They can only shoot four goals in a game, but they can score two goals.

And even if there are forty shots, so what? You can only score one goal!
After the start of the second half, Bayern Munich did not choose defensive counterattack.
Maybe Fan Jiaer knows that defense is useless at this time.
His team is still attacking.
Hopefully, we can even the score before Lazio.
He is not greedy, as long as he can score a goal.
Score a goal, equalize the score, and then immediately let the team shrink its defense until the end of the game, and finally take a penalty.
Bayern Munich beat Lazio for the first time by taking a penalty.
This is the only way to beat Lazio.
Seeing Bayern Munich’s style of play, Changsheng guessed Fan Jiaer’s idea, which was really bold.
It is admirable, but it is not worthy of sympathy.
Lazio will not go easy on Bayern Munich just because they bravely chose to attack.
They will only completely destroy their opponents with more rapid attacks!
Lazio likes to attack each other.
This means that there will be a lot of space behind the opponent, which is too good for Lazio, a team that is good at passing in high-speed sports.
So the second half only started for ten minutes, and Lazio scored again!
After Bayern Munich came up to attack, Lazio made a counterattack.
Three passes and two falls reached the frontcourt.
David silva took the ball to the ribs and approached Bayern Munich’s defence. Bayern Munich’s right-back, their captain Ram is not allowed to defend david silva.
Cavani ran from the middle to the ribs, creating the illusion of meeting david silva. In order not to let him easily establish contact with david silva, Bayern Munich’s central defender Van Bitten followed.
In this way, the original two central defenders let cavani tear away one of them, and their defensive power in the middle is empty.
David silva didn’t pass the football to cavani, but passed it horizontally … and passed it to the middle!
Gotze, who came from the side to the middle, caught the ball!
The remaining Bayern Munich centre-back Demichelis stepped forward to defend head-on.
Gotze is a dangerous man. Although he is not yet eighteen, he has been compared with Messi.
Such a figure, nature can’t be ignored …
Demichelis is on the verge of facing the goal head-on.
This gesture is the favorite for offensive players.
Because they have many choices.
Demichelis’s main attention was focused on defending Gotze’s shot and breakthrough.
Gotze faked a long shot, but pushed the football between Demichelis and Bud Stuber!
Pass the ball
"cazorla-!" Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator.
Cazorla came in through the ribs.
Bud Stuber hurriedly turned and ran sideways.
But how can he match cazorla’s speed?
He stretched out his hand to Laksola, but he didn’t catch it!
Demichelis also turned back at the same time!
Then, relying on his physical advantage, he leans towards cazorla, hoping to push cazorla to the bottom line and make him lose the angle of shooting.
But cazorla moved faster than him, and as he leaned up, he started shooting!
The football hit Demichelis’s outstretched leg and suddenly bounced!
This just bypassed the goalkeeper Bout who blocked the shot in the near corner …
Next, the football falls towards the back post …
Another central defender, Van Bitten, came back and tried to clear the football with a difficult barb.
But he kicked it empty!
The football crossed the goal line and entered the goal of Bayern Munich for the second time!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Best Supporting Actor
Cheers at the Bernabeu Stadium reached a climax when the football shot by cazorla veered into Bayern Munich’s goal.
The sound shook the sky, as if it could lift off the ceiling of the Bernabeu Stadium.
The cheers began to increase when the ball was passed from David Silva to Gotze.
Then Gotze gave the football to cazorla, and the cheers went further.
Football draws a parabola in the air, and cheers are like roller coasters.
At first, it was very high. When I saw that the football didn’t fly directly into the goal, but it hit Demichelis’s leg and bounced, the cheers dropped again.
Finally, the football really fell into the goal, and the cheers increased again, and it soared directly to the clouds.
It’s like a woman moaning at orgasm …
"cazorla! Cazorla! Cazorla! ! ! Santiago cazorla! ! !”
The Italian commentator was particularly excited.
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! ! ! Card-cable-pull! ! ! Score twice! He scored twice in the final! Lazio leads Bayern Munich 2-0! This goal is almost decisive! Let a team like Lazio lead by two goals in the final … Bayern Munich is basically hopeless! "
The Italian commentator unscrupulously sentenced Bayern Munich to death, which made him feel particularly cool!
After the goal, cazorla couldn’t care any more. He took off his jersey, threw it into the sky, and jumped at the corner flag area naked.
How many players can score twice in the Champions League final?
Di Stefano, Puskas, Pilates, Crespo, Inzaghi …
These people all scored at least two goals in the Champions League final.