means, the battle will never disappear because of this. It is very likely that there will be two or more insect battles. Once this small-scale battle occurs, it is necessary to avoid alarming and attract more insects to make a quick decision, and it is also necessary to strengthen physical fitness to a certain extent."
Lothar thought it was very reasonable. He added, "I think it is also necessary to strengthen the self-defense ability. Zerg bodies seem to be fighting, but their attack power is too amazing. Even the lowest’ Ripper’ is as powerful as the sword. If there is no defense ability, it is difficult to survive safely."
Su Hao nodded and said, "Defense is indeed an essential part, but it is too uneconomical to increase defense if you simply accumulate physical strength at potential points. Now it is best to start with a dress with a higher price to make up for this short board."
"At the same time, it’s best to buy some life-restoring drugs, and combat injuries are absolutely unavoidable." Speaking of this, his face was slightly remorseful and he scratched his head and continued
"I found that the life-restoring drugs here are quite expensive. A bottle of’ crude refined solution of Herba Epimedii’ has the effect of restoring 3 health points in half a minute. The price of this thing is as high as 4 trading points. Compared with my’ penicillin injection SHE drug’, the effect of this thing is simply a slag, but the price of penicillin is only 16 trading points … the difference between the two is really unspeakable … If I had known this, I should have bought drugs in large quantities and sold them again, which would have been another windfall. It is a pity. "
Lothar laughed. "This should be a caring measure for the new couple. It is normal that we have no contact with this contractor when we first entered."
As if it suddenly occurred to him, he said, "I heard that Kobe Bryant has been to this world with a self-provided training ground. The advanced level of the training ground is not our world, but compared with it, there are not only training props that you can imagine, but also a powerful’ war-planning function’ that will simulate an enemy without attack power to fight against the enemy’s shape, attack means and strength. You can set it up by Ziyó u and call up biological data to simulate and improve your combat experience."
Speaking of which, his tone became high, and everything in his speech was said with excitement
"We can finish the training ground to simulate the insect battle scene so that our chances of life will be greatly higher!"
Su Hao listened to the eyebrows and immediately stretched to the depths of his mind, and his worries and worries dissipated. He was full of energy and said to him at once
"Before it’s too late, I set up a stall for nearly 17 hours. I want the horse to sleep to reply to our J and jīng force, and then I will decide the equipment I need to buy according to the insect fight."
After listening to this, Lothar said to Su Hao with a parting feeling.
"Take care!"
"Take care!"
Soon the two of them waved goodbye, Su Haoli unified the chip and summoned the delivery door. Soon they returned to their private places and saw Sasha lying in bed, huddled like a cute little fox, with a little spoil and a wry smile, and then laid the bedding on the floor and fell asleep with deep tiredness.